Electric Folding Bike GBE-M20
(Rider Roper)

L. David Roper
5 April, 2016

Rider Roper in sapphire


On 30 April I 2013 received the GBE-M20 electric folding bike. Some of the features of the bike are:

It is not an electric bike that yields more electric power depending on the force on the pedals; instead a set force on the pedals actuates a specific electric power according to 3 options on a handlebar control. The handlebar throttle gives the maximum electric power when fully engaged.

GBE-M20 folded:

Battery Removal

Always keep the battery lock on when riding; turn the key clockwise to lock the battery.

To remove the battery, turn the key counterclockwise and reach under the back of the battery to pull it out; it may take a considerable force to get it started.


I had very little trouble setting it up. An e-mail to GBE settle all my issues.

The only design flaw I have noticed is that the pedals are supposed to be pressed by feet on only one side, which is sometimes difficult to achieve. My main problem has been getting my feet on the pedals correctly when starting to ride. Here is how I start riding: