Roper Families in Virginia


L. David Roper
6 March, 2002


The Second Century of Ropers in Virginia (1700-1799)


The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia 1684-1786 lists records for the 1700s:
Jane d/o John Roper bapt 1 Dec 1700                                          page 389
Rebecca d/o Jno Roper bapt 26 Jul 1702                                             389
Two payments to Mrs. Roper "for a bastard child 450" 29Aug1704           105
  and "for a bastard child 7 Mon 630" 1 Nov 1704                                  108
William s/o Jno Roper bapt 2 Apr 1708                                              389
George Walton and Sarah Roper m Feb 1710/11                                 418
Joseph s/o Jno Rooper b 18 Aug 1711 bapt 6 Jan 1712                         390
Mrs. Eliz. Roober died 8 Aug 1716                                                   442
John s/o Tho. & Eliz. Roper b 10 Nov 1722                                       488
Martha d/o Tho.
& Eliz. Roper b 4 Jul 1725                                      488
David s/o Jno & Mary Roper b 8 Jan 1727/8 bapt 24 Mar 1727/8          489
Elizth d/o Tho. & Eliz. Roper b 21 Feb 1727/8 bapt 24 Mar 1727/8        489
Mary d/o Tho. & Elizth. Roper b 12 Mar 1729/30                               490
Sarah d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Roper b 6 Feb 1735                             519
William s/o William & Mary Roper b 24 Sep 1736 bapt 14 Nov 1736       532
Benjn. s/o David & Elizabeth Roper b 25 Apr 1737 bpt 19 Jun 1737       538
Isaac s/o Thomas & Elizabeth Roper b 30 Jun 1737 bpt 31 Jul 1737        539
Frances d/o David & Elizt. Roper b 5 Mar 1739 bapt 6 May 1739           552
Sarah d/o John & Elizt.
Roper b 25 Aug 1754 bapt 29 Sep 1754              597
William s/o John & Elizabeth Roper b
25 Oct 1756                               597
Martha d/o John & Elizt.
Roper b 14 Mar 1759                                   597
Elizabeth d/o Wm. & Ann Roper b 27 Sep 1759                            596&598
Elizt. d/o Thos. & Mary Roper b 9 Dec 1770 bapt 6 Jan 1771?               598
Mary d/o George Walton b 28 Aug 1711                                              408
Anne d/o George Walton b 13 Jul 1713                                                409
Sarah d/o Geo. Walton b 8 Mar 1718                                                  496
Jacob s/o George & Sarah Walton b 22 Mar 1721/2                              497
George s/o George Walton b 19 May 1726                                            498
George s/o George & Elizt. Walton b 27 Sep 1755 bapt 26 Oct 1755          609
John Burnett s/o George & Elizabeth Walton b 27 Aug 1758                   607
George Walton died 12 Dec 1760                                                          609

Mrs. Eliz. Roober is likely Mrs. Eliz. Roper, wife of John Roper who died earlier in 1697/8, since no other Roober's occur in the parish records and the recorder also misspelled John's name as Rooper in the same time period.

The Compendium of American Genealogy, p. 464 lists:
1-Roper, John Caswell, b Marlboro Co., SC, 4 Nov 1873. Residence: 116 Anderson St., Greenville, SC. 
6-Richard Roper (b in Va. ca. 1700), settled nr. Greenville, Va.; m Hannah Hunter; 
5-John (1764-1843), of Marion (now Dillon) Co., SC; m Martha Capel (1768-1846); 
4-Frederick, m Betsy Bridges;  
3-Caswell (1827-94), of Marlboro, SC; m ca. 1847, Margaret Bethea; 
2-John Thomas (2 below).
3-Margaret Bethea (1831-70) m Caswell Roper (3 above). 
2-Martha Angeline Heustess (1849-78), m John Thomas Roper (2 above) (1850-89), merchant and planter; he m 2d Margaret Sinclair; issue (1st marr.): I-John Caswell (1 above);
II-Margaret Angeline (b 1875; m Rev. R. A. Child, D.D.); issue (2d marr.): I-Ada (b 1881; m Rev. M. K. Meadors, d); II-Duncan (1885-1912); III-Oscar(b 1887) 1-m 14 Jun 1898, Edith Bull Moseley. Issue: John Caswell, b Greer, SC, 26 Apr 1899, m Wilhelmena Young, Jan 1921. Issue: John Caswell, III, Edward Young. ...Judge Sheldon Moseley,
b Greer, SC, 14 Mar 1901, m Mary Hoyle, Sep 1926. Issue: Caroline, Shellie (twins). ...Olin Watson,b 24 Jul 1903 d 2 May 1905 Rufus Child, b Darlington, SC, 6 May 1905, m Evelyn Walsh Aug 1926. Issue: Rufus Child, John Tracy, Thomas Evatt. ...Julian Westfield, b Abbeville, SC, 24 Jan 1907, m Virginia Armstrong, 20 Apr 1930. Issue: Adrian Armstrong (f) ...Charles Pinckney, b Greenwood, SC, 16 Mar 1910. ...Margaret Frances, b Chester, SC,10 Aug 1912. ...


Encyclopedia of Biography 1, p.329: Richard Roper, a direct ancestor of Daniel Calhoun Roper, was born in Greenville County, VA, about 1700. He had two sons, John and Thomas who came to South Carolina and North Carolina, respectively.  


GA DAR Historical Collections: p.336: Roper. Bible in possession of A. J. Roper, Sylvester, GA: Lewis Griffin Roper s/o Thomas (b 1777) & Hannah Roper of Rockingham Co., NC came to GA from Mountain Creek, NC, gs/o Richard Roper & his 2nd wife ? Lewis Roper of Northampton Co., NC. Richard Roper b near Greenville, VA c1700.
Lewis Griffin Roper b 6 Nov 1812 d 21 May 1847 m1 Miss McMichael of Fort Gaines, m2 7 Sep 1837 Emily McLendon b 22 Aug 1819 d 27 Sep 1882.  Emily m2 7 Jun 1855 Peter Willett.  Child of Lewis G. Roper & Miss McMichael: John T. Roper 10 Aug 1836
Children of Lewis G. Roper & Emily McLendon: Amos Wesley 21 Oct 1838
Lewis Simeon 24 Feb 1840; Martha Caroline 1 Oct 1841
Lamitha Jane 30 Apr 1843; Georgia Amanda 22 Jul 1844
William Taylor 12 May 1846; Geo. Washington 12 Sep 1847
Andrew Jackson 12 Sep 1847; Emma Louise Willett d/o Emily's m2 
Grandchildren of Lewis G. Roper: Charles Wesley Hillhouse 1 Dec 1861
John Henry Hillhouse 14 Sep 1864; Ethlyn V. Manham 12 Jun 1867 
Ella B. Roper 26 Sep 1867; John D. Grubbs 18 Oct 1867  
Emily R. M. Grubbs 22 May 1869; Lewis W. M. Roper 15 Jun 1870; Amos A. S. Roper 21 Jan 1876
Marriages: Georgia Amanda Roper & Richard Henry Hillhouse 26 Jul 1861
Georgia Amanda Roper Hillhouse & Willoughby Hill Mangham 2 Sep 1866
George Washington Roper & Ellen Page 26 Dec 1866
Lamitha Roper & James Monroe Grubbs 27 Dec 1866
Andrew Jackson Roper & Mattie E. Callaway 4 Jan 1874
Emma Willett & Z. W. Mathews 24 Dec 1874
Deaths: Martha Caroline Roper 20 Jul 1852; Peter Willett 6 Jun 1863
Lewis Simeon Roper 5 Feb 1863; John T. Roper 22 Dec 1863
Richard Henry Hillhouse 21 Feb 1864; Amos Wesley Roper 12 Aug 1864 
Emily McL. Roper Willett 27 Sep 1882; Lamitha Roper Grubbs 30 Dec 1915
Geo. Washington Roper 21 Jan 1925; James Monroe Grubbs 20 Jun 1925 
Georgia Amanda Hillhouse Mangham 6 Jun 1927; Mattie E. 1st wife of A. J. Roper 19 Jul 1907


A land patent exists for King William Co. for Capt. Peter Kemp, 600 acs. On both sides of North Wales Path; bet. brs. of Perry's Sw. & Moncuen Sw; in Col. Johnson's line; 23 Oct 1703, p. 560. Trans. of 12 pers: Tho. Roper, Anne Gyland, Mary Munke, Benja. Stratton, Anne Jones, Rachell Reeves, Richd. Hugins, John Oakell, Mary Webster, Richd. Edwards, Alexander Aymes, Anne Broaden. 


Passenger and Immigration Lists Index:                                  
The following were emigrants by ship into Virginia in the 1700s:
   1703 Tho Roper; 1774 Catharine Roper 32; 1777 Shadrack Roper  Powhatan Co.


English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records:
p.161: A Quit Rent roll for Charles City Co. for 1704 lists: John Roper  220 acres
p.163: A similar roll for New Kent Co. lists no Ropers. 
A list of patents signed in April General Court 1706:
p.80: Charles City Co. 354 acres John Roper surveyed by Rob't Bolling Jr. 8 Oct 1705
p.82&85: Charles City Co. 554 acres John Roper surveyed by Rob't Bolling Jr. 8 Oct 1705
p.100: 1710-1718 A list of patents granted for land in the colony by the Honorable Alexander Spotswood, His Majesty's Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief for the Dominion:
554 acres Charles City Co. John Roper 16 Jun 1714  

Henrico County, Virginia Deeds, 1706-1737 ", Compiled by Benjamin B. WEISIGER, III (1985): p. 170 James COLE of Henrico Co., leases and makes over to his brother Joseah COLE, land known as Low Grounds, 50 acres , for 99 years, and said Joseph to Keep plantation and houses in good repair and pay 1 shilling yearly.  31 Aug. 1724 Wit : Wm ROPER , James ROPER , Jno. ROPERSigned : James COLE, Joseph COLE Recorded 4 March 1727" [at p. 96]
p. 295.  1 March 1730  Thomas JACKSON of County & Parish of Henrico, to Samuel BUGG at same for £20, plantation where sald JACKSON lives, 150 acres in said Parish, bounded by Chickahominy Swamp, John ALDRIGH, dec'd, and John ROPER . W1t : Charles MORRIS , Ralf (R) BRENTLEY, John BUGG Wit: Thomas JACKSON   Recorded 1st Mon. April 1731 Mary, Wife of Thomas, relinquished her dower right.” [at p. 115]

In a c1710 petition in Charles City Co. to have part of James City Co. "which lieth above Chickahomony River & bounds on the Lower side of this County being soe very convenient to this County ... and soe very inconvenient to James City Co. ..." put in Charles City Co. One signer was Jno. Roper. 


William & Mary Quarterly 15, 280 states: George Walton, signer of the Declaration of Independence, appears to have been the son of Robert Walton, of Cumberland Co. VA. ... Robert was probably from New Kent Co., where we find at an early date Edward, George and Robert Walton. It is not easy to say which of them was his father. George Walton, of New Kent, married Sarah Roper and had issue: (1) Mary, bapt. 23 Oct 1711; (2) Ann, bapt. 13 Sep 1713; (3) Jane, born 1715; (4) Sarah, b 8 Mar 1718; (5) Jacob, born 22 Mar 1722. George Walton was one of the first magistrates of Brunswick Co. in 1732. He died in 1767 leaving issue: John, Mary Ledbetter, Catherine Harris, and Isaac Row Walton.  


A land patent for John Roper for Charles City Co. for 16 Jun 1714, 554 acs. Beg. in the forke of the Broad Run of Chickahominy Sw. adj. Mr. Drury Stith, Thos. Christian, one of Spencer, Brookes & Hickman & Capt. John Stith, p. 195. 220 acs. part purchased of Nicholas & Wm. Cox, the first patentees, by patent dated 4 Oct 1675. Imp. of 7 pers: Joshua Terrellis, Hen Briggs, Jno Fosset, Agneta Tenny, Eliza.Yates, Henry Badcocke, John Lambert.

Virginia State Library Land Office Index: John Roper. 16 Jun 1714 Charles City Co., 554 acres. Begg. at a pine in the fork of the Broad run which runs into Chickahominy Swamp. Pat. 10, 1710-19, p195


A land patent for Thomas Christian for Charles City Co. for 16 Dec 1714, 1320 acs. Adj. cor. of Mr. Drury Stith; Samuel Eale; John Stokes (Stoakes); up the Miry Br; John Evins; Capt John Stith; on fork of the Broad Run; & John Roper's line; p. 211. ...


Hening's Statutes at Large, p. 648 lists:... Gillee Gromarrin ... county of Henrico ... made his last will... 16 Oct 1716 ... That the said tract of 320 acres ... beginning at an elm tree on James River, at Roper's fishing place, ... 


The Daughters of the American Revolution list the following soldiers in the Revolution from Virginia:
Charles Roper bc 1720 d c1790/91 m Ann  PS 
Richard Roper bc 1735 d 1783 m (2) Ann Lewis  PS
Charles Roper b 19 Apr 1758 d aft 1 Mar 1838 m Elizabeth Butler  PS


Charles City Co., VA Wills & Deeds 725-1731:
p.22: Deed 4 May 1725 Henry Wyatt  of St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co to Thomas Hamlett of Charles City Co., for 10 pd, 50 acres; part of a tract of 300 acres formerly patented by Thomas Spencer, William Hitchman and Thomas Brooks, bounded by dividing line between Col. Hill and Henry Wayatt.Wit: Jno. Roper, Robt. Walton, Francis (d) Day. Signed Hen. Wyatt.
Recorded 5 May 1725.
p.24: Deed 4 Apr 1725 Henry Wyatt of St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co. to Francis Day of Westover Parish, Charles City Co., for 100 pd, 500 acres in Westover Parish, being land Henry Wyatt died seized of, bounded by Cockes branch and land Thomas Hamlett bought of above Wyatt, and Hill's line; with all houses, etc. Wit: Jno. Roper, Robt. Walton, Tho. (-) Hamlett. Signed: Hen. Wyatt. Recorded 5 May 1725. 
p.170: Deed 7 Jun 1727 John Woodham of Charles City Co. to Richard Barnes of same, for 15 pd, land bounded by Gilleys Run, John Stoke's line, and Herrin Creek, 125 acres. Wit: John Stith, Jno. Wright, Charles Parish. Signed: John Wood(I)ham. Recorded 7 Jun 1727. Delivery and seizin witnessed by Jno. Roper, John Crew, Sam'l Ruller
p.234: Deed Henry Stokes and Young Stokes of Charles City Co., for 2400 lbs tobacco, to John Roper, Jr. of same, 150 acres in Westover Parish, bounded by Ham Woodhouse; being part of a tract patented by Mr. Rowland Place and by him sold to Silvanus Stokes; with all houses, etc. Dated 6 Nov 1728. Wit: John Gilly, John Roper, Sr., William Ridlehurst. Signed: Henry Stokes, Ann Stokes. Recorded 3 Apr 1729. Ann, wife of Henry Stokes, relinquished her dower right.
p.260: Accounts Current of estate of William Blackburn. Debits: Thomas Gunter (1 years wages), Peter Rock, Jno. Hales, Edward Woodham (15 bushells of corn for his freedom corn), Jane Huckaby (for two months service), Thos Epes (Subsheriff), John Roper. Accounds examined by Stephen Dewey, Wm Acrill. 5 Nov 1729. Presented by Elizabeth Blackburn, Adm'x. 
p.273: Deed of gift Joseph Bradly of Westover Parish, Charles City Co., for fatherly love, to my two sons Benjamin Bradly and Thomas Bradly, 595 acres, patented by Capt. John Stith of this county,decd and left by him to his son William, and by power from him to William Randolph, Esq.,sold to said Joseph Bradly. To my son Thomas, the land from the main road to Storys Run, with plantation where William Thomson lately lived, with all houses, 298 acres. Benjamin Bradly's land is from main road to Shaddos branch, together with plantation where quarter of Madam Stith hath been, with all houses, 297 acres. 3 Mar 1729/30. Wit: John Basly, James Roper. Signed: Joseph (IB) Bradly. Livery and seizin witnessed by Jno. Roper, James (I) Roper. Recorded 4 Mar 1729/30.
p.308: Deed 28 Oct 1730 Robert Cole of Henrico Co., planter to John Roper, Jr. of Charles City Co., planter, for 12 pd, 60 or 70 acres bounded  by Col. Benja. Harrison (formerly belonging to Madam Sarah Bland), Herring Creek Swamp, commonly called beaver pond, Negro Cabbin branch,which was formerly purchased by my dec'd father Robert Cole of Mr. John Baxter and Sarah his wife; with all houses. Wit: John (B) Bradly, Issac (X) Sampson, John Roper.Signed: Robert Cole. Recorded 4 Nov 1730.  
p.336: Deed 3 Apr 1731 John Hamlet of Charles City Co., planter, to Richard Hamlett of same, for 15 pd, 86 acres in Westover Parish, bounded by Shiplies branch, Northern branch, Giles Faque's land;
with all houses, etc. Wit: John Roper, John (+) Edwards. Signed: John Hamlet.
Recorded 1st Wed. in Apr 1731. Sarah, wife of John, relinquished her dower right.


DAR Patriot Index, p. 581: Richard Roper b c1735 d 1783 m2 Ann Lewis Patriot service VA


Mid-MO Genealogical Society Charts, V.11: p.56:
Richard Roper b c1735 VA m Greenville Co. d 19 Dec 1782 VA -
John Roper b 15 Jul 1764 Brunswick Co., VA m 20 Jan 1791 d 22 Mar 1843 Marion Co., SC wife: Martha Capell b 10 Apr 1768 Greensville Co., VA d 29 Sep 1846 Marion Co., SC ->
Richard Thomas Roper b 8 Oct 1806 Marion Co., SC m 28 Feb 1836 d 1868 Choctaw Co., AL wife: Helena Delvina Corley b 1 Jun 1819 Edgefield Dist., SC d 1861 Choctaw Co., AL ->  
Elisha Roper b 22 Sep 1858 Choctaw Co., AL m 21 Dec 1891 d 10 Oct 1948 Plainview, TX wife:
Louisa Margt. Niedecken b 15 Nov 1874 St. Clair Co., IL d 8 Mar 1962 Plainview, TX ->
Fairy C. Roper b 2 Jan 1917 Eastland Co., TX


Annals of Henrico Parish states on p. 27: In obedience to an Order of the Vestry of this parish, and according to the directions of an Act of Assembly entitled an Act for Settling the titles and bounds of  Land and for preventing unlawful shooting & Ranging thereupon. We, the Subscribers, having gon in procession of  the Several Lands within our precinct, as by order dated Dec'r ye 6 1735, with the freeholders followeth, viz: ... John Roper, his line not to be found below Boar Swp.


Founders and Patriots of American Independence by H. E. Weston: V. 28, p. 65-66:
William Roper III (24 Sep 1736-1833) m 1779 Elizabeth Williams, VA.

This is the William Roper listed above as born in Charles City Co.

Founders and Patriots of American Independence by H. E. Weston: V. 28, p. 65-66:
William Roper III (24 Sep 1736-1833) m 1779 Elizabeth Williams, VA.


Charles City County, Virginia Records 1737-1774 with Several 17th Century Fragments by Benjamin B. Weisiger III: July Court 1737: p. 11: Will of John Roper, dec'd, presented by Susanna Roper, William Roper and Joseph Roper, the executors, and proved by Thomas Bryan, John Marshall and Thomas Alfriend. Philip Smith, James Christian, Charles Christian and John Bradly to appraise the estate.  August Court 1737: p. 13: Inventory of John Roper recorded.
May Court 1740: p. 129: Churchwardens to bind James Talbot to Joseph Roper 
March Court 1742: p. 238: Will of Lewis Merredeth presented by Elizabeth Meredeth, one of the executor. Elizabeth Willard relinquished her right of executorship.
March Court 1744: On petition of John Roper, it is ordered that Thomas Harris Williams and Lucy Williams, son and daughter of Ann Williams, be bound to him by Churchwardens.  
May Court 1744: p. 296: Deed of gift John Roper and Jane his wife to their son David Roper recorded.
August Court 1744: p. 318: Samuel Harwood, Edward Brodnax, Richard Kennon and David Stokes and John Edloe, Jr. to settle and lay off the dower of Ann Bachurst in estate of her dec'd husband Samson Merredeth.
February Court 1745: Deed of Bowery Wood to Charles Collawn proved by William Talbott, Harry Creedle and Arthur Roper.  
April Court 1746: Deed of Isaac Sampson to Thomas Roper recorded.  
September Court 1747: Deed of Thomas Roper to John Samson recorded.
October Court 1747: Will of Elizabeth Willard, dec'd, presented by Elizabeth Merredeth, Executrix, and proved by Malcom Stuart, Samson Merredeth and William Meekins.
August Court 1748: p. 484: Deed of William Roper to John Roper recorded. Mary, wife of William, relinquished her dower right.
April Court 1749: Will of Elizabeth Johnson proved by Samson Merredeth and Joseph Brock, who say they saw Sarah Jackson also witness same.
June Court 1749: p. 494: Deed of David Merredeth to William Buxton recorded. Mary, wife of David, relinquished her dower right. 
November Court 1750: p. 585: Edmund Eppes, David Merredeth, Turner Christian and Joseph Roper to appraise estate of Joseph Bradley, dec'd.
November Court 1755: p. 304: Deed John Roper to Samuel Gregory recorded.
November Court 1757: p. 493: Will of Thomas Evans presented by Susanna Evans, the Executrix, and proved by Agatha Johnson and Benjamin Crew, who say they also saw John Crew witness it. Jonathan Patteson and John Crew, Jr., security. John Bradley, Benjamin Bradley, Joseph Roper and Gideon Christian to appraise estate.
Will and deed book for 1766-1774 "This book was taken by a Union Soldier from a lot about to be burned by Union troops in Virginia" p. 283: Will of Giles Fawqua, 22 Nov 1760 Wit.: Joseph Roper ... Recorded 5 Jun 1771. Joseph Roper and John Rodgers, Security.
October Court 1762: p. 495: Deed David Roper of Orange Co. North Carolina to David Roper of same, recorded.
Will and deed book for 1766-1774: p. 128: Will of Thomas Roper, planter of Charles City Co. Dated 15 Nov 1766. To wife Susannah, for widowhood, all of estate. If she marries again, 1/2 to her and 1/2 to be divided between my brother Joseph Roper and my cousin Jane Edwards. Executors: wife, Joseph Roper and Williams Edwards. Wit: John Crittenden, Wm Crittenden, Shadrach Roper. Signed: Thomas Roper. Recorded 3 May 1769.
p. 63: last part of Will of Benjamin Bradley... Dated 21 Feb 1768. Wit: John Crew, Benja. Roper, Stephen Hubbard. Recorded 4 May 1768
p. 133: Inventory of Thomas Roper, no values given, 8 May 1769 by Joseph Roper and William Edwards. Recorded 7 June 1769.
p. 178: Will of John Bradley ... 17 April 1769....Wit: Joseph Roper...Recorded 7 Feb 1770...
p. 336: Deed 7 Aug 1771 Francis Wilson of Charles City Co., to Jeffry Gilliam of same, for 50 pd, 125 acres that said Wilson purchased of John Gilliam, bounded by William Edwards, Thomas Russell, William West and said Jeffry...Recorded 1 Jan 1772...
p. 512: Accounts 1771 of Mr. John Bradley with James Eppes, his guardian. Mentions: Michael Shearman, schoolmaster; Jeremiah Creech, taylor; Joseph Roper for shoes; Nicholas Holt for schooling,  Pleasant Cocke, Amos & James Ladd, James Binford, Thomas Holt. Recorded 3 Nov 1773.
p. 5??: Deed 10 Dec 1773. James Roach of Charles City Co. and David Roach of Halifax Co., to Amos & James Ladd for 50 pd, land bounded by fork in roads to West's and Swinherd's, David Roper, Hansford, John Kelshaw, Westover, and land formerly Ellyson Crew's but now Amos & James Ladd's. 100 acres. ...Recorded March 1774.

I list the Merredeth records because Meredith/Meriday Roper occurs in northern NC records shortly after this time.  Not that Joseph Roper and David Merredeth occur in the same record.  I suspect that Joseph married a Merredeth and that Meredith Roper is his son.

American Geneological Index: VA Rev. War Records: Jesse Roper 174? VA:677


Executive Journals, Council of Colonial VA: p.80: At a Council held 9 Dec 1741: To John Roper Sixteen hundred Acres in Brunswick on both Sides Bryery Creek on the South Side of Great Creek. 


Roster of Soldiers, V.1, The TN Soc. of the DAR 1894-1960: Robert Franklin b 1741
Bedford Co., VA d 9 Dec 1831 Campbell Co., VA m 1767 Ireland d 1831 Campbell Co., VA. Soldier in the VA Troops. Served while a resident of Campbell Co., VA. Children: Benjamin b 1768
Owen b 1770 m Elizabeth Roper 25 Dec 1798;  John b 1772 m Ann Dinwiddie 17 Dec 1801
Lewis m Eliza Wood;  Elizabeth m Peter North 4 Feb 1802;  Thomas, d young
Robert b 1777 m Mary Perrow 22 Feb 1800;  Nancy m Lawrence Stern 
Sallie m1 Thomas North 29 Dec 1805 m2 Leonard Thomas;  Mary m Jennings;  Margaret


Roper Family Genealogical Notes, VA State Library Acc. 25899: Charles Roper and his wife Ann came from England. Their children:  David and Carell b 29 Jun 1742;  Jane b 6 Mar 1744 m Browder;  Millie b 27 Aug 1747 m Mahon;  Annie b 1 Aug 1749 m Dennis Still
Jessie b 31 May 1751;  William b 26 Jun 1753 m Sallie Hard;  Allen b 3 Apr 1756  Charles, Jr. b 19 Apr 1758 m Elizabeth Butler d 1 Feb 1837 Fork Inn, Dinwiddie Co., VA Josiah (Jeremiah) b 26 Apr 1760;  Ann b 13 Apr 1763;  Joel b 26 Jun 1766 m Lucy Shackleford
This was copied from the family Bible belonging to Roscoe Roper Moore of Cold Water, MS.
Charles Roper, Jr. and Elizabeth Butler children: Nancy Roper b 6 Apr 1777 d 15 Jun 1850 m Benjamin Moore 22 Dec 1796.  They are cousins.  Elizabeth m Banister Shackleford;  Martha m Richard Ledbetter;  Dolly m Louis Meredith;  Goodwin died in youth
This data about Charles Roper, Jr. and Elizabeth Butler was copied from the chart sent to Mrs. R. R. Mooree by Sallie Crichlow. Charles Roper, Sr. was Sallie's great grandfather. Sallie was
formerly a Roper. Her mother was Nancy Roper.


Virginia State Library records: Charles City Co. May Court 1744: John Roper and Jane his wife in open Court acknowledges a Deed of gift to their Son David Roper as their act and deed and ordered to be recorded.
Charles City Co. record dated July 1762: An Indenture of Bargain and sale Between David Roper of Orange County in North Carolina of the one part and David Roper of the same County and Province of the other part was this Acknowledged in Court by the past mentioned David Roper and is Ordered to be Recorded.

Unfortunately, neither of these records describe the land involved.

Roper, Barrow and Lacy Family Bible record #30754 at Va. State Lib.:
David Roper b 13 Nov 1744 d 16 Apr 1808 Child: 
Rebeckah C. Roper b 1 Mar 1783 d 28 Mar 1815 m 17 Jan 1809 
John Barrow b 19 Nov 1776  Children:
Mildred R. Barrow b 2 Dec 1809;  William E. Barrow b 29 May 1811
Nathaniel R. Barrow b 1 Oct 1813


Family record sheet from Donald K. Roper, 1707 Parkwood, Garden City KS:
David Roper b 13 Nov 1744 d 16 Apr 1808 Charles City, Charles City Co., VA. Children:
1. John b Charles City Co., VA 
2. William b c1775 Charles City Co., VA d c1805 Charlotte Co., VA m Frances C. Jackson c1796  
Ann b Charles City Co., VA m Richard Waddill
Lucy A. b Charles City Co., VA m William Howlett 6 May 1797 
5. Rebecca C. b 1 Mar 1783 Charles City Co., VA d 28 Mar 1815 m John Barrow 17 Jan 1809
6. George b Charles City Co., VA m Anna
Edward b 1781 Charles City Co., VA d 9 Mar 1826 Charles City Co.
8. David b 1792 Charles City Co., VA d 28 Feb 1827 Richmond, VA
Elizabeth b Charles City Co., VA m Henry Phillips
Mildred b Charles City Co., VA m Thomas Smith


Virginia State Library Land Office Index: John Roper, Brunswick Co., 1 Aug 1745, 1601 acres. On both sides of Briery Creek. Pat. #22, 1743-45, p.316.

See above for an earlier date of 1741.

Brunswick County deeds for the 1700s:
Some records for Rosser have been interpreted as for Roper.
I have personally inspected these records and judge them to be Roper
John Roper of Charles City Co. to John Johnson of Brunswick Co. deed 200 acres 1746 3-254 This Indenture made this ninth day of November in the year of our Lord God one Thousand seven hundred & forty six between John Roper of the County of Charles City of the one part and John Johnson of the County of Brunswick of the other part Witnesseth that the said John Roper for and in Consideration of the sum of Twenty pounds Current Money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the s'd John Johnson the Receipt where of he doth hereby acknowledge of him self therewith fully and entirely satisfied hath granted Bargained sold aliened. Released & Confirmed and by these presents for him self and his heirs and assignes for Ever one Certain parcell of Land Containing Two hundred acres more or less lying & being in the County of Brunswick it being part of a larger tract of sixteen hundred and one acres which was granted to the said Roper by Latters   pattent dated at Williamsburg the first day of August one thousand seven hundred and forty five which s'd Two hundred be the same moore or less lying & being in the afores. County of Brunswick on the North side of bryery Creek...           
John Roper of Charles City Co. to Thomas Divitly of Brunswick Co. deed 1200 acres 1748 3-440 
John Roper of Charles City Co. to George Hagood of Brunswick Co. deed 100 acres 1748 3-442  
John Roper of Charles City Co. to Edward Going of Brunswick Co. deed 100 acres 1748 3-444 Richard Roper from John Hunt deed 140 acres 1765 8-6
Charles Roper of Bath Parish in Dinwiddie Co. from Hugh Williams & wife deed 200 acres south side of Nottaway River 1767 9-67 
Richard Roper of Northampton Co., NC to Lewis Jackson deed 200 acres 200 acres Rocky River 1770 10-44
Charles Roper & wife Ann of Bath Parish in Dinwiddie Co. to Robert Read deed where
David Roper, son of Charles Roper, now lives 1771 10-402
William Roper of Bath Parish in Dinwiddie Co. from Jesse Cristie & wife deed 1773 11-71
David Roper from Jesse Jones & wife deed 188 acres 1774 11-225 
David Roper & wife Mary to James Jones deed 187 acres 1775 11-417  
William Roper & wife Sarah to Richard Smith deed 50 acres 1777 12-214
William Roper from William Burgess & wife deed 150 acres 1777 12-215 David Roper from
James Jones & wife deed 1778 13-91
David Roper from James Howerton & wife deed 1778 Wit: William Roper 13-94
Charles Roper of Bath Parish in Dinwiddie Co. from Thomas Haley & wife deed 1778 13-96
William Roper & wife Sarah to David Roper deed 61 acres 1778 13-98 
David Roper & wife Mary to Thomas Bull deed 1778 13-134
David Roper from Isham Trotler & c deed 1783 13-212
David Roper from Joel Biggs & wife deed 50 acres 1785 14-128
David Roper & wife Mary to James Quarles deed 61.5 acres 1786 Wit: William Roper 14-188
David Roper & wife Mary to John Lattimore deed 56 acres 1788 14-345
William Roper to Joel Roper of Dinwiddie Co. deed 100 acres 1792 Wit: Benjamin Roper,
David Roper 15-182
Joel Roper & wife Lucy of Dinwiddie Co. to James Quarles deed 1792 Wit: Benjamin Roper,
David Roper 15-231
David Roper Senr from Richard Coleman deed 61.5 acres 1793 15-438  
William Roper from James Quarles deed 1793 Wit: David Roper 15-439 
William Roper to Charles Roper's Exors D.T. Joel Roper of Dinwiddie Co. deed 100 acres 1793 15-441 
David Roper & wife Mary to Richard Coleman deed 1797 16-403 & 405  


Dinwiddie Co. VA Data 1752-1865: Surveyor's Platt Book 1755-1865: 17 Apr 1751, James Roper of Brunswick Co. 44 ac. on north side of Nottoway R. adj. Ludwell Jones & Joshua Wynn.  
17 Nov 1758, Charles Roper 89.5 ac. on both sides of Stell's Rd. adj William Woodward, James Pittilloes, George Stell & Stephen Dervey. 
Will Book: Rev. Devereux Jarratt: 1790 Wit: Joel Roper & Dennis Marshall
Charles Roper estate 1791-1792 Wit: Joel Roper;  Charles Roper 1799-1801
Wit: Goodwyn Roper 


Revolutionary Soldiers in KY: Roll of Pensioners: p.144:
David Roper, Pvt. VA line, 31 Oct 1822 $40 age 78 (b c1755)


17th Century Isle of Wight County, VA states on p. 453 
William Exum made his will in Southampton Co., VA 1756 (Book 1, p. 210). Children: Joseph; Barnaby; William; Moses; Michael; Elijah; Mary; Arthur; Sarah; Purcell; Parnell Roper.


Registry of Albemarle Parish, Surry & Sussex Cos., VA by R. B. Richards: p. 136: Thomas S. of Richard Northcross and w. Jane b 13 Jul 1757 c 19 Feb 1758. Gdpts Edward Powell, Wm. Hewitt,

Henrietta Roper.


Roster & Soldiers, The TN Soc. of the DAR 1894-1960: p.1673: Turner Wooten b 1757 Buckingham Co., VA d 22 Nov 1833 Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN m 26 Oct 1794 Nancy Roper b 25 Jan 1775 d 28 Jun  1851. Turner Wooten, Soldier, Virginia. While a resident of Buckingham Co.VA, enlisted in 1781 in Capt. Tabb's Co., Col. Charles Dabney's Virginia Regiment and was at the siege of Yorktown and witnesses the surrender of Lord Cornwallis. Serving 12 months in all. He was allowed Pension on his application executed 13 Sep 1832 while a resident of Jefferson Co., TN. Widow, Nancy Roper Wooten Pension claim No. R1160. Resided in Buckingham Co., VA during the War. Children:
Nancy b 6 Aug 1794 m Joseph Townsend;  Jack b 1 Sep 1797 d in infancy  Sally b 27 Dec 1803 m Thomas Davies;  Polly b 6 Oct 1804 m Jonathan John Wood  Rhoda b 1805 m Alfred Costiller;  Josiah b 18 Mar 1807 m Elizabeth Shelby  John b 26 Nov 1808 m Anna Walker;  William b 6 Oct 1810 d 1 Oct 1823   George b 27 Oct 1812 m Aliza Bryan;  Elizabeth b 2 Apr 1815 m1 James Gillett  m2 Rev. Henry Price  James b 2 Apr 1817 m Jefferson Co., TN;  Robert b 10 Apr 1819 m Clarinda Hope Descendants: Nancy W. Walker (W.M.) #391191 Jessie W. Randolph (W.W.) #391190


The Virginia Genealogist 1, 96: Coleman-Roper, Dinwiddie Co., VA. Wish names of parents, brothers and sisters of both Isham Coleman, born 17 Sep 1758, and his wife Ann Roper, born 13 Apr 1763. ...Mrs. A. E. Swanson, Newellton, LA 


Virginia State Library Bible Record #28682: Dinwiddie Co. Bible copy provided by
Eudoria Coleman Hodges of Dallas, TX. From Bible of John Goodwin Coleman of Hancock Co., GA. Isham Coleman b 17 Sep 1758 d 1 Nov 1825 m Ann Roper b 13 Apr 1763 d 16 Oct 1825 Child:
John Goodman Coleman b 3 Feb 1806 d 14 Dec 1851 m 28 Jan 1830 Eliza F. Little b 5 Dec 1808 d 12? Jun 1853 (she m2 Hurston). Eliza's parents: Thomas Little b 15 Mar 1774 d 4 Apr 1853 m 10 Dec 1811 Elizabeth F. Hudson b 3 Jun 1784 d 16 Oct 1848.
Children of John & Eliza Coleman:
Ann Eliza Coleman b 27 Nov 1830 d 14 Jan 1856;  Sarah Jane Coleman b 19 Feb 1832
Thomas Jefferson Coleman b 28 Aug 1833;  John Nathan Coleman b 19 Sep 1835  
Margaret Eugenia Coleman b 19 Sep 1835;  Emily Roper Coleman b 2 Sep 1839
William Sydney Coleman b 10 Oct 1841;  Paul Ere? Coleman b 5 Sep 1843 
Mary Goodwin Coleman b 26 Sep 1845;  stillborn son b 13 May 1849.
Ann Eliza Coleman m Abner A. Cook (d 29 Jun 1861) 23 Mar 1847  
Children: Thomas Abner Cook b 19 May 1848;  John Goodwin Cook b 23 Sep 1852.  Sarah Jane Coleman m Leroy G. Havis 7 May 1854 
Children: Annie Eliza Havis b 8 Jan 1855;  William Paul Havis b 4 Apr 1857.  Margaret Eugenia Coleman m Thomas L. Whaley 12? Aug 1855
John Franklin Whaley b 25 Dec 1853 d 28 May 1859;  Mary Eliza Whaley b 15 Apr 1857.  Emily Roper Coleman m Abner A. Cook 8 Jul 1856 
Children: Bihes? Cook (male) b 26 Jun 1857;  S? Pierce Cook b 4 Feb 1860.  Emily Roper Coleman m ? Taylor 5 Dec 1862.  Thomas Jefferson Coleman m Lizzie Hope (b 4 Feb 1844 d 30 Nov 1862) 11 Nov 1861
Child: Lizzie Hope Coleman b 21 Nov 1862 d 26 Jan 1865.  John Nathan Coleman m Jessie? C. Adkins 2 Aug 1865. William Sidney Coleman m Mary Littlejohn 10 Apr 1867.


Roster & Soldiers, The TN Soc. of the DAR 1894-1960: p.473: Isham Coleman b 17 Sep 1758 Dinwiddie Co., VA d 1 Nov 1825 Dinwiddie Co., VA m c1785 VA Ann Roper b 13 Apr 1763 d 16 Oct 1825. Records in Adj. Gen. Off., Wash., DC show that "one Isham Coleman served in the Rev. War as a private in Capt. Alexander Rose's Co. 6th VA Reg., commanded successively by Lt. Col. James Hendricks and Lt. Col. Charles Simms. Date of enter into service not shown. Name first appears on Co. muster roll for 24 Nov 1776 to 31 May 1777, dated 16 Jun 1777, and Co. payroll for Feb 1778 shows him discharged 19 Feb 1778. Children: Isham J. b 16 Oct 1803 m Mary Roe; John Goodwin b 3 Feb 1806 m Eliza Featherstone Little; Charles; Thomas; Washington. Descendants: Elizabeth (Bess) J. Wiggs (Jack W.) #399442; Mary E. (Betty) W. Patten (George Zeboim) #439683; Ottice Jordan Swanson (Alva E.) #476238


Jno. Ropers Inventory. To the Worshipfull Court of Charles City County an Inventory of the Estate of John Roper deceased taken by us the Executors under our oath written. To one Negro Man, Two Horses, Eleven head of Cattle, one head of Hogs, Twelve head of Sheep, three feather Beds, ___ ___ there with, four Iron Pots, one Iron Skillet, Bottle, To a parcel of Pewter consisting of Dishes, Basons, Plates and other Pewter, Five Chests and two Chests of Drawers, three Tables, Five Chairs, two Gasses, a set of Pistols and Holdsters with other furniture therewith belonging, three sadles, one wide sadle, one Cart and Horse, Harness, Two Soo__ and Gear thereunto belonging, four Spinning Wheels, a parcel of Carpenters Coopers and Shoemakers Tools, To a parcel of Cash, Tubs, Pails and other Woods? Ware, a parcel of Earthen Ware and Glass a pair of Sheet yards and two pair of Scales, Some leather and Raw Hides, one warming pan, one frying Pan a Bo? Iron, Spice mortor, Candlesticks and other small necessaries ____ Ware, Axes, Hoes, Harrow Sceth and old Iron, a parcel of Tobacco and Sundry other necessaries.  November 8th 1759. Jean Roper, David Roper, Charles Roper.
At a Court held for Charles City County the 3d day of September 1766. The before written Inventory of the Estate of John Roper deceased was ____ into Court by Jane Roper, David Roper, and Charles Roper his Executors, and by the Court Aspered to be as orded and truly Recorded. Teste Debnan, C.C.C. 


Family record sheet from Donald K. Roper, 1707 Parkwood, Garden City KS:
John Roper d 1759 Charles City Co., VA. Children:  
1. Jean;  2. David b 13 Nov 1744 Charles City Co., VA d 16 pr 1808;  3. Charles 

I think that Jane/Jean is John's wife rather than his daughter.

Roster & Soldiers, The TN Soc. of the DAR 1894-1960: p.830:
Samuel Henderson b 1759 Abbington, VT d 1804 Jefferson Co., TN m 1792 VA Amanda Travis b 1764 d 1819; children: John b 1793 m Amanda Traine;  Jane m Joseph Roper;  Flora m Billy Woods
Descendant: Ella Henderson Russel (G.T.) #90437 


Land patents in Dinwiddie County for 1760s:
Charles Roper, 10 Sep 1760, 39.5 acres, P.B.33, pg. 895 on both side of Stills Road-D.P.B. pg. 25  
James Roper, 11 Jul 1761, 44 acres, P.B.33, pg. 1039 on the north side of the Nottoway River-D.P.B. pg. 6


Virginia State Library Land Office Index: James Roper, Dinwiddie Co.
11 Jul 1761. 44 acres. On the N. side of Nottoway River. Pat. 33, 1756-61, V.4, p.1039.   


Stokes Co. Heritage (NC): #752 Jacob C. Newsom II: Jacob C. Newsom II son of Jacob C. I and Holdy Roper was born in 1762 in Southhampton Co. VA. He served with the Virginia Troops in the American Rev. and was with Capt. Howell Edmonds Co. at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.  About 1790 he moved to Halifax Co. VA where he lived for five years and then moved to Raleigh, NC. later he moved to Guilford Co. where he served as High Sheriff for twenty years. He was also a foreman in the gold mines at Jamestown. He married Lucy (Polly) Barham about 1787. 


A Charles City County deed in October Court 1762, p. 495:  
David Roper of Orange Co., NC to David Roper of same, recorded.

Apparently a David Roper in Orange Co., NC deeded land in Charles City Co., VA to another David Roper in Orange Co., NC.  Presumably the latter David went to Charles City Co. to occupy the land.  Perhaps they are father and son, and the son went back to the family land left in Virginia.  A David Roper received a Granville land grant in Orange Co., NC in 1760; this is probably the father and his new land.

The following are Virginia marriages in the 1700s: 
John Roper b 1763 Brunswick Co., d 1852 Oak Level, AL served in Rev. War, m Sarah Lewis.
William Roper m 23 Feb 1786 Elizabeth Wood, Campbell County
William Roper m
27 Apr 1792 Polly Moorman, spinster, Albemarle Co. 
James Roper m 26 Jan 1793 Molly Sims, Cumberland Co. bm Henry Smith Test Randolph Roper  


DAR Lineage Book,
V.57, p.26 #56074: Mrs. Olive Judson Giles, b Autauga Co., AL, w Benj. Franklin Giles, desc. Of  John Roper d Sam. Smith Booth & Rachel Eliz. Roper, gd Joseph F. Roper & Margaret H. McEwen, ggd John Roper & Sarah Lewis; J. Roper b 1763 Brunswick, VA d 1852 Oak Level, AL.
V.66, p.251 #65738: Mrs. Ada Howell Cannon, b Springville, AL w Wm. Cannon, desc. John Roper d Wm. McDaniel Howell & Annie Chandler, gd Wm. Howell & Mary Fincher Roper, ggd John Roper & Sarah ____; John R. b 1763 Brunswick, VAd 1852 Oak Level, AL


A Revolutionary War pension application #S4133 exists for Drury Roper b 1764 in Chesterfield County, s/o Joseph Roper. Drury served as a substitute for his father four times, being involved in the Siege of Yorktown, the surrender of Cornwallis and guarding prisoners in Winchester. He was allowed a pension 13 Sep 1832 while residing in Jefferson County, TN.  

I think this is the Joseph Roper in Charles City Co. (see above and below).  Joseph may have lived near the border and thus occurred in both counties' records.

The following are Virginia wills/inventories/adm. in the 1700s:
John, 1766, Charles City County (inventory 1759, rec 1766)
James, 1767, Brunswick County (Cannot find, may be James Rosser.)
Thomas, 1769, Charles City County  
David, 1783, Greensville County (No, this is for David Rosser.);  Shadrack, 1784, Powhatan County
Thomas, 1792, Loudoun County  (inventory, see below);  John, 1793, Henrico County;
Susannah, 1794, Powhatan County


Thomas Roper was a witness for an agreement between Thomas Awbrey & John Semple on 4 Apr 1765 in Loudoun County.
Thomas Roper was a witness for an indenture between James Spencer & John Hough on 27 Jul 1769 in Loudoun County.
Thomas Roper was a witness for an indenture between William Neilson & Robert Hamilton on 1 May 1770 in Loudoun County. 
Thomas Roper is on the Loudoun County tax list for 1771 in Shelburn Parish.


History of Anson Co. 1750-1976 by M. L. Medley: p. 112: Died 29 Sep 1846 Mrs. Martha Roper, consort of late John Roper of Harleesville, SC, born in VA 10 Apr 1768. Sister of Rev. Capel. 


A 1770 rent roll for Fauquier County lists Benjamin Roper. 

These Loudoun Co. and Faquier Co. (in northern Virginia) Ropers may be descendants of the John Roper who came to Northumberland Co. in 1656 (see above).

A Walk around Leesburg, p. 11, states:
20 South King Street: The original building on this site was erected in the 1770s by Thomas Roper and was known as the Eagle Tavern. George Washington's journal mentions his staying at Roper's Tavern when he passed through Leesburg. (Leesburg is the county seat of Loudoun County.) When the structure was rebuilt in the early 1970s, only a portion of the north wall was able to be saved. 


16 May 1771 issue of Virginia Gazette:
To be sold (pursuant to the last Will and Testament of Mr. Thomas Williams, deceased)to the highest Bidder, on Monday, the 17th of June, at Dinwiddie Courthouse, being Court Day, if fair, otherwise at the July Court following, The land and plantation, near Petersburg, wheron the said Williams lived, containing four Hundred  and ten Acres, with sundry Improvements thereon; also two other Tracts adjoining the same, one containing four Hundred and forty four, and the other three Hundred and ninety three Acres; on each of them there is a great Quantity of fine Timber, of Pine more especially. Twelve Months Credit will be allowed for one Half the Purchase Money, and two Years for the other Half, on giving Bond and approved Security. At the same Time will also be sold another Tract of Four Hundred Acres, in the said County of Dinwiddie, (next line illegible) Charles Roper, &c.  Francis Eppes, Thomas Williams, Executors  


Will and Deed Book for Charles City Co. for 1766-1774: p. 283: Will of Giles Fewqua. 22 Nov 1760. Wit: Joseph Roper, John x Rodgers Richard X Tucker, Jr. Recorded 5 Jun 1771.

p. 512 Accounts 1771 of Mr. John Bradley with James Eppes, his guardian. ...Joseph Roper for shoes; ... Recorded 3 Nov 1773.

p. 544 Deed 10 Dec 1773 James Roach and David Roach of Halifax Co., to Amos & James Ladd, for 50 pd., land bounded by fork in roads to West's and Swinherd's, David Roper, Hansford, John Kelshaw, Westover and land formerly Ellyson Crew's but now Amos & James Ladd's, 100 acres. Wit: Wm Gregory, Richmond Terrell, John Crew. Rec. Mar 1774.


A list of the inhabitants of Brunswick County for 1773 contains: David Roper, David Roper, Jesse Roper (Some may be Rosser.)


Emigrants from England 1773-1776 by G. Fothergill: p. 92:
Catharine Roper 32 spinner from London, ship Elizabeth to Carolina as an indented servant 


Chesterfield Co. Wills 1749-1774: p.250: 2 Apr 1773 Daniel Weisegar, Jesse Roper, Matt Branch and Thomas Cheatham to appraise estate of Donald McDonald.


VA Colonial Soldiers: Dunmore's War 1774: After John Connally, the agent of John Murray, Earl of Dunmore, Royal Governor of Virginia, took possession of Fort Pitt, he named it Fort Dunmore early in 1774. He attempted retaliation for the Indians outrages and on 10 June the Governor called out the militia of  southwest Virginia under the command of Gen. Andrew Lewis. In August the militia of Frederick Co. under Maj. Angus McDonald raided the Indian towns on the Muskingum River. Lord Dunmore came to the frontier and called on the meighboring militia to join in the expedition against the hostiles. Before his forces could join those of Gen. Lewis, the Indians attacked the latter on 10 October. The Indians were soundly defeated at the  battle of Point Pleasant. The following abstracts are taken from the records of the VA State Library and in the Draper Manuscripts in the Wisconsin State Historical Society. Capt. Froman's roll: Jacob Rooper


Virginians in the Revolution: p.677: A list of militia paid off at Pittsburg (Fort Pitt) in 1775. It is probable that these were Colonial troops in Dunmore's War late in receiving their pay....Practically all of them immediately joined the Rev. forces. Jacob Rooper


A Fauquier County will for George Neavill for 1774 list son-in-law John Roper (or Roser). Also listed are daughter Mary Roser and an administrator John Roser.  


A 1775 will exists in Brunswick County for John Rosser.

More than one person, including this author, has mistaken this will to be for John Roper.  It is possible that other "Roper" records (see above and below) for Brunswick and Greensville Counties are actually Rosser records.

A Rev. War pension application exists for Turner Wooten with wife Nancy Roper, b 25 Jan 1775, d 28 Jun 1851 in Bradley Co., TN, m 26 Oct 1794 in Chesterfield County, VA. Wooten b 1757 in Buckingham Co., VA d 22 Nov 1833 in Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN.  Lived in Buckingham Co., VA during the war. Children: Nancy, b 6 Aug 1794, m Joseph Townsend; Jack, b 1 Sep 1797, d young; Sally, b 22 Dec 1803 m Thomas Davies; Polly, b 6 Oct 1804, m Jonathan John Wood; Rhoda, b 1805, m Alfred Costeller/Costiller; Josiah, b 18 Mar 1807, m Elizabeth Shelby; John R., b 26 Nov 1808, m Anna Walker; William H., 6 Oct 1810 d 1 Oct 1823; George W., b 27 Oct 1812, m Eliza Bryan; Elizabeth b 2 Apr 1815, m 1st James Gillett & 2nd Rev. Henry Price; James b 2 Apr 1817, m Clarissa Hope in Jefferson Co., TN; Robert A. b 10 Apr 1819.

Nancy is probably a daughter of Joseph Roper (see above and below).

On 20 Aug 1775 freeholders and inhabitants of Chesterfield County met to elect a committee. Joseph Roper was one of 57 signers of a petition to the Third VA Convention.


In 1775 Thomas Roper of Leesburg, Loudoun County gave a mortgage for his house and lot in Leesburg to John Thornton of Stafford County in order to indemnify a bond of 25 Sep 1773 Roper & Thornton gave to Chas Cooper of the County of Fairfax. Thornton of Stafford County. Date of signing is 9 Jun 1778.

On 31 Aug 1775 Thomas Roper, merchant, purchased a 60 square feet lot on King Street of Leesburg, Loudoun County from Stephen Emery, blacksmith, and his wife Elizabeth for 41 pounds, one shilling and six pence VA money.

This indenture made the 15 Nov 1775 between Thomas Roper of Loudoun  County in the colony of VA merchant of the one part and John Thornton of the county and colony aforesaid attorney at law of the other part. Whereas the above contracting parties heretofore have been joined in trade and were partners in a store in Leesburg kept under the firm of Thornton & Roper in the course of which partner ship they contracted a debt to Charles Cooper late of the town of Colchester merchant for about 200 pounds sterling for which they gave there joint bond and whereas the said partnership has for some  time past been dissolved the goods on hand and the debts outstanding turned over the said Roper to enable him to pay the debts due andowing by and from the concern and as a further security for paying the said debt to the said Charles Cooper with interest thereon this  indenture witnesseth. (In court 13 May 1776.)


Family record sheet from Donald K. Roper, 1707 Parkwood, Garden City KS: William Roper b c1775 VA d c1805 Charlotte Co., VA m c1796 Frances C. Jackson b 1777 VA d 1853 Campbell Co., VA; other husband: Charles Walker; Roper children:
1. Robert R. m 3 Aug 1817 Campbell Co., VA  Elizabeth Lewis
2. Henry C. b 27 Aug 1799 VA d 13 May 1882 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co., MO m 11 Mar 1819 Nancy W. Lewis, Campbell Co., VA
3. Mildred A. m 26 Sep 1818 Daniel M. Black, Campbell Co., VA
Lucy B. m 11 Oct 1824 David Marshall, Campbell Co., VA  

William is a son of David Roper of Charles City Co., VA (see above).

They Came to KY: p.316: George Gastineau b 1776 Washington Co., VA m Polly Roper b 1795 NC.  Child: Elizabeth b c1838. Washington Co.,VA records.


The 8 Jan 1776 proceedings of the Fourth VA Convention listed freight for Norfolk to include two hogsheads of Sugar for Messr: Roper & Boyd.


A petition from the inhabitants of Cumberland County to the Fifth VA Convention was signed by Shadrack Roper. It was received 5 Nov 1776.

On 31 Jul 1777 Shadrack Roper of Powhatan County subscribed $12 for maintaining the militia.

On 13 Oct 1777 Shadrack Roper signed an oath of allegiance to the commonwealth of VA and renounced allegiance to King George III. In Powhatan County.

Shadrach Roper was a witness for the 1769 will of Thomas Roper in Charles City Co. (see above).  Cumberland Co. adjoins Powhatan Co. on the west and only Chesterfield Co. lies between Powhatan Co. and Charles City Co. to the east of Powhatan.

On 11 Aug 1777 Thomas Roper purchased from John Daniels Millar & wife Mary half of lot 54 in Leesburg, Loudoun County.


The Cattles-Moore Family Bible Records, 1771-1964 in VA State Lib: In the possesion of Dr. Rosalie Carter, Franklin, TN, presented to her by Miss Julia Dillin Harkreader of Lebanon, TN in 1956.  Charles Roper Dillin b 2 Dec 1819 m 18 Mar 1845
Nancy Moore b 6 Apr 1777. Benjamin Moore b 31 Aug 1771;
Benjamin Moore m Nancy Roper 22 Dec 1796
Benjamin Moore d 7 Feb 1849 aged 77 years 5 months 7 days
Nancy Moore d 15 Jun 1850 aged 73 years 2 months 9 days
Children: Martha Ann b 19 Jan 1798; Robert b 23 Apr 1800
Elizabeth b 2 Nov 1802 d 10 Sep 1840; John b 26 Feb 1805 d 1840
Benjamin b 20 Nov 1807 d 24 Jan 1814; Julia G. b 26 Mar 1810
Nancy R. b 11 May 1814 d 6 Feb 1828; Albert G. b 22 Sep 1817;  Harriet L. b 28 Oct 1820.


On 14 Sep 1778 Christopher Parfect in Loudoun County gave Negro girl Chloe (now in possession of Thomas Roper) to Elizabeth Roper, wife of Thomas Roper, and to Nancy Roper, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth.


The Southside Virginian 7, 155 (1989): Death Register, p.99:
Shackelford m Eliza Roper b 1778 d 1854 d/o Charles & E. Roper; son: C. R. Shackelford


Mecklenburg County VA Deeds 1779 to 1786: No Roper or Rosser mentions.


In the 4 Oct 1780 Virginia Gazette newspaper: Advertisement of a vessel for sale at Warwick, Chesterfield County. Apply to Jesse Roper at Warwick or Bernard Markham near Manchester.

Jesse is probably another son of Joseph.

On 8 Nov 1780 David Roper in Charles City County signed a petition against issuing new paper money.


In Roper vs Armistead is a deed dated 20 Mar 1780 between Mary Armistead, of the New Kent County, widow, and William Armistead, of Williamsburg City, of the one part and Bartholomew Dandridge, of New Kent County, of the other part. Mary's husband, John, had died without will, William is their son. Lists other children.


Virginians and West Virginians 1607-1870, V.2: p.448:
John Roper b c1780 New Kent Co. d c1820 at age 40 (4-371)


A 21 Jul 1780 Loudoun County inventory for Henry McCabe was approved by Thomas Roper, Samuel Murray and John Hereford. Proved 11 Jun 1781


VA Revolutionary Pension Applications: V.19: p.70: John Clay R2029
In 1781 he was again called out under Capt. Holt and Lt. Charles Roper and rendezvoused at Petersburg and a detachment of 250 men was ordered to Bevil's, three miles below Petersburg, the detachment retreating before the enemy up to Chesterfield Court House.


At a General Court in Richmond City on 14 Dec 1781 was ordered that Jesse Roper, Robert Boyd,  William White and Robert Rawlins examine into the state and situation of the publick gaol.  


On 14 Sep 1781: John Timberlake Clk: Q. Master-&c to Majr: R'd Claiborne (Richmond), Inclosed you have the List of the men's names, which were ordered first by the Governor, also specifying those who have refused doing any further duty as to that tour, which they say was ordered by the County Lieutenant, which they think the proper person to command them. As to my knowledge of the matter, thought at the time I obtained the order that they were to serve till regularly discharged as other guards for the Quarter Master's department, which have been furnished us hitherto without the smallest dispute-I hope this will convince Colo Davies that Capt. Russell nor any of his assistants has not made any private agreement with those guards.  I am dear Sir with great esteem &c &c."
Jesse Roper, ...-"these men have gone home, with a determination not to assist any longer"-..., John Roper,..., "now on duty."


Fothergill's Virginia Taxpayers 1782-1787 lists: First number is white pole (m21-50), second is slaves.
Berkeley Co.: Nicholas Roper  1 0
Brunswick Co.:David Roper 1 3   William Roper  1 2 (These may be Rosser instead of Roper.)
Charles City Co.: Benjamin Roper  2 1   David Roper1 8  Randolph Roper - - Samuel Roper   1 1
Dinwiddie Co.: Charles Roper, Sr. 2 3   Charles Roper, Jr. 1 -
Fayette Co.:  George Roper- -
Henrico Co.:  Jesse Roper 1 9   John Roper 3 3
Loudoun Co.:  Thomas Roper1 4
To aid in not confusing Roper and Rosser in these early records, which has often been done, the following Rosser names are listed:  
Prince George Co.: Burwell, David, Martha, Peter  (all Rosser)
Brunswick Co.: John  
Fauquier Co.: John, Richard  
Campbell Co.: Jonathan, William  
Dinwiddie Co.: Michael

New Kent County land tax list for 1782: pp. 234-237
William Roper estate 200 acres,  Thomas Roper 147 acres,  John Roper 269 acres


A 1782 tax list for Dinwiddie County lists: free male, negro >21, negro <21, horses, cattle
Charles Roper Jr 1 - - 2 10;  Charles Roper Sen 2 2 1 4 17


Beginning on 12 Mar 1782 the justices of Greensville County held court for the purpose of valuing property to be impressed for the public use in the Rev. War: Richard Roper for 5 days carting 1 pound & 5 shillings.  A similar list for Brunswick & Greensville Counties: William Roper rendered service to Rev. War.


The Virginia Gazette newspaper of Richmond City on 11 May 1782: John Brooke, administrator, at Henrico, advertises for sale to the highest bidder before Mr. Jesse Roper's door in Richmond, on 23 inst., a large quantity of household and kitchen furniture, the personal estate of Abraham Cowley, deceased.


Virginia military land warrants, VA Military District of Ohio, for Rev. War service lists:  State Continental Line, beginning 8 Aug 1782  #2701 John Roper soldier 3 years 


New Kent County military classes for 1782 include:
Richard Roper class #12; Exempts: William Roper's estate  


The compiler received a copy of the following inventory from the Greensville Co. Court Clerk:  An Inventory of the Real and Personal Estate of Richard Roper Deceased. 19th day of December 1782. One Negroe fellow Dick, 3 Horses, 13 Cattle, 10 Hogs, 5 Sheep, 7 Geese, 1 Cart, 3 Ases, 2 Ploughs, 2 Plough Hoes, 1 Chissel, 1 Auger, 1 Wedge, 10 Hoes, 3 Beds, 2 Bedsteads, 4 Dishes, 8 Plates,1 Bason, 1 Porringer, 8 Spoons, 2 Pots,1 Skillet, 1 Frying Pan, 1 Grid Iron, 1 Pint Pots, 1 Smooth Bord Gun, 3 Saddles, 1 pair Saddle Bags, 1 Choas?, 3 Pails, 1 Washing Tub, 1 Half Bushel Measure, 4 Chairs, 1 pr. Steelyards, 1 Soom and Gear, 1 Spining Wheel, 3 pr. Cotton Cards 1 Ginn, 1 Spice Mortar and Pestle, 1 Candlestick and Snuffers, 1 Saddle housing, 1 Small bag, One Bar of Iron, Corn, Fodder, Pork, Fat, 1 Butter Pot, Cyder, Brandy, 1 Flat Iron, 1 Slate, 2 pr. Traces 2 pr. Hames, 1 Cart Saddle, Cotton, 1/2 Dozen Knives and forks, 2 Quart Bottles, 1 Punch Bowl, 1 Tea Cannister, Books, 1 Ink Glass, 1 Cow Hide, 1 Drawing Knife, 1 Flesh Fork.  Returned into Greensville County Court the 23 day of October 1783 and Ordered to be recorded. Test: P. Pelham Cl. Cur. 1783 The Estate of Richard Roper To Ann Roper Executrix Aug 15 To paid Batt Peterson as pr Account Pd2..8..To paid Robert Hicks as pr Ditto   ..2..6   To paid Andrew Jeter Bond   4..7..   Pd6.17.6  By the Amount of the Account of Sales: Pd149..2..6  By Sundries Sold of the Estate 2..13..  Will Book 1 1781-1806, p.44-45Pd151.15.6


1812 Ancestor Index 1892-1970, Nat. Soc. U.S. Dau. of 1812: John Roper b VA 1782 d TN 1858. Capt. TN Mil. m Margaret Franklin dau Mary Ann m George Branner. 


Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolutionary War lists:  
David Roper, KY, pension;  Drury Roper, 70, Jefferson Co., TN, militia pension; Richmond Militia ("Index of the Rev. Records in the Virginia State Archives"): Jesse Roper, John Roper 


Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia lists:  
David Roper, Sec. of War's Report for 1835; names of soldiers serving in Virginia commands taken from the pension lists of other states; Pen. 3, KY, p. 132.
Jesse Roper & John Roper, Richmond Militia, Calendar of Virginia 2, p. 435.
Jacob Rooper, list of militia paid off at Pittsburg, Fort Pitt, p 29
Drury Roper, Auditor's Account Book 22, p. 410.


West Virginia Revolutionary Ancestors: Whose services were non-military and whose names, therefore, do not appear in Revolutionary indexes of soldier and sailors: Nicholas Roper,
Berkeley Co. (This is listed in Virginia file because Berkeley Co. was in Virginia during that time.)


The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy lists: John Jordan (1773-1844), planter, Powhatan Co., m Eleanor (1782-1831), dau. Samuel Roper, Roper's Hill, Chesterfield Co.


A 13 May 1783 Loudoun County will for John Sorrell (a tract of land on the Ohio) was witnessed by Stephen Emery, Thomas Roper and Joseph Monhane.


A 6 Apr 1783 Fauquier County will for John Roper was proved 23 Jun 1783. Sons Richard and John to have land in Rappahannock County. Sons John and William to have land where I now live. Daughters: Nancy, Sarah, Sukey, Violet, Letty, Winny, Sally, Elizabeth have received their share of estate. (May be Rosser instead of Roper.)  


Heads of families in Greensville County in 1783: Ann Roper 7 whites, 0 blacks

Perhaps Ann is Richard's surviving wife (see above).

Surveyors of Brunswick County for 1783: David Roper


The Virginia Genealogist contains:
Roper-Goodwin. Want parents of Charles Roper and wife Ann (believe Goodwin). He and sons Joel & Charles Roper, Jr. were listed in 1783-95 tax records of Dinwiddie County.


History of Woodford Co (KY): p.238: Richard Bastin and Joseph Roper were early arrivals in Woodford Co., both listed in the US census of 1810, the former having a farm and one slave, and his family consisting of 5 members. The latter owned a farm and two slaves and his family consisted of 7 members. Richard Bastin was born in VA in 1781, married in Woodford Co. in 1804 Polly Roper, b VA Apr 1784.   She was a d/o Joseph Roper, who was a VAian by birth. The children of Richard Bastin & Polly Roper were b Woodford Co.. He died 1816, and a few years later his wife and her four small children in company with her brother, Jesse Mimms Roper and his family, migrated to Howard Co., MO, where very many of our pioneer citizens or their children located. The land upon which they settled in that state is still in possession of descendants, the homestead being the property of  Henry C. Thorpe, a grandson of Richard Bastin. Many of the Buford (Bastin?) descendants are in that county and state also. I am informed that the Bastin descendants have always been a very industrious, and a very religious class. The children of Richard Bastin & Polly Roper are: Henrietta, b 12 Oct 1806 d Apr 1889 in Howard Co., MO m Aug 1823 Jackson Thorpe b Jul 1799. He is a son of Thomas Thorpe who is a son of the Rev. Wat Thorpe & Eleanor Jackson of Madison Co. KY; John Vardin Bastin, b Mar 1808 d Dec 1851 m Ann Peary; Jesse Roper Bastin b May 1810 m Harriet McAdams, and Mary Ann Bastin b Sep 1812 d May 1901 m Dec 1839 James Cash.
*The above notes were sent to me by Mrs. Paul A. Klayder.  


George Washington's Diary, Vol. 2, p. 279 states:
1784, Sep 1: Having found it indispensibly necessary to visit my Landed property West of the Apalachian Mountains, ... I set out myself in company of Doctor James Craik; and after dinner at Mr. Sampson Trammells (abt. 2 miles above the Falls Church) we proceeded to Difficulty Bridge, and lodged at one Shephard's Tavern 25 miles, Sep 2. About 5 O'clock we set out from Shephard's ... we arrived about 11 O'clock ... at Leesburgh, where we Dined (footnote: At Roper's Tavern. At Leesburg, Washington purchased a horse-bell and a frying pan; two handy items for a camping trip.) 


In the 7 Feb 1784 Virginia Gazette newspaper: Bret Randolph, at Henrico, advertises for sale two dwelling houses in the town of Warwick formerly occupied by Mr. Charles Thomas and Mr. Jesse Roper.


Powhatan Co. VA Will Book 1, 1777-1795, reel 15, pp.100-1: In the Name of God Amen. I Shadrach Roper of King Wm Parish in the county of Poshatan do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as follows. First my desire is that my Executors hereafter mentioned do make such Improvements on my land as they shall think necessary for the Reception of my family and that they sell such a part of my stock as they think can be best spared to pay the expences and then my Desire is that after my Just debts are paid the Rest of my Estate kept together, untill my Daughter Mary Arives to the Age of Eighteen and then all my Est. (land excepted) be Equally divided between my Wife & my three Children William, Jesse & Mary and that my Wife have the Use of my Land during her life and at her Death my Land to be Equally Divided Between my Two Sons William and Jesse & their heirs for ever,further Whereas my father in Law Samuel Landrum has promised to give my Son Samuel Roper a Negroe I have Omitted giving my said Son Saml. any part of my Est. I have now in possession, but if my s. Father in law should not give my sd Son Samuel any part of his Est. as he has promised, then my Will is that he should have an Equal part, of my Est. with the Rest of my Children and the Divisions as is above mentioned and my desire is that my Land be not appraised. And Lastly I do appoint my Friends George Smith & Anthony Martin Exc. of this my last Will and Testament Revoking all Other Wills made by me heretofore as Witness my hand and Seal this Seventeenth day of Sept.  One thousand seven hundred and Eighty four. The Words he my my interlined before Sign'd In presence of Daniel Branch, Wm Jean, Patrick X Walls.  Shadrach Roper. At a Court held for Powhatan county the Sixteenth day of December, Anno Dom. One thousand seven hundred and eighty four. This last Will and Testament of Shadrach Roper Deceased was presented to court by George Smith & Anthony Martin the Executors therein named and being Proved by the Oaths of Wm Jean and Patrick Walls two of the witnesses thereto was Ordered to be Recorded. And on the motion of the said Executors who made Oath and entered into bond according to Said Probate thereof was Granted them in due form. Teste. M. Miller, Clk


In a 10 Nov 1785 report of the Richmond City commissioners to the governor: among subscribers for erecting the public buildings on Shockoe Hill was Jesse Roper 15 pounds with 15 pounds balance due. 


DAR Lineage Books 110, p. 24: Mrs. Esther Lena Jordan Roper b Monticello, GA w/o Arthur D. Roper, desc. Col. George Mathews (1785 governor of GA) b Augusta Co., VA.


The Ligon Family and Connections in America by William D. Ligon, Jr. CS71 L724 1947 V.1: Will of John Ligon of the city of Richmond and parish of Henrico...Will probated 8 Nov 1785 at the new home of Mr. Graves in Richmond, near Shocke warehouse. Executors: friends, Richard Crouch, John Roper, John Clark, John Ellis, son of Thomas.


A Brunswick County marriage bond exists for 23 Dec 1785: Jeremiah Roper & Patsy Wilson, dau of John, bm: Moses Quarles, by Thomas Lundie, Wit: Andrew Meade, St. Andrew's Parish


A Greensville County marriage bond exists for 14 Jun 1786: James Dancy & Sarah Roper

Perhaps Jeremiah and Sarah are children of Richard and Ann (see above).

Charles City Co. records: Settlement of Benjamin Roper's estate Jun 1786 May 3 1787 The estate of Benjamin Roper deceased to David Roper Executor. To paid John Gregory tax and Levies pd 1-11-1;  paid Charles Easter per bond4-4-8;  paid John Gregory tax and Levies0-6-4; paid Samuel Tyler as per receipt -19-0; paid for tickets, taxes 1/2 to different Sheriffs  3-5-8.5;  paid John Williams   -18-;  paid Henry Southall balance on bond 2-3-paid Luke Fowler3-0-0;  paid Littebury Handyman 0-32-0;  paid Peter Royster  0-10-0;  paid Lyddall Bacon  0-16-10;   paid James Ladd 4-0-0;  paid Richmond Torrell   1-12-6;   paid for coffin & funeral expences  1-0-0;  paid balance on bonds   2-18-7 (Total  27-17-8.5).  31 Mar 1797 paid Christian & Torrell2-19-10.5;  paid George Hubbard for coffin  1- - ;  paid Samuel Tyler in a friendly suit in Chancery 3- - ;  paid Edward Christian for crying the estate   0-12- (Total  35-9-7)  My commission and expences on the amount of Sales of pd 219-7-9 10-10-0;  1.6-8-7 Nov 1786  By amount of Sales 27-8-8 21 Mar 1797  By ditto  ditto 191-19-1 1 1/4. To amount of debits 16-8-7.  Balance due the Estate 172-19-2 1/4  In pursuance of an order of the worshipful Court of Charles City we the subscribers have examined, stated, and settled the accounts of David Roper's Executorship on the estate of Benjamin Roper dec'd and find a balance due the said estate pb 172-19-2 1/4. Given under our hands this eighteenth day of April 1798. James Bradley, John Bradley, Edward Eppes. At a monthly Court held for Charles City Co. at the Courthouse on Thursday the nineteenth day of April 1798. The aforewritten Settlement of the estate of Benjamin Roper deceased was this day returned and Ordered to be recorded. teste Ro. Munford CC

On the same day David Roper served as a witness for another estate.


1787 tax lists of Virginia: (wm16-21,b>16,b0-16,horses,cattle) 
Berkeley Co. (WV): Nicolas Roper 0 0 0 10 0
Brunswick Co.: William Roper 0 3 0 2 10;  David Roper 1 2 0 3 16
Charles City Co.:  David Roper 0 4 7 4 26;  Saml. Roper 0 1 1 3 6;  Mary Roper 1 1 0 2 10
Chesterfield Co.:  Joseph Roper 0 3 3 5 17;   Drury Roper 0 0 1 (b>16,b12-16,horses)  
Dinwiddie Co.: Charles Roper, Jr. 0 0 1 2 7;  Charles Roper, Sr. 2 3 5 5 19
   William Meredith 0 3 6 3 12;   David Meredith 0 0 0 0 0
Halifax Co.:   John Ropir 0 0 0 2 10
Loudoun Co.:   Thomas Roper 0 1 0 1 2  
New Kent Co.:  William Roper John P. Curtis Est.;  Isaac Roper John P. Curtis Est.
   Thomas Roper (Estate) 0 1 1 2 7 (not tithable);  Lucy Roper 0 3 4 2 15
   Richard Roper Martha Vaiden charged with tax;  William Roper Stephen Willis charged with tax
Richmond City: John Roper 0 9 3 5 5 ordinary license, billiard table


A Powhatan County marriage bond exists for 6 Jan 1787:
Mary Ann Roper & Joseph Meredith, bm Thomas Carter

Mary Ann is probably Shadrack Roper's daughter (see above).

Virginia Revolutionary War State Pensions lists: John Clark-file 80: Sussex Co. Court records deposition 18 Jan 1787 .. Receipts to ... Benj. B. Roper ...James Giles-file 157: undated fragment of an apparant inventory "Dinwidd", for Edward Scott, Charles Roper and Sam D. Davis.


The Virginia Gazette & Weekly Advertizer on 22 Mar 1787 lists: 
Mrs. Roper, spouse of Jesse Roper of Richmond, d. last Tuesday.


A deed exists for Hanover County on 25 Oct 1787: Wm Mills to Francis Mills, 200 a. Licking hole creek, Martin Roper decd, Mills-witness Abram Fontaine, Chas. Mills, Wm Sims, Nick Mills.  


Letter from Lois York Hamilton, 3500 Sycamore Dr., Boise, ID 83703: Researcher: Mrs. Muriel Larson, 3027 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA 98225 Aug 1981: I am interested in the names of Benjamin & Mary Roper, who were living in Charles City Co., VA; Benjamin d 1787 there. I am also interested in David Roper of same area, d 1808. From there I go to a William Roper of Charlotte Co., VA and to a Henry C. Roper of Campbell Co., VA. Henry was my g.g. grandfather...he d Jasper Co., MO in 1882.

This is the only connection I have found between the Charles City Co. Ropers and the Campbell Co. Ropers.

Journal of the Council of the State of VA: p.187:  
Thursday 20 Dec 1787...An Account of John Roper amounting to three pounds for wood;...
Monday 5 May 1788...Also the several accounts of John Roper,..for expences attending the public Jail,... 
Saturday 21 Jun 1788...It is advised, that the Auditor be directed to issue Warrants on the Contingent fund for the following accounts as certified by the Clerk of the General-Court; to wit; to John Roper for fire wood and posts furnished for the public Jail, to the amount of Nine pounds fifteen shillings;...


The 1788 tax list for Loudoun County lists: Elizabeth Roper  1 0 1 -ordinary license

This "ordinary" was the Roper's Tavern where George Washington had lunch 2 Sep 1784 (see above).  Elizabeth is Thomas Roper's wife.

Charles City Co. Will book 1789-1808:
John Roper, orphan in account with David Roper, his guardian. p.4
1788 to boarding and clothing L 3-6-1.5;  1789 to boarding and clothing L 3-6-1.5
Credit:  1788 by half of the hire of Isabel  2-10-0;  by interest  one year is   0-16-1.5  
1789 by half the hire of Isabel 2-10-0; by interest one year is 0-16-1.5; Total L 6-12-3
The estate of Benjamin Roper deceased to David Roper, executor.p.427: Settlement of Benjamin Roper's estate, 1786 June, 1787 May 3; Names mentioned in the will: John Gregor, Charles Carter, John Gregor, Samuel Taylor. Paid Peter Royster, CCC, Lydall Bacon, Lun.Co, James Ladd, CCC, Richmond Terrell, CCC. Paid for coffin and funeral expenses. Paid balance on bank. Paid Christian & Torrell.  Paid George Hubbard for coffin,L1. Paid Samuel Tyler. Paid Edward Christian.  Credits 1786 Nov & Mar 21-1797. In persuance of an order of the worshipful court of Charles City, we the subscribers have examined, stated, and settled the accounts of David Roper's executorship on the estate of Benjamin Roper deceased and find a balance due the said estate of L 172-19-2 1/4 given under our hands this 18th day of April 1798. James Bradley, CCC, John Bradley, CCC, Edmund Eppes, CCC.  At a monthly court held for Charles City County at the Courthouse, on Thursday the 19th day of April 1798. The aforewritten settlement of the estate of Benjamin Roper, deceased, was this day returned and ordered to be recorded. Mumford, Court Clerk


The 1789 tax list for Loudoun County lists: Elizabeth Roper 1 0 1 - not tithable, 1 ordinary license 


Dinwiddie County will of William Hudson, D.13 Sep 1789. My crop of  corn, fodder, wheat, and oats both in the house and growing in the  field to be sold to pay debts. Legatee: Nancy Wilds 1 negro for life enumerated personalty; the former to her lawful issue, or failing   such to Irby Hudson son of Irby. Brother: Irby Hudson 100 acres adjoining him on Stony Creek, including the building whereon I now  live, 1 horse, 1 negro. Brother: Tutle Hudson the remainder part of my land, 1 negro.
Sister: Penelope Hudson 1 horse, the use of 1 negro for her life and then to her lawful issue, failing such toSally Hudson dau. of Irby. Legatee: Sally Hudson dau. of Irby 1 bed and furniture. Legatee: Penelope Young one cow and calf. Brothers: Irby and Tutle Hudson the labor of 1 negro for their lives and then to the survivor. All the balance of my estate not disposed of,  including my outstanding debts. Sister: Penelope Hudson to care for Nancy Wilds and raise her in a Christian manner. Exec: Irby and Tuttle Hudson. With: Charles Roper, Jr., Joel Roper, Elizabeth Roper. 15 Feb 1790
Dinwiddie Co. Hudson qualified with Charles  Roper, Jr. and Ambrose Brown securities. R Sep Court 1790 Dinwiddie Co. Tuttle Hudson qualified with George Pegram security.


The 1790 census for Virginia was destroyed, but various other sources for family heads around that time have been compiled:
Fauquier Co. 1770, rent roll: Benjamin Roper City of Richmond 1782, Ward 2: (age, occupation, lots, slaves tithable, slaves not tithable, cattle, horses, mares) John Roper 35 orderly keeper 0 2 1 8 4 1;  Elizabeth Roper 30 Jese Roper 36 merchant 1;No.61 4 5 3 0 1;  Docia Roper 35;  Eldridge Roper 12
New Kent Co. 1782, list of Armistead Russell: (white, black)
  John Roper 7 3   Lucy Roper 5 10   Thomas Roper 4 1
Greensville Co. 1783: (white, black)  Ann Roper 7 -  
Powhatan Co. 1783: Shadrach Roper 4 7
Halifax Co. 1785: (white, dwellings, other buildings) list of J. W. P. Martin: John Roper 5 - -
New Kent Co. 1785, Saint Peters Parish, list of Joseph Foster: William Roper 4 - -
New Kent Co. 1785, List of William Armistead: John Roper 11 1 5   Thomas Roper 4 1 3 


A Charles City County marriage record exist for 17 Mar 1790:
Wm. Bullington and Frances Bradley who consents. Wit: Elizabeth Jones and John Roper


Powhatan Co. VA Will book 1, 1777-1795, reel 15, pp. 192-3:
In the name of God Amen, August 16th 1790, I Susanah Roper of Powhatan County in perfect mind and memory thanks be to god for the ? and Knowing it is appointed for all men to die do make and ordain this my last will and Testament. First, I give and recommend my soul into the hands of the almighty god that gave it and my body I commend it to the Earth to be buried a Christian like manner, and for my worldly goods and Estate I give and dispose of in the following manner and form. Imprimis I give and bequeath to Samuel Roper Jr one feather bed and furniture. Item I give and bequeath to my sister Keziah Roper one spinning wheel one flat Iron half a duck over one side ?.  Item I give and bequeath to my sister Elizabeth Jordan one Iron pot one small chair one chest. Item I give and bequeath to my brother Samuel Roper one meal ?????? one large chair one mug one small basin two Books. Item I give and bequeath Eleander Jordan one small ???.Item Twenty Eight pounds that I have in hand I leave in the following manner Twelve pounds to my sister Keziah, seven pounds ten shillings to my sister Elizabeth and seven pounds ten shillings to my brother Samuel Roper and if I should live to make use of any of the above mentioned money any my desire is they should share equally according to their portion. Item I make and ordain and appoint Samuel Roper my brother my Executor of this my last will and Testament, my desire is that my ?????? that my Estate be notappraised. I do hereby revoke and disanull all and every other former will and bequeath whatsoever confirming that and no other my last will and testament and according to the meaning of the ???? I  hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and date above written. Signed Sealed and published by Susanna Roper in the sight of John Jordan, Joseph Jordan. Susanah X Roper;  At a Court of Quarter Session held for Powhatan County at Scottville on thursday the seventeenth day of March 1791 This last will and testament of Susanah Roper deceased was probated in Court approved by the Oaths of John Jordan and Joseph Jordan the Witnesses thereto and was by the Court ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of Samuel Roper an Executor therein g????? who made made Oath thereto and together with John Sublett his security entered into and acknowledged their bond is the penalty of one hundred pounds con???? as the law directs. Certificate is granted the said Executor for obtaining for what is due form.  Teste Al Crump, Ck. Ct.


Valentine Papers, V.2: p.680: Robert Jordan of Powhatan Co., Planter, will of; dated 11 Jan 1791. Wife Elizabeth Executrix and son John Jordan and Samuel Roper  Executors. Wit: William Bransford, Ritter (X) Roper, John Sublett.  Proved 16 Jan & 15 Sep 1791. W.B.I. p.204

A 16 Aug 1791 Loudoun County will for Christopher Perfects lists: Wife: Catherine Perfects. Sons: Robert, James. Dau.: Elizabeth;  Granddaughter: Nancy Roper. Exrs.: wife and Elizabeth Roper. Samuel Murray, John Littlejohn (p. 208) Name signed in German.

Elizabeth was Thomas Roper's wife.

A Greensville County marriage bond exists for 20 Jan 1791:
John Roper & Martha Capell, bm Brittan Capell, by Wm. Andrews, Meth who says Caple.

Perhaps John is a son of Richard (see above).

A 1791? petition to the Bank of the United States urging the establishment of a Branch of the National Bank at Richmond is signed by Jesse Roper.


Virginia State Library Archives Room file:  20 Jan 1792 Goochland Co. Samuel Roper m Marthey Faris d/o Sary Faris. Sur: John Bryer, Wit: William Johnson, Thomas Pryer and John Faris. m 26 Jan by Rev. William Webber who says Martha Ferris. p.400


A Powhatan County marriage bond exists for 4 Feb 1792:
Kisey Roper & Benjamin Jennings, bm Samuel Pankey 

Kisey is probably Shadrack Roper's (see above) daughter.

Revolutionary Warrants: p.134: Legislative Papers & Petitions. Wm. Roper asks for divorce from his wife, Polly, in 1812. They were married 29 Apr 1792. In 1794 she visited her father in SC. About 12 mo. later she returned to her husband in VA. Early in 1806 Roper move to TN and his wife left him in 1810.


Ansearchin News 35, 1988: p.9: Petitions to the General Assembly of  TN: 42-1-1812:  Petition of William Roper for divorce from his wife, Polly Roper. They were married 29 Apr 1792 and in 1794 went to SC to visit her father, "from which place she positively refused to return with him." About a year later she returned to his house in VA "and pursued such a rotine (sic) of conduct as is not proper to place before your reputable body." William moved to TN in 1806, hoping to restore his marriage, but Polly had two male children "without the aid or assistance of your petitioner!!!" Polly petitioned the Assembly to grant William's petition as a favor to her. Her petition is signed by B. J.? Bradford, B. M. Meanly and Jacob Sumner 7 Oct 1812 


On 11 Dec 1792 an inventory of the estate of Thomas Roper was recorded in Loudoun County.  Total value was 31 pounds 16 shillings and 7 pence.


A Henrico Co. marriage bond exists for 20 Dec 1792:
Robert Craddock & Elvey Roper who consents. bm John Roper p. 28


Albemarle Co. in Virginia: p.286: Robert Moorman m Sarah Moon, and had 8 children, of whom Mary m William Roper... Robert Moorman sold his land on Totier Creek to John Harris in 1792, and with the view of emigrating to South Carolina, appointed John Hudson and William Roper his attorneys in fact.  


The Rennolds-Reynolds Family of England & VA 1530-1948 by S. F. Tillman: p.131:
1269. Robert Moorman, son of Charles (1259) and Mary (Adams) Moorman, b 15 Nov 1763. He m Sarah Moon. Issue: Mary who m William Roper; and Elizabeth who m Benjamin Johnson.


A Albemarle County marriage bond exists for 3 Jun 1793:
Benjamin Johnson & Betsy Moorman, bm William Roper


A Cumberland County marriage bond exists for 28 Jan 1793:
James Ropper & Molly Sims, app. by father of woman
On 26 Jan 1793: James Roper & Moley Sims, d/o Benjamin James Roper & Henry Smith. Test: Randolph Roper

Hollingsworth Genealogical Card File: James Roper m Molly Sims Chesterfield Co. VA bond 28 Jan 1793.  

Apparently these two are the same marriage.

The Virginia Gazette & General Advertizer of 18 Sep 1793 lists: John Roper d. on Mon. last at Rocketts.


In a Sep 1793 petition to the Governor and the Council of the state of VA: Subscribers, freeholders and inhabitants of James City County urged the immediate execution of a second Negro woman, Nell, who had helped kill her overseer, after she had delivered a child. A signer was Randolph Roper.


The Virginia Gazette & Richmond & Manchester Advertizer of 10 Oct 1793 lists:  John Roper admr., John Hague of Rockett's, will sell his household & kitchen furniture and tavern.


Dinwiddie Co. VA Land Records 1752-1820: Anderson, James-1794 taxed on 374 a conv 70 a to Richard Mayes. 1795-1796 taxed on 359 3/4 a conv 14 1/4 a to Joel Roper.
Claiborne, Matt M.- 1798 taxed on 500a, 10a, 259a conv by Irby Hudson & 198a conv by Wm. Cole & 100a conv by Joel Roper...
Charles Roper, Sr.-1787-1790 taxed on 200a. 1791  Estate taxed on 200a. 1792 taxed on 200a no Estate and no Sr.
Charles Roper, Jr.-1787-1801 taxed on 330a.
Joel Roper-1795-1797 taxed on 14 1/2a conv by James Anderson. 1798-1806 taxed on 200a, 14 1/2a & 100a conv by Matt M. Claiborne.
Michael Roper-1787-1812 taxed on 200a.


Marriages of Chesterfield Co. 1771-1815:
21 Feb 1794 William Sasseen & Sally Roper, d/o Joseph Roper who consents. Wit: William Smith. This is consent only. m by Rev.  James Smith. p. 38
2 Jun 1797 Edward Burnett & Rhody Roper, d/o Joseph Roper who consents.Wit: Elizabeth Roper and William Pool. This is consent only. m 3 Jun by Rev. Benjamin Watkins. p. 47
25 Dec 1798 Owen Franklin & Elizabeth Roper, d/o Joseph Roper who consents. Wit: James  Burnett. This is consent only. m 27 Dec by Rev. Benjamin Watkins. p. 54 


A Cumberland County marriage bond exists for 5 Nov 1794 Richard Harris & Judith Sims, dau. of Benjamin, who gave consent. bm Richard Harris & James Roper. Test: Peyton Sims


Ansearchin News 9, Jan 1964, #1, p. 144: Zephaniah Poston b 1794 VA m Martha Roper, d/o Green Roper, gd/o James Roper, lived in Anson Co NC & Madison Co., AL. Later moved to Hardeman Co., TN, later in Dyer Co. & Crockett Co., TN.  Mrs. Otis H. Jones, 3693 Central, Memphis 11, TN 


The Greensville County Court recommended John Pritchett, John Roper and Benjamin Goodrich as proper persons to execute the office of Sheriff for the ensuing year on Jul 30 1795.


Index to Wills, etc. Not listed in VA Wills and Admin. 1632-1800: John Roper, City of Richmond. Account Current-1795. Richmond City  Hustings Deeds No. 2, 1792-1799, p.206.


The Virginia Gazette & General Advertizer of 29 Jul 1795 lists: John Roper, dec'd estate accounts with his adm., Jesse Roper of  Richmond.


The following Campbell County marriage bonds exist:  29 Dec 1795 James Luster & Mildred Wood, consent by John Wood, father of bride, bm James Luster & William Roper, w Thomas Moore & William Roper, m 12 Jan 1796.  Name may be Lester.
4 Nov 1796 Adler Arrington & Patsy Wood, consent by John Wood, father of bride, bm Adler Arrington & William Roper, w Edmond Wood & William Roper, m Nov 1796 by Charles Cobbs.


Nansemond Co., VA Clerks Fees Books:
Jesse Roper, Wm. White assignee of, vs Cuningham 1795   369
Jesse Roper, Wm. White assignee of, vs. Hunter 1796 451
Jesse Roper, Wm. White assignee of, vs Hunter, admor. 1797-8 520,596


Ansearchin News 14, Jan-Mar 1967, #1, TN:
John C. Roper b 1796 VA m Hannah Martin b 1802 VA. Children: Welcome Martin, Milton, John C., Eliza, Permelia, Edward b KY 1819-probably near Tompkinsville. The 3 daus. Were b 1840, 1843, 1845 in Dallas Co. MO. Mrs. G. P. Schofield, Box 152, Lebanon, MO 65536.


Marriage Bonds and Ministers Returns of Chesterfield Co. 1816-1853: 23 Feb 1797. Littlebury Taylor and Sarah Roper, d/o Samuel Roper who consents. Sur. Thomas Standford. p.40


Family record sheet from Donald K. Roper, 1707 Parkwood, Garden City KS: Henry C. Roper b 27 Aug 1799 VA d. 13 May 1882 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co. MO m 11 Mar 1819 Campbell Co., VA to Nancy W. Lewis b 8 Mar 1797 VA d 1885 Jasper Co., MO Children:
1. Frances Elizabeth b 16 Aug 1825 d 1857 Montgomery Co., IL bur Donnellson Cem, Donnellson, IL, m P. L. Davenport 20 Feb 1844 Trigg Co., KY
2. Robert Henry b 9 Nov 1828 Trigg Co., KY d 8 Aug 1889 White Rock  BC, Canada m1 Mary Jane Barber 24 Feb 1854 Greenville, Bond Co., IL m2 Margaret L. Richey 7 Apr 1867
3. George M. b 30 May 1830 Trigg Co. KY d 1901 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co. MO m Mary M. Jones 12 Aug 1852 IL
4. Charles Lewis b 17 Dec 1831 Trigg Co., KY d 19 Aug 1903 Chanute, Neosho Co., KS m Margaret E. Laws 15 Dec 1854 Greenville, Bond Co., IL
5. Nancy Ann B. b 19 Mar 1835 Trigg Co., KY d 7 Dec 1911 Donnellson, IL m1 John R. Paisley 16 Oct 1857 Montgomery Co., IL m2 William McCaslin
6. Serinda A. b 1837 Trigg Co., KY m William B. Robinson 21 Feb 1856
Victoria G. b 1839 Trigg Co., KY
James H. b 8 Nov 1840 Trigg Co., KY d 8 Sep 1922 Crawford Co, KS bur  Girard, Crawford Co., KS m Sinthe A. Compton 20 Feb 1874 Jasper Co., MO
Henry C. is a grandson of David Roper of Charles City Co., VA. (See above.)


A Charles City County marriage bond exists for 6 May 1797:  William Howlett/Huwlett & Lucy Roper, David Roper consents for "my ward", bm Barvel Sharp, w Peter West  


Charles City Co. record: This indenture made this ninth day of May in the year 1797 and in the year 21st year of the Commonwealth Between Dancy Bradley, James Bradley, George Hubbard and Edmund Eppes of the one part and Benjamin Roper of the other part Witnesseth that whereas Benjamin Roper deceased late of Charles City Co. died, seized and possessed of ninety acres of land situate in the said County of Charles City subject to distribution among his Children and such distributed share not Ecceeding one hundred Dollars value the Court of the aforesaid County at March Term in the year afore. and decreed that the said land should be disposed of on twelve months credit to the highest bidder he giving bond and security to the said Dancy Bradley, James Bradley, George Hubbard and Edmund Eppes the four commissioners in the said decree mentioned for the faithful payment of the Purchase money which said four commissioners have done to the aforesaid Benjamin Roper. Now in conformity to the aforesaid decree and in consideration of the said Benjamin Roper having given his Bond of one hundred pounds with security for the due discharge thereof We the Commissioners have bargained and sold and by these presents do and each of them do bargain and sell unto the said Benjamin Roper his heir and assigns the aforesaid. Tract of land containing ninety acres (be the same more or less) of  which the said Benjamin Roper the Elder deceased died seized and possessed which said tract or parcel of land is bounded as follows, to wit, by David Roper on the East by the land of George Hubbard on the south by the land of Amoss Ladd on the west and by the said David Roper land on the north with all the buildings homes yards gardens orchards lands tenements woods commons waters priviledges profits condiments hereditance and appurtenances whatsoever to said ninety acres of land Called  (space) belonging at appurtaining and the reversions and remainders yearly and other rents issues and profits thereof and every part and parcel thereof to have and to hold the said ninety acresof land Called (space) (be the same more or less) with the tenements here? tainents and all and of ?ugular other the premisses herein befoe mentioned or intended to be bargained and sold and every part and parcel thereof into the said Benjamin Roper his heirs and assigns for ever. In witness whereof the said Dancy Bradley James Bradley George Hubbard and Edmond Eppes as commissioners aforesaid have hereto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first in this indenture written. (Signed:) Dancy Bradley, James Bradley, George Hubbard, Edmond Eppes. Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Will T. Ballard as to E. Eppes & D Bradley 1797 May 9th Received of Benjamin Roper his bond with Randolph Roper security payable to us the 1st day of April 1797 as commissioners the consideration money in full for ninety acres of land (be the same more less) and the premises in this  indenture conveyed in presence of Will T. Ballard as to E. Eppes and D. Bradley. (signed again)


Caswell Co. NC deed book K, p.104: George Samuel of Caswell Co. to John Roper of Halifax Co. VA for 200 lbs 255 acres on creek near Ragdale's old mill 12 May 1797 Wit: Asa Thomas, James Robertson,Will Thomas.


A Frederick County marriage bond exists for 9 Oct 1797:
Nicholas Roper & Mary Horn, bm James Walker, esquire


Chesterfield County Wills 1796-1802: p.163: Will of Leonard Cheatham Sr. 20 Sep 1798...To son Josiah, 2 negroes and 50 acres on east side of Deep Creek next to Joseph Roper and Lucy Ginkins... 


An Augusta County court judgement exists for 14 Jun 1798:
Henry Roper vs. Isaac and Charles Hudson  


1799 Alexandria census:
George Drinker and wife; merchant; 2 chn.; 2 apprentices. Bd: Wm. Roper, clerk  


A Loudoun County marriage bond exists for 26 Jan 1799: 
Archibald Morrison & Nancy Roper, bm John H. Canby, by John Littlejohn (Meth) 31 Dec 1802 


A Shenandoah County marriage bond exists for 26 Jan 1799:
Henry Rooper & Neoma Henkle, d/o Paul 


Apprentices of Virginia 1623-1800: Frederick Oglesby, blacksmith, master: Benjamin Roper Charles City Co., mother: Nancy Oglesby. Source: Charles City Co. Deeds 4, 1789-1809, 565-566.


Charles City Co. record: This indenture made this fourteenth day of December one thousand one hundred and ninety nine. Between Dancy Bradley, James Bradley, George Hubbard and Edmund Eppes commissioners appointed by the court of Charles City to make at public auction the land belonging to the estate of Benjamin Roper senior deceased of the County aforesaid of the one part and Benjamin Roper junior of the other part witnesseth that whereas the said Benjamin Roper senior died, possessed of a certain tract of land in fee simple ? and being in the County aforesaid and by a decree of the County aforesaid ? was to be sold at public sale to the highest bidder on twelve month ? and the said Benjamin Roper junior became the purchaser ? in consideration of the sum of one hundred pounds current  money ? paid or secured to be paid before their sealing and deliveryof these present the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge they the said Dancy Bradley, James Bradley, George Hubbard and Edmund Eppes commissioners aforesaid, hath granted, bargained and sold aliened ? and ? and by these presents do grant bargain and sell, alien ? unto the said Benjamin Roper junior his heirs and assigns forever ? or parcel of land lying and being in the County aforesaid containing ? ninety acres be same more or less and bounded ad follows to wit: George Hubbards on the south, Amos Ladds on the west and David Roper on the north and east sides thereof. To have and to hold the said ? and primisses with the appurtenances unto him the said Benjamin Roper junior his heirs and assigns forever, and the said commissioners for themselves ? all persons claiming under them do warrant and defend the ? land and premises with the appurtenances unto the said Benjamin Roper ? his heirs and assigns forever. In witness whereof the commissioners ? have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year aforesaid this indenture written. (Signed:) Dancy Bradley, George Hubbard, Edmund Eppes. Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of John Eppes, David Roper, William Hewlett. At a monthly Court held for Charles City County at the Courthouse this twentieth day of February 1800. The aforewritten indenture of bargain and sale from Dancy Bradley, George Hubbard and Edmund Eppes commissioners appointed by the Court of Charles City County to the sell the land of Benjamin Roper deceased of the one part to Benjamin Roper junior of the other part was this day provided by the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. teste Wyatt Walker CC


A Fauquier County will for Henry Mauzy of  31 Dec 1799 proved 27 Feb 1804 lists:
Wife: Elizabeth Mauzy. Children: John, Nancy Bayse, Henry, Peter, William, Priscilla Roper, George, Ethel Newman, Susannah Kemper, Thomas, Richard, Michael and Joseph. Exrs: wife, Thomas, Richard and Michael and Joseph. James Peters (son-in-law) and his ten children that he had by daughter Betty Mauzy.


The Beverly Family of Virginia by J. R. Beverly, p.651: John Durburrow Munford lived in Richmond and "Tazewell Hall,"Williamsburg. m(1) Eliz. Northrop. m(2) Elizabeth Roper, whose  mother's 2nd husband was a brother of Chief Justice Marshall.  


Americans of Royal Descent: p.668:  Pedigree CXCV. 1. Edward III, King of England, had:
2. Prince John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, who had:
3. Lady Joan Beaufort, who m Sir Ralph Nevill, K.G., and had:  
4. Sir Edward Nevill, K.G., Lord Bergavenny, who had:  
5. Sir George Nevill, Knt., second Lord Bergavenny, who had:
6. Sir George Nevill, K.B., third Lord Bergavenny, who had:
7. Lady Ursula Nevill, who m Sir Warham St. Ledger, and had:
8. Sir Warham St. Ledger, Knt., of Ulcombe, Kent, who had: 
9. Ursula St. Ledger, m Rev. Daniel Horsmanden, D.D., and had: 
10. Colonel Warham Horsmanden, of Ulcombe, who had:
11. Maria Horsmanden, who m, 1699, Colonel William Byrd, of  "Westover," Virginia, d 1704    (see Pedigree XLVI.), and had:
12. Ann Ursula Byrd, m Robert Beverly, of Beverly Park, King and Queen Co., VA, and had:
13. Colonel William Beverly, of Essex and "Blandfield," Virginia, m Elizabeth, d/o Richard Bland, of    "Jordan's Point," James River VA, and had: Anne and Robert Beverly.
14. Anne Beverly m her cousin, Colonel Robert Munford, of  "Richlands," Virginia, an officer in the American Army during the Revolution and the Indian Wars, and frequently a member of the Virginia Assembly, and had:
15a. Elizabeth Beverly Munford, m General Richard Kennon, first Governor of Louisiana, also of Royal Descent. (See Pedigree CLXXVIII.)
15b. Anne Ursula Munford, m William Otway Byrd, of "Westover"  
William Munford, member of the Virginia Senate from Mecklenburg Co., and of the Virginia Executive Council, m Sarah, d/o William Radford, and had:
16a. George Wythe Radford, Secretary of Virginia.  
16b. Ann Rebecca Munford.  
16c. John Durburrow Munford, m1 Elizabeth Northrop. m2 Eliza Roper by whom he had:Maria Munford, John, Sallie m Judge J. Doddridge Coles, Nannie m Robert Bright. m3 Mrs. Margaret Copeland Wright, and had: Carlton Beverley, William Radford, Maggie, Mary Bland. m4 Lizzie, d/o William Mosely Radford, and widow of Alfred Walter Preston, and had: Mildred.
16d. Dr. Robert Munford, m Ann E. d/o Dr. Henry Curtis, of "Puccoon" Hanover Co., VA and wife Christiana B. d/o John Tyler, Governor of Virginia and sister of John Tyler, President of US.
16e. Elizabeth Madison Munford.
16f. William Preston Munford.  
16g. Elvira Henry Munford. 
16h. Carlton Radfore Munford.