Roper Families in Maryland


L. David Roper
Last Revised: September 3, 1990


The First Two Centuries of Ropers in Maryland (1600-1799)


Geographic Names Information System, State of MD: p.154: Ropers Branch, stream, Anne Arundel Co.


The Early Settlers of MD: p.397:                   Liber #   Folio #
Thomas Roper Transported 1650.Servant.          ABH      174
Susan Roper  Transported 1653.                       6         85
Mary Roper   Transported 1660.                       6         80
Thomas Roper Transported 1660.                       6         80
Edward Roper Transported 1666.                       9        333
Mary Roper   Transported 1676.                       15       376


Archives of MD, Proceedings of the County Court of Charles Co.:p.257
At a Court held in Charleses Countie the 2d of Oct 1662....The deposition of John Roper aged 25 years or tharabout sayeth that I the aboue sayd Roper liuing in the hows of Clement Theoballs the sayd Theoballs did make an agreement with samuell Lambert for his Crope for the which the sayd Clement did pas his bill by the...and further sayeth not John Roper…Samuell Lambert Debtor to Clement Theoballs in tobacco and CaskePayd for him to John Roper for pouder 100.


Archives of MD, Provincial Court of MD, 1663-1666: p.216:
County of Ann Arundell...2d day of May 1664...The names of the Jurors to view the body of John Cowill Seruant to Mr Holland...Willm Roper...
Proceedings of the County Court of Talbot Co.: p.389:
The Levy of Talbot Co. in the yeare 1665...To Tob: paid Tho: Roper 0336 lbs tobacco
Proceedings of the Provincial Court of MD, 1666-1670: p.309:
Hubert Lambert Clump of Ann Arrundell Co. planter being then prisonner at the Barr, His Lopps Attorny Generall presents this bill of indictmt to the Court which is as follow: Let it be enquired for the Right Honble the Lord Proprietary whether Hubert Lambert Clump of the County of Ann Arrundell planter at the house of Thomas Roper in the County aforesaid malitiously an assault upon Thomas Besson one of his Lopps justices did make and a certaine nine pine did lift up with intent to Strike him the said Thomas Besson and further whether the said Hubert ...[1]1668[1]


MD Rent Rolls 1700-1707, 1705-1724:
p.77: Baltimore & Ann Arundell Co., Phillips Rest, 150 acres, Sur the 29 Aug 1695 for Phillip Roper Lyeing on the N side of patapsco river at the head of deerings run beginning at a bounded white oak ren @ anum _..6..
p.102: Ropers Range, 145 acr Sur the 28 Oct 1667 for Thomas Roper on the north side of patapsco river on the west side of the Midle branch posesed by Turlo Michaell Owen rent @ annum _.._..11
p.173: Duvalls Addition, 165 acres, Sur 3 Jun 1669 for Mareens Duvall on the West side
South River. Rent _..3..10 Possr Wm Roper.
p.176: Ropers Range, 240 acres, Sur 10 Mar 1669 for Wm Roper on the South Side South River. Rent _..16..9 Possrs 210 acres Tho: Winter for Fran: Johnson's orphans, 210 acres Henry Roberts=420 acres
p.177: Morely's Lott, 450 acres, Sur 31 Jul 1670 for Joseph Morely between So: Rivr & Patt: bra: Rent _..9.._ Possrs Hen: Hall 350 acre Wm Roper 100 acres.
p.183: Roper Gray, 480 acres, Sur 4 Aug 1681 for Wm Roper & John Gray at a bod Oak on the Nor: Bra: on Patt. River. Rent _..19..2 ˝ Possrs 380 acres Wm Roper, 100 acres Edwd Pen=480 acres Middle Neck Hundred 1707:
p. 203: Ropers Yard, 200 acres, Sur 7 Jan 1650 for John Edwards Patt: in the name of Tho: Roper Anno 1664 on the No: side South River. Rent _..4.._  C. Patent Surrenderd & had New Warrant.
p.204: The Chance, 15 acres, Sur 16 Nov 1664 for Thomas Roper at a bounded Hiccory in the Woods joyning to the Land of Wm Frizell. Rent _.._..3 1/2. At prsent none claims this Land. C. Patent Surrenderd & new warrt.
Ropers Neck, 300 acres, Sur 28 Sep 1668 for Thomas Roper on the North side South River at the point on the West side Ropers Creek. Rent _..6.._  Possr Cornelius Howard


Virginia Historical Magazine 27 385 states:
Charles Gorsuch of Baltimore County, February 16th, 1669-70, conveys to Thomas Roper of South River, Arundel Co., Cold Comfort, granted February 20th, 1661-2, to Lovelace Gorsuch.


MD Calendar of Wills 1635-1685: V.1, p.66:
William Grant, Ann Arundell Co., 19 Dec 1671, 12 Mar 1672. To Thos. Roper & his estate, real & personal. Ex: not named. Test: Robt Franklin, Wm. Roper
Thomas Roper, Ann Arundell Co., 19 Sep 1677, 26 Oct 1677. To wifeMary, execr., 1/2 planation during life. To dau. Mary & heirs, 300 acres, "Roper's Increase" in Baltamore Co. & 1/2 of plantation at majority. Wife or dau. of sd. dying without issue, deceased's portion to revert to survivor. Overseers: Dr. Wm. Jones, Wm. Mitchell; Test: Wm. Bowman, Thos. Jeffe, Hugh Partengale.
Mareen Duvall, Ann Arundell Co., 2 Aug 1694, 13 Aug 1694. ...Test: Wm. Roper
V.2 p.77
Jarvis Morgan, South River, Ann Arundell Co., 10 Jan 1698, 6 Feb1698 To bro. Thomas Roper & heirs, 300 acres, 1/2 of a tract on Sassafras River, Cecil Co.. To sister Mary Roper & heirs, 150 acres, part of tract afsd. To Alice, dau. of bro. Clement Davis & sister Alice    Davis, 150 acres, residue of sd. tract. To sis. Alice Davis afsd, personalty. Father William Roper, exec. And residuary legates. Test: Ann Coles, Chas Harrison.   P.162
francis Johnson, Ann Arundell Co., 18 Mar 1698, 29 Jun 1698. ..2 tracts, vix. "Roper Range" at bd of South K....p.186


Land patents in the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis:
Thomas ROPER. Anne Arundel County 1664. Roper's Yard, 200 acres. Liber 7, Folio 430

Thomas ROPER. Anne Arundel County 1665. The Chance, 15 acres. Liber 8, Folio 408

Thomas ROPER. Baltimore County 1668. Roper's Encrease, 300 acres. Liber 11, Folio 223

Thomas ROPER. Anne Arundel County 1668. Roper's Range, 145 acres. Liber 11, Folio 221
William ROPER. Anne Arundel County 1670. Roper's Range, 420 acres. Liber 12, Folio 636

Thomas ROPER. Anne Arundel County 1673. Roper's Neck, 300 acres. Liber 11, Folio 566
William ROPER and John GRAY. Anne Arundel County 1683. Roper Gray, 480 acres. Liber 21, Folio 350
Philip ROPER. Baltimore County 1695. Philip's Rest, 150 acres. Liber C3, Folio 524
Henry ROPER. Prince George's County 1703. Roper's Range, 400 acres. Liber DD5, Folio 95

Thomas ROPER. Prince Georges County 1703. The Diamond, 400 acres. Liber FF 7, Folio 297

Archives of MD, Proceedings of the Provincial Court 1675-1677: p.49
Att a Provincall Court holden at St. Johns the 9th day of ffebruary 1675...Wee find that John Clarke was drowned in ffebruary 1672...Given under Our hands & Seales this 10th day of August in ...1675...Wm Roper...
Proceedings of the Provincial Court 1679-1680: p.292:
Know all men by these prsents that I Robert Proctor of the Co. of Ann Arrundll...Robt Proctors bill for 1984 li Tobacco the 27th day of Aprill 1676:...Recd 500 by Tho: Roper...


Anne Arundel County Church Records of the 17th and 18th Centuries" by F. Edward Wright, (Westminster, MD: Family Line Publications):

William Roper and Alice parents of Alice Roper dau b. 30 Apr 1676; WIlliam Roper son b. 27 Jun 1678; Thomas Roper son b. 8 Nov 1679; John Roper son b. 8 Feb 1681; Henery Roper son b. 27 Nov 1684; Darcas Roper dau b. 3 May 1688; Mary Roper dau b. 8 Dec 1691. p.2

John Roper (of William and Alies) bapt. 15 Jan 1698/9. p.8

John Roper and Ellinour Carter m. 23 Sep 1701. p.13
William Roper Jr. bur. 1 Mar 1702. p.14
John Roper and Elinor parents of Edward Roper son b. 17 Aug 1702. p.15

KY Family Records: V.4, p.11: Pearce-Culver Family Record, Revised-Submitted by Mrs. Dorathy B. Stewart. The Pearce family came from MD resided in St. Mary's and Pr. Georges Cos. Calendar of Wills, V.I by Baldwin- Will of Francis Graille, St. Mary's Co., MD. Dated [1]6 Feb 1675-Mentions Edward, Thomas and John Pearce, sons of Thomas Pearce,deceased. John Pearce, son of Thomas, married Sarah Spriggs, d/o Thomas Spriggs & Katherine (Graves) Roper. Katherine, d/o Thomas Graves. Another daughter married the Rev. Cotton and another married Wm. Stone who became Governor of MD. John Pearce d c1685, his widow, Sarah, married Enoch Coomes, d 1727. Children of John & Sarah Pearce: John Pearce b 1684 d 1766 MD; Sarah Pearce m John Bell/Beale.
Children of John Pearce (1684-1766): John Pearce b 1714 d 1774 m Margaret Culver (1717-1786) Children: Henry Culver Pearce m Verlinda Semmes d/o Elexius Semmes and Verlinda Sanders, widow of John Sanders.
Catherine Pearce m Raphael Knott
Ruth Pearce b 1716 m Daniel Jenkins
[1]Edward Pearce b 1717 d 1751 m Lydia Waters
[1]William Pearce b 1718;  Thomas Pearce b 1719
[1]Benjamin Notley Pearce b 1726 d 1792 m Catherine ?: Child: Ann Pearce m Keagan


Archives of MD, Court of the Chancery of MD 1669-1679: p.539:
Robert Proctor and John Gater, did therefore thinke fitt, and itt is this present day to witt on Thursday the sixteenth of October in the fourth yeare of the Dominion of Charles...shall and doe hould and enjoy the said severall parcells of Land called Moorely Grove and Moorelys Lott with their appurtenances (Except the said 100 acres sold to Roppier)...Att a Court of Chancery held att the Citty of Saint Maryes the 16th 1679...all of Ann Arundell Co..The said Joseph Moorely by his assignment under his hand and Seale and Indorsed on the backe of the said Pattent date 2nd Nov 1672, did grant bargaine sell and Confirme unto Willm Roppier  Shipp-Carpenter, 100 acres of Land out of the said Land called Moorelys Lott which 100 acres of  Land Begineth att a bounded white oake, and runing south by Merreine Devalls Land sixty perches to a bounded oake in Devalls Line, thru west and by north 380 pches to a marked oake, Then N-NE 60 perched to another marked oake, then E and by S to the first bounded Tree, To have and to hold the said 100 acres unto him the said Willm Roppier  his heyres and assignes for ever,...


Archives of Md, Proceedings of the Council of MD 1696/7-1698: p.19:
South River Parish consists of South River Hundred and a Small part of West River Hundred. Vestrymen for the sd Parish chosen &ca Vizt: Capt Hen: Hanslope, Mr John Gresham, Mr Wm Roper[1], Mr Edwd Burgess, Mr Walter Phelps, Mr John Watkins, Taxables 460.


Archives of MD, Proceedings & Acts of the General Assembly: p.120 1700 Calvert Co.…To Wm Roaper for looking after the prisoners for 2 nights: 000:03:00;  To Thomas Roaper 4 Days & one night & for his horse being prest 2 Days for Do: 000:10:06. 9 May 1700 Read & Assented to in the house of Delegates...


MD Calendar of Wills 1635-1685: V.2, p.192
Daniel Edge, Severn River, Ann Arundell Co., 8 Jul 1700, 18 Feb 1700...Test: Thos. Rope...p.210
George Parker, Calvert Co., 1 Mar 1710, 5 Apr 1711. ..."Clarke's Walker" on branches of Patuxent, also part of "Roper Gray" near head of South River, bought of "Old" Wm. Roper and his son Henry,V.3p.192
Richd. Colegate, Petapsicoe River, merch't, Baltimore Co.,8 Aug 1721, 16 Feb 1721-2..100 acres of "Rooper's Increase,"V.5p.104
Jane Gartrell 23 Feb 1722, 10 Mar 1721-2…210 acres. “Ropers Range" Ann Arundell Co. p.108
Wilfred Gardiner, St. Marys Co., 9 Sep 1743, 6 Jun 1744...Test: ...Richard Roper...V.8 p.271


Children in Baltimore Co., MD Court Records 1682-1721: p.273:
Sarah Roper was presented for having a baseborn child, Aug 1717 V:IS#IA:152.


Abstracts of Land Records - Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Volume 2, Edited by Rosemary B. Dodd and Patricia M. Bausell and publsihed by the Anne Arundel Genealogical Society:

At Abstract Page 129:
Page 298
Grantor: Wm Roper, AA Co., planter
Grantee: Micajah Perry & Compa, City of London, Merchants
Date of Deed: 20 July 1705
Date Recorded: 8 February 1705
Consideration: 134 pounds
Signature: William Roper
Witnesses William Redmond, Tho. Roper
Description: Three tracts lying at the head of South River: Duvalls Addition, originally laid out for Mareen Duvall for 160 acres; Morleys Lot, laid out for Joseph Morley, for 100 acres; Ross [sic] Gray originally laid out for 240 acres; in all 500 acres.
Other Pertinent Information: If Wm Roper shall by the return of the next fleet to arrive from London pay to Micaja Perry & Compa 134 pounds with legal interest for the same then this deed to be void.
[Obviously a MORTGAGE]

At Abstract Page 143:
Page 369
Grantor: Wm Roper, AA Co.
Grantee: Thomas Jacks, AA Co.
Date of Deed: 8 March 1705
Date Recorded: July 23rd 1706
Consideration 31 pounds
Signature: William Roper
Witnesses: Henry Roper, Edw Penn
Description: 100 acres called the Gentille Craft, part of a tract called Roper Grey, originally taken up by Wm Roper.

At Abstract Pages 146, 147:
Page 385
Grantor: William Roper and Henry Roper, AA Co., planters
Grantee: George Parker, Calvert Co., Gent.
Date of Deed: 29th August 1706
Date Recorded: none
Consideration: 25 pounds
Signatures: Henry ("HR"mark), William Roper
Witnesses: Martha Duvall, John Glase
Description: THe parcel containing 200 acres, being part of a tract called Roper Gray, on brink of hill by Spring Branch, bounded by land sold to Thomas Jacks, by line of parcel sold out of tract to Edward Penn, line running south east with Roper's Range.

At Abstract Page 147:
Deed of Gift
Page 390
William Roper, AA Co., planter, for love and affection towards Henry Roper, his youngest son now living and overseer of his plantation, gives all his goods, chattles, personal estate and whatever utinsils household stuff or whatever may be found in Maryland, in England, or whereever. Also three tracts of land, one of which is where Wm. Roper now lives called Ropers Gray. Dated 21 January 1705/6. Signed William Roper. Witnessed by Richard Bouts, William Anderson.

Transactions in Maryland:

folio 108 o Indenture, 17 Apr 1702, in the 14th year of the reign of Lord King William III
From: Thomas ROPER, bricklayer of Prince George's County
To: Richard CLARKE of Anne Arundel County, Gent.
For 170 pounds a 200 acre part of a larger tract called "Roper's Range" lying in Prince George's County between Western Branch and Collington Branch; bounded by land of Samuel DUVALL and Richard BUTTS.
Signed: Thomas ROPER (mark)
Witnessed: Jno PRICE and William TAYLARD
Memorandum: 17 Apr 1702 Thomas ROPER acknowledged before Charles GREENBERRY and Amos GARRETT.
Alienation: 17 Apr 1702 the sum of 8s paid by Richard CLARKE.
Certification: At the time of the acknowledgement above Charles GREENBERRY and Amos GARRETT were justices of the Peace of Anne Arundel County; acknowledged by Prince George's County Court 18 Sep 1704.

folio 109 o Indenture, 6 Jul 1703
From: Richard CLARKE of Anne Arundel County, Gent.
To: Aaron Rawlins, planter of Anne Arundel County
Thomas ROPER of Prince George's County by indenture 17 Apr 1702 did convey unto Richard CLARKE 200 acres of land part of a greater tract called "Roper's Range"; Richard CLARKE sold this land for 243 pounds to Aaron RAWLINS; Bounded by land of Samuel DUVALL and Richard BUTTS.
Signed: Richard CLARKE
Witnessed: Edward MERIARTE and Mareen DUVALL
Memorandum: 26 Jul 1703 Elizabeth CLARKE was examined by Richard JONES, Jr. and Samuel CHAMBERS.
Alienation: 10 Nov 1703 the sum of 8s for 200 acres paid by Aaron RAWLINGS
Certification: Richard JONES and Samuel CHAMBERS, Justices of the Peace in Anne Arundel County, acknowledged this deed before J. BOARDLEY, Cleark for Anne Arundel County.
Recorded: 18 Sep 1704


Colonial North Carolina Records:

Jan. 8, 1706/7 - Bath Town - Joel MARTIN, Senior; and John LAWSON to Thomas ROPER of Maryland - 20 shillings - quarter half acre and 4 pole lot "with the front" with dwelling house thereon, on front street of Bath Town, known by name of David PERKIN's lot.
Witness: Chr. GALE, Hanna SMITH
Acknowledged at court held in Bath Town, May 1706/7.

Jan. 8, 1706/7 - Bath Town - Joel MARTIN, Senoir and Jno. LAWSON, Precinct of Pamtico, Gentleman, to Thomas ROPER of Maryland - 20 shilling quarter half acre and 4 pole lot with a dwelling house thereon "with the front," on front street in Bath Town known by name of David PERKINS' lot.
Witness: Chr. GALE, Hanna SMITH
Acknowledged at court held for Bath Town, Jan. 8, 1706/7.
Feb. 21, 1706/7 - Thomas ROPER resigns interest to house, lot, etc. to Captain John BRYLY of Philadelphia.
Witness: Jno. LAWSON, Hanna SMITH
Acknowledged in open court, 1st Tuesday in May 1707.

Mar. 7, 1705/6 - Thomas CARY (same wording as grant,p.70) Deputy Governor of N.C., to Henry WARREN - 6 pence per 100 acres - grant of 361 acres beginning Fork of Old Town Creek. Mentions Captain BARROW's line. Signature as grant, p.70. "I do hereby assign within mentioned land (except what is already sold to the Honorable Major Christopher GALE) to John ROPER.." - Jan. 7, 1707/8.
Witness: Giles SHUTE, Daniel MATHEWS
Acknowledged at court at Bath Town, Jan. 7, 1707/8.

July 21, 1708 - John LAWSON, Bath Town, Province of North Carolina, to daughter Isabella LAWSON, same - "love and affection" (Isabella now a minor) - 320 acres on the bridge creek and purchased of Mr. Collingswood WARD - "if said Isabella LAWSON die before she marries or arrives at the age of 14 years, that then the land shall return to me. "I give to the said Isabella my right and title of an entry of land thereunto joining.."
Signed: John LAWSON
Witness: William FRILIE?, Tho. ROPER, Hannah SMITH
(See WARD's conveyance page 18-67)

"Warren's patent and so assigned to John ROPER is in Page 50 (90)"
Jan. 29, 1708/9 - John ROPER assigns above mentioned land except what already sold to Honorable Major Christopher GALE, to John CARY, Esquire.
Witness: Daniel MATHEWS, Emanual CLEAVES
Acknowledged at court at Bath Town first Tuesday in April 1709.
July 6, 1709 - Thomas ROPER to Hon. Thomas CARY, Esq. - land up bear creek, conveyed to ROPER by Thomas TAYLOR "the last court held for this county"
Acknowledged at Court, 1st. Tues. in July, 1709

Sept. 10, 1707 - Thomas DAVIS' patent of 320 acres in Matchapongo, in DAVIS' Cr., beginning mouth of Creek.
Signed: Tho. CARY, Sam. SWANN, Ed MOSELEY, Wm. GLOVER, Francis FOSTER
Oct. 7, 1709 - Thomas DAVIS and Thomason (?), my wife, to John ROPER 320 acres, above patent land.
Wit: Emanuel CLEAVES, Swann SWANSON
Acknowledged Court held 1st. Tues., Oct., 1709
Nov. 13, 1711 - John ROPER, Bath Co., to William CORDING, same - 170 acres, "all neck of land lying betwixt the creek that runs by my house, to the head of said creek. Mentions Matchapongo River.
Acknowledged Nov. 13, 1711

"The Colonial Records of NC, V.1, 1662-1712: p.869: Council Journal: Att a meeting of LdsProprs eptys at ye house of ye Honble Majr Genl Pollock in Chowan on the 12 day of Sept Ani Dni 1712 here...Upon Petition of Thos Roper Showing that his bror Jno Roper is Dead without will and that he Said Jnos Widdow is a Distracted person and not Capable of taken out Administration on her decd husband Estate therefore prays Administration may be granted to him on behalf of ye said Widdow & Children. Ordered that Administration be granted to ye Said Thos on behalfe of ye said Widdow & Children accordingly."

"Colonial Records of NC: V.2, p.68: Council Journal: Att a Councill holden at ye house of Capt Thos Lee in Chowan on Wednesday ye 4th day of Novr Ano Dni 1713...Thos Roper having made appeare to this Board that he hath a right to pd17 13d out of the Claime Due to Jno Toby who was killed in Warr agt ye Indyan Enemy by a note under ye said Tobys hand which said note is either lost or mislaid amongst ye papers of ye Assbly. Whereupon It is ordered that ye said Thos Roper have ye afsd sume of pd7 13d out of ye publick Treasury if soe much of ye Said Tobeys there found to be Due & unpd.
p.181: Council Journal: Att a council holden at ye house of Captn Fred Jones in Chowan"

"June 7th 1715...Upon Petition of Thos Roper shewing that Captn Cornelius Swillivan had Rece'd ye Wages of one Anthony Morrall which was due to ye said Morrall for his services in the Warr againt the Indian Enemie and that the said Morral at ye same time was an Indented Servent to the said Roper and therefore his said Wages was due to him and prayes whereas the said Swillivan has some money due to him in the publick Treasurie here he may have so much money of what is due to ye said Swillivan as ye said Morrall Wage Amounted to. Ordered that if there be moneys Sufficient in the Treasurie of the said Swillivan as will answer ye Said Morralls Claims or so much as there shall appear to be the same shall be stopped or Lodged in the hands of Coll Edward Moseley Treasurer and paid to ye said Thos Roper provided the said Swillivan Shew no Cause to ye Contrary within one yeare from ye Date hereof. Whereas by an ordr of Council dated ye Eleventh day of Novbr 1713 Thos Roper was Impowered to receive the sum of seven pounds Thirteen Shillings out of the Claimes due to John Toby being due to him and it now appears to this board that Captn Cornelius Swillivan under pretence of being Admintr to said Toby has received all ye claims to ye sd Toby. Wherefore it is hereby Ordered that if there be any money of the said Swillivan in the Treasurie that the Treasurer do pay to the said Roper ye Above said Sum out of ye said Moneys."

Mar. 16, 1715 - Thomas CARY, Bath Co., Esq., to Edward CARSON, Bath Co., planter - 25 pounds - by authority of "act confirming the titles of sundry persons who have already or hereafter may purchase lands of Col. Thomas CARY in Bath Co." - 300 acres in easternmost branch of Old Town Creek in Bath Co., lately belonging to ROPER, purchased of Henry WARREN, remainder of tract of land formerly surveyed for Henry WARREN, 361 acres, which other part was sold by said Henry WARREN to Col. Chr. GALE and divided or separated from this by a branch.
Acknowledged by Col.Thos. CARY, Mar. 17, 1715

Oct. 6, 1716 - "By act of assembly . . . and every person holding a front or front lot in the said town shall purchase the front lying before the same at the rate of 10 shillings for each front" - Thos. HARDING and John DRINKWATER, Commissioners, to Thomas ROPER, Bath Co., Bricklayer - 40 shillings - Lot #26 - front lot in Bath Town, not improved, formerly conveyed to Thomas DAVIS who did not comply as law directed. Lot bounded on north by Beaufort Street, south by a lot of Edmond PORTER's, west on Bay St., east on lot of Rhoda MARSH "together with front thereto belonging, lying on the creek side, betwixt Bay Street and the creek and parallel to said lot." ROPER to build house of required dimensions within one year after date or deed void.
Acknowledged Jan. Court, 1716/17

Oct. 6, 1716 - "Act of Assembly . . .", Thomas HARDING and John DRINKWATER, two of Commissioners, to Rhoda MARSH - 30 shillings - Lot #40 - back lot in Bath Town, not improved, bounded on north on Beaufort Street, west, by lot #26 now in possession of Thomas ROPER, south by lot #41 - to build house of required dimensions within one year from date, otherwise deed void.
Acknowledged Apr. Court 1717

Mar. 25, 1717 - Thomas HARDING and John DRINKWATER, Bath Co., Commissioners of Bath Town - to Edmond PORTER, Bath Co., Merchant - 20 shillings - fronts of two lots in Bath Town, #24, 25 bounded to North on lot #26 now belonging to Thomas ROPER, South on lot #23 belonging to Charles EDEN, Esq., West on Bay Street, said front lots lying between Bay Street and the Creek down to the low water mark and runs parallel to said lots.
Wit: C. GALE, Pat. CAVEN
Acknowledged Mar. 25, 1717
Registered Nov. 13, 1717

Feb. 6, 1717 - Thomas HENNAN (HENMAN?), Bath Co, Gentleman, to Thomas ROPER, Bath Co., Bricklayer - 20 shillings - "within mentioned 2 lotts of land."
Wit: John HATTON
Acknowledged Apr. Court 1718
Feb. 6, 1717 - Thomas HENMAN (?), Bath Co., Gentl., to Thomas ROPER, Bridcklayer - 20 shillings - all interest in above land.
Wit: John HATTON
Acknowledged Apr. Court 1718
Sept. 9, 1718 - John LILLINGTON, Beaufort Precinct, Bath Co., Province of N. C., Gentl., to Stephen ELSEY and James ROBINS (ROBBINS), same planters. Consideration of 3 male negroe slaves, Sardue (?), Lawrence, John - 400 acres upper side of Bath Town Creek, Beaufort Precinct, bounded by land "now or late" of Col. Robert DANIEL on the one side and land commonly called Beards Land formerly belonging to Collingwood on other side. (There was a Collingwood WARD at this time.) Usual
quit rents due Lords Proprietors.
Wit: Thomas ROPER, John HATTON

Apr. 6, 1719 - John HATTON, Town and County of Bath, Province of N. C. Attorney of Edmund PORTER, Albemarle Co., said Province, Merchant, by latter of Attorney March 3, 1718/19, sells to James STONER, Gentl. - 10 pounds - two front lots in Bath Town, #24, #25, bounded on west (?) by Lot #26, now of late belonging to Thomas ROPER, to south by lot #23 belonging to Charles EDEN, Esq., west (?) on Bay Street, lots lyig between "Bay Street and creek down to low water mark and runs parallel to said lotts."
Wit: Thomas HARDING, Edward TRAVIS
Acknowledged Apr. Court 1719

"Deed Book C #1 #1300 p.56: Laurence Sarson of Chowan Prect. to Thomas West of the Province of
N.C. 14 Jul 1720 110 lbs lawfull money of the Province. 120 acres more or less at the mouth of black Wallnutt Swamp, joing William Duckinfield, the sound side at Wallnutt Point, Jonathan Jeacocks, the sd. Sarson and the swamp. Wit.: Joseph Young, Thomas Roper. Ack. ye 19 Nov 1720 before me Fred. Jones, Ch. Just."

"Deed Book C #1 #1320 p.163: Thomas Roper of Albemarle Co., Bricklayer to Richard Skinner Jr. of Perquimans Prect. 1 Mar 1720 18 pds assignment of a Pattent for 640 acres in Beufort Prect. in Bath Co. dated 10 ___ 1720 and is on the north side of Pampticough river. Wit: Denis Riordane, John Simons, Rt. Hicks. Ack: ye 4 Apr 1721 by Rt. Hicks before me Fred. Jones, Ch Just. Reg. 16 Jun 1721"
"Deed Book F #1 #597 p.202: Thomas Henman of Chowan Prect., Gentleman to Thomas Roper of Chowan Prect. 7 Nov 1721 for 20 shillings per Lott. Lott #52 at the Fork of Queen Ann's Creek designed for the building of a Towne. Wit: Christian Heidleberg, W. Badham. Reg. Chowan Ct. 19 Jan 1721. Test.: Wm. Badham C.C. Ct."

"Province of NC 1663-1729 Abstracts of Land Patents: p.116: 1247 p.305: Thomas Roper 10 Aug 1720 640 acres in Beaufort Precinct on the N. side of Pamlicough river and the West side of Grindal creek, joining the river pocoson-which Land was formerly Surveyed for Richard Skinner and by him Elapsed. Wit: C. Eden, Wm. Reed, Fred Jones, Fra. Foster, J Lovick"

"1248 p.306: Thomas Roper 10 Aug 1720 640 acres in Beaufort Precinct on the N. side of Pamlico river and on the West side of Grindal creek, joining the river pocoson and the sd. Roper which land was Surveyed for William Roper and by him Elapsed. Wit: E. Eden, Fred Jones, Wm. Reed, Fran. Foster, J. Lovick"

"NC Genealogist: p.2556: Chowan Co. tax list for 1721: Tho. Roper 1280 acres"

"Colonial Records of NC: v.2: Council Journal: Att a Council held at the House of Wm Badham March the 30th 1721...It is commanded the Marshall that he cause to Come twelve...Thos. Roper..."

"NC Historical Review 44, p.111: Factors in the Economy of Colonial Beufort: 22 of 39 lots sold before 1723 were later resold by the town...The remaining 17 lots were owned by Thomas Roper,..."

"NC Historical Review V.47, p.370: Lot No.4 was first owned by Thomas Roper, but he too seems to have lived in the area around Bath at that time." 

Archives of MD, Proceedings & Acts of the General Assembly: p.130:
Monday 31 Mar 1707. At a select Committee apointed by the Honble House of Delegates to examine several Persons and Depositions relating to the late Disturbance of the Peace of this her Majesty's Government intended by Richard Clarke and his Accomplices held in the Stadt-House...William Stimpson declares that Daniel Wells of Ann Arundel Co. assisted Richard Clarke out of South River...Well said Winter and [1]Roper[1] went away with Clarke That if they went to plunder a Town Clarke was to be commander on Shore That Clarke would make Money enough and that they would have their Laps full and plunder the Spanish Towns…


Children in Baltimore Co., MD Court Records 1682-1721: p.273:
Sarah Roper was presented for having a baseborn child, Aug 1717 V:IS#IA:152.


Archives of MD, Proceedings & Acts of the General Assembly: p.200:
By the Upper House of Assembly, 9 Oct 1728. On reading the Petition of Francis Garterill of Ann Aundell Co. Praying leave to bring in a Bill to make valid in Law a Deed executed in 1718 (Omitted to be recorded) for a Tract of Land called Ropers Range. Ordered that leave be given to bring in a Bill as Prayed on Proving the Allegations in the Petition contained.


Original Lists of Emigrants in Bondage from London to the American Colonies 1719-1744: p.136: Richd. Roper 37, 75A 37= from Newgate to MD ship Patapscoe; 75A= from Sussex to MD ship Bladon


Archives of MD, Proceedings & Acts of the General Assembly: p.249:
Whereas Henry Roberts late of Ann Arundell Co....parcell of Land being part of a Tract of Land Called Ropers range, Beginning at a new Planted Pear tree Standing in the South line of the said Land as also in the line of a Tract of Land Called Ropers Gray...May 1719...


Archives of MD, Proceedings & Acts of the General Assembly: p.197:
Monday morning 19 Jul 1731. Read the petitions of Richard Roaper, Richard Greenway & Thomas Lewis languishing prisoners in Ann Arundell Co. Goal...The Petition of Richard Roper, The Petition of Richard Greenaway, The Petition of Thomas Lewis Insolvent Debtors...
The Petition of Richard Roper was read & Granted with a Provisoe in the Act not to Prejudice his Master of his Servitude.
p.264: By the Upper House of Assembly 25 Aug 1731...A Bill from the lower House by Col Belt and Six more Entituled an Act for Relief of ...Richard Roper...languishing prisoners in Ann Arundell Co. Goal...
p.294: By the Upper House of Assembly 6 Sep 1731...An Engrossed bill...for the Relief of...Richard Roper...languishing prisoners in Ann Arundell Co. Goal... (also p.297)
p.305: Saturday Morning 21 Aug 1731. The Petition of Richard Roper in Ann Arundell Co. Gaol praying to be releived there from was read & Granted. (Also p.310)
p.351: An Act for Relief of...Richard Roper...languishing Prisoners in Anne-Arundel Co....That they have continued Prisoners for Debt, in the Custodies of the Sheriffs...and still continue in the like deplorable Circumstances, not being able to redeem their Bodies, with all the Estate or Interest they have in the World, which they would readily surrender up and part with to their several and respective Creditors, if they would accept of the same, and grant the said Petitioners their Liberty; which seems so unlikely for them to obtain, that (unless relieved by a particular Act to be passed in their Favour, which by their said Petitions they have humbly prayed) they must inevitably continue Prisoners for Life, and thereby their Families utterly ruined; And, for that...their lying in Goal can be no Benefit to their Creditors,...
p.356: That is the case of the said...Richard Roper..., or any of them shall, at any Time after the making such their Oath or Oaths, or taking such Affirmation as aforesaid, be convict of wilful and corrupt Perjury thereupon, or of a wilful Breach, or Non-compliance with the tenor of such Oath or Affirmation as aforesaid, that then the said...Richard Roper...or such of them as shall be convicted as aforesaid, shall, upon such conviction, be adjudged to stand Two Hours in the Pillory, and have his or their Left Ear cut off; and shall be wholly deprived of any Benefit intended him, them, or any of them, by this Law;...


Ch. XVII, p.17, Assembly Proceedings, Aug 19-Sep 6, 1731, providing for the relief of a group of prisoners who seem to be in prison because of debt.  This group includes Richard ROPER, who is shown to be in gaol in Anne Arundel.  This seems likely to be the same Richard ROPER transported to Maryland aboard the Patapsco Merchant , Capt. Darby LUX, in March 1730.


Archives of MD, Proceedings & Acts of the General Assembly: p.152:
Thursday Morning 11 May 1738. Read the Petition of Benjamin Howard of Ann Arundell Co. praying Leave to bring in a Bill to Cut of the Entail of a Tract of Land called Ropers Neck Containing 230 acres...(also mentioned many other times)...
p.247: ...Parcell of Land called Ropers neck with all and Singular the Appurtenances thereunto belonging heretofore devised in Fee Tail by a Certain Thomas Roper to his Daughter Mary Grandmother of the said Benjamin as of an Estate in Fee simple to him his Heirs and Assignes and to the only proper Use and...Clear of and from all Limitations Conditions and Entails whatsoever of the aforesaid Thomas Roper or of any other person or persons whatsoever Claiming under the said Thomas Roper.


Archives of MD, Journal & Correspondence of the State Council: p.8:
Friday 5 Nov 1779. That the said Treasurer pay to James Roper 138 Pounds due him per Account passed by the Depy Aud.
p.40: Friday 24 Dec 1779. Ordered That the western shore Treasurer pay to James Roper 25 Pounds, ten shillings due him per Account passed by Aud Genl.
p.233: Thursday 27 Jul 1780. That the said Treasurer pay to John Welsh 240 Pounds for the use of James Roper & Co. p acct passed by the Aud. Genl.
p.565: Thursday 16 Aug 1781. That the said Treasurer pay to James Roper 51 pounds, 5 shillings & 3 pence of the same Emission of the money appd as aforesaid p Acct passed by the Depy Auditor.
p.36: Wednesday 2 Jan 1782. That the said Treasurer pay to James Roper 3 pounds Specie on Account.


Anne Arundel Co. MD Marriage Records: Edward Roper & Mary Williams  19 Dec 1789


1790 US Census:
WM>=16 WM<16 WF Other Free Slaves
Kent Co.: John Roper 1 1 3 0 0
Talbot Co.: James Roper 2 1 0 0 7