Presentation of Plaque
In Memoriam of John Roper at St. Peter's Church, New Kent VA
7:30 PM, 3 October 2003, Roper Union II

Rev. Richard Roper mentioned in the sermon two John Ropers, John Roper (c1645-1697), vestry member and church warden at St. Peter's Church, and John Roper, Jr. (c1660-1759), another member of St. Peter's Church overlapping with John Roper. In those days a "Jr." referred to a younger community member with the same name as an older person, not necessarily a son of the elder. In fact, the meager data available indicate that John, Jr. is not a son of the elder John. Undoubtedly they are related, probably uncle and nephew. John Roper, Jr. is the probable ancestor of most Ropers who are here tonight. They are probably also related to Thomas Roper who helped lay the bricks for this beautiful church building in 1703. Many other Ropers are mentioned in the Parish Registry of St. Peter's Church. In fact, we would not be here tonight if it were not for the preservation of that Parish Registry, as the court house records of New Kent and Charles City counties were burned on several occasions.

So we not only remember John Roper tonight, because of his exceptional service to St. Peter's Church, but also John Roper, Jr., our ancestor, and his fellow Ropers who benefited by the existence of St. Peter's Church.

It is my pleasure and honor to present to St. Peter's Church this temporary plaque, to be replaced by a permanent correct one later that will read:

In Memoriam

John Roper

St. Peter's Church, New Kent, Virginia
Vestryman c1685-1697
Warden 1687-1690
Boundary Committee 1686-1697

Roper Union 2003

The plaque was presented to Stephen Miles, Senior Warden of St. Peter's Parish Church by Leon David Roper.