BMW i3

These two colors cost $550 extra.

Tera World interior

Note the backward-opening rear doors.

Red BMW-i3 pictures

Data 2017

Check the official documentation for items listed here to be sure and in case of changes.

Battery voltage:
360 volts
Battery cells:
Samsung NMC Li-ion in 8 modules of 12 cells = 96 cells
Battery weight:
450 lb/204 kg
Battery energy:
33 kWh (~30 usable)
Battery heating/cooling:
liquid (70 degrees F)
Battery replace:
Charger power:
Charging time:
120 V: 12 hrs (15 A); 240 V: 3.5 hrs (30 A) level-2
Motor power:
125 kW/168 hp
185 lb-ft/251 n-m
Range Extender (REx):
647 cc gasoline 2-cylinder SULEV
34-hp/25-kW & 40.6-lb-ft/55-n-m @ 4300 rpm
264 lbs
Gasoline tank:
2.4-gallons; 91 octane gasoline with 10% ethanol maximum

114 miles/~200 miles-(~104+~96)-with-REx (Comfort Mode CM)
12% increase in Eco Pro Mode > CM
24% increase in Eco Pro+ Mode > CM

Regenerative Braking:
70-hp/52-kW (brake light comes on)
Mobility package:
gasoline loaner
Top speed :
93 mph (~70 mph REx mode to maintain 6.5% SOC)
0-60 mph: 6.9-seconds/7.3-seconds with REx
Fuel economy (EPA):
124 mpge = 3.62 miles/kWh
Rex: 117 mpge electric/39 mpg gasoline
100,000 miles/8 years; 30% capacity loss
Basic warranty:
50,000 miles/4 years

6.5"x1.5" dash screen; 10.2" touch screen

Cabin heater:
heat pump on i3, but resistance heating on REx
2899-lbs/1315-kg with REx
Weight distribution:
Aluminum chassis, carbon-fiber frame, plastic body panels
Length: 13'1.3", Width: 5'9.9", Height: 5'2.1"
Ground clearance:
Turning circle:
0.29/0.30 with REx
Back-seat head rests fold backward
Interiors: Mega, Giga, Tera

Giga World interior
Heated seats
CCS fast charger
no extra cost
155/70 R19; 155/70 R19 front, 175/65 R19 rear for REx
$41,350/$45,200 (-$7,500 US tax credit)

Without REx

With REx

Without REx

Without REx

This shows the narrow tires.

Mega World interior

This is for the BMW ActiveE precursor car to the BMW i3. It had a 32-kWh battery with 28-kWh useable.
It appears that the available capacity was kept nearly constant for the first 20,000 miles by using some of the 4-kWh buffer as needed.

Location of the OBDII receptacle looking up below the steering wheel (Top right):

Range Extender (REx)

In the USA the range extender option, a small gasoline engine, is automatically activated when the battery SOC drops below 6.5%. While running it maintains the SOC at 6.5%. It cannot be used to take the SOC above 6.5% as it can be in Europe. Its behavior in the USA needs to be changed to be similar to its behavior in Europe.

The exhaust pipe is under the car.

Strong argument against REx
Another argument against REx
Updates to i3 Rex in 2015
Coding Tutorial for the i3

EPA Ratings (Monroney Sticker)

Explanation of the EPA Monroney label

The EPA ratings for the BMW i3 REx:


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This shows one of 2 colors that does
not cost extra.


BMW i3 & i3 REx range from Blacksburg, Virginia:

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L. David Roper,
23 August, 2016