President Trump Family Deportation Plan

Likely Features of Trump Deportation Plan

  1. All illegal immigrants will be deported to their country of birth.
  2. Descendants of living illegal immigrants will deported with the illegal ancestor.
  3. First deportees will be illegal immigrants with crime records, along with all persons related to them.
  4. Youth gangs will be examined to see if any of their members are illegal immigrants.
  5. Spouses with American citizenship will be deported with their spouses who are illegal immigrants, unless they file for divorce.

Likely Implications of Trump Deportation Plan

One other thing: If President Trump builds a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border to keep people from crossing into the U.S. and requires Mexico to pay for it, will Canada build a wall on the Canadian-U.S. border to keep people from crossing into Canada to escape Trump’s U.S. and require the U.S. to pay for it? And will Trump mine the Atlanta and Pacific Oceans to keep people from coming into the U.S.?

L. David Roper,