Roper Families in South Carolina


L. David Roper
31 March, 2002


The First Century of Ropers in South Carolina (1700-1799)


Lineage Charts of SC Gen. Soc., V.1, 1976: p.122b: Edgar Wells m Lydia Roper:
Child: Samuel Wells b 22 May 1712
St. Thomas Parish d 13 Apr 1764 St. Thomas Parish.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 62, 88: In a petition to the Crown against the proprietors of 30 Nov 1716 the members of the House of Commons of SC plus 568 others contains the signature of Jeremiah Roper.


Hollingsworth Genealogical Card File: Jeremiah Roper wit. will John Akins Berkeley Co. SC 1720.


SC Jury Lists 1718 thr. 1783: p.103: 1720 Jeremiah Roper, Joseph Roper; 1731 Jeremiah Roper St. Thomas & St. Dennis, Joseph Roper Prince George-Winyaw; 1737 Joseph Roper Prince Frederick, William Roper St. Philip and/or St. Michaels (3 times), 1740 William Roper St. Philip and/or St. Michaels (3 times), 1744 William Roper St. Philip and/or St. Michaels (3 times), 1751 William Roper St. Philip and/or St. Michaels (3 times), 1757 William Roper St. Philip and/or St. Michaels (3 times), 1767 William Roper St. Philip and/or St. Michaels (3 times).


Memoirs of a Nonagenarian, by John William Soady, The Dietz Press,  Richmond, VA: William Roper was the only survivor of a large family; he was about twenty-one years old when he came to Carolina.  Some two years after the death of his father his mother was married again much to his sorrow, to a man named Colson; he could not get along with his stepfather and decided to leave London and seek his fortune in one of the Colonies. His mother fully approved of his determination, and he lost no time in making arrangements to leave England.  About that time a fine vessel was leaving for Charles Town;... It is interesting to note from the letter of Richard Dart Roper, and quoted throughout these memoirs that this Mr. Colson after dissipating all his wife's estate in the "South Sea Bubble,"...finally died, and left his widow penniless. Later on, she came over to Carolina to her son, who, with the most filial affection furnished a house for  her during her lifetime....he commenced business on his own account, when he married Miss Hutchinson... Mr. John Hutchinson (Mrs. Roper's brother), died a bachelor, leaving his sister an ample estate. She had two beautiful children, one a daughter named Charlotte, who died a well grownchild, and a son, who died young.Mrs. Roper did not long survive her lamented children. After showing every respect to the memory of his first wife, and continuing single for some time, he addressed and married Miss Grace Hext.  Her  grandfather, Hugh Hext, came with his family to the Province ofCarolina from Froome, Somerset, in 1686. His fourth son, David Hext, was the father of Grace Hext. He married Ann Barnet who died in1754. In his will he appointed his five living daughters, Martha McCall, Providence Prioleau, Grace Roper, Amelia Dart, andElizabeth Hext, executors. ... David Hext died in November 1769. William Roper, by his second wife, had four children: William Roper, Martha, Ann and Thomas. William 2nd married Hannah Dart on 5 May 1771. Their children: Richard Dart Roper, Amelia, William Roper 3rd and Benjamin Dart Roper.  Benjamin Dart Roper married Barbara  Jenkins 26 Feb 1807. They had eight children: Benjamin, Jenkins, Mary, William 4th, Anne, Richard Roper, Thomas Roper, and Julia. He died  20 Nov 1852. Richard Roper was born on 23 Jan 1818, and  married Ann Eliza Dent 18 Feb 1840. They had issue, eight children: Ann Elizabeth (1840-1845), Katherine Hubert Ann (1843-1896), Ann Evelyn (1846-1929), Mary Anne (1848-1925), Benjamin Sandford (1851- 1873), Joanna Caroline Cannon (1851-1913), John Hubert (1853-1917), Georgia Ophelia Ann (1857-1922). William Roper died in 1881. ... I quote from the Will of Mrs. Mary Roper Wragg, who inherited from  her father, Richard Roper, as follows: "The portrait of WilliamRoper, brought over to this country by him in 1721, painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller, to be given to the Gibbes Art Gallery (17th Century Division). Two English silver goblets with the Roper crest, and two English silver salvers with the Roper crest to John H. Roper junior and Sandford Roper-these four pieces of silver to be left in trust to them by their uncle, John H. Constance Roper to take charge of this silver and give it to John and Sandford on their twentyfirst birthday."

So, William Roper arrived in Charlestown, SC in 1721.


History of SC under the Royal Government 1719-1796: p.372: Dr. Johnson, from whose Traditions we have taken much of the account of the controversy with Governor Boone, observes very truly that there can be little doubt that Governor Boone's interference with the election of Christopher Gadsden was an exciting cause in South  Carolina for the jealousy of their public and private rights, and that these feelings were confirmed and strengthened by the countenance given to Governor Boone by the British Ministry. Dr. Johnson give the following names of those who took a prominent part in this controversy, and says that it cannot be doubted that this dispute roused in them, their families, and friends, that spirit of resistance which led to the Revolution, and carried them through it triumphantly: ... William Roper ... Christopher Gadsden was born in in Charlestown in 1724.                           


Abstracts of Wills of the State of SC 1670-1740: page
John Ruberry, Berkeley Co....Wit: Jos. Roper 108
D: 7 May 1722. P:
11 Jul 1722. R: 19 Jun 1725. p.173
Abraham Warnock, Sr., Berkeley Co....Wit: Jeremiah Roper D:
12 Sep 1724. P: 15 Jan 1724/[5]. R: 19 Jan 1724/[5]. p.91 102
Andrew Warnock,
Berkeley Co.. Wife: Mary, land where I live during  widowhood. Sons: Joseph, land at Seewee next to Robert Scriven and  Doctrina Thomson; Andrew, land where I live; Samuel, land next to Jeremiah Roper. Daus: Judith and Matthew, under 16 years and  162
unmarried; Mary Roper. Exors: wife; son Joseph; Mr. Michael Darby.  Wit: Joseph Roper, James Belin, Abra. Warnock.  D:
22 Sep 1727. P: 11 Sep 1729. R: 22 Oct 1729. p.150
Samuel Commander, Sr.,
Prince George's Parish...Wit: Joseph Roper D: 17 Sep 1733.
29 Jan 1735. R: 15 Mar 1735/6. p.298216
James Armstrong,
Christ Church Parish...Exors:...Jeremiah Roper  202
29 Jan 1734. P: 6 Feb 1734. R: 15 Apr 1735. p.141 Joseph Elliott [Jr.] his mark, Berkeley Co....Mentions: Mr. William Roper... D: 17 Dec 1738. P: 16 Jun 1739. R: 26 Jun 1739. p.289  254


Lineage Charts of SC Gen. Soc., V.7:
Morriss K. Hamlett m Judy Roper c1730: Child: Rachel Hamlett m Jesse Overton.


SC Tax List 1733-1742: Jere. Roper 1735 350 acres, Berkley, St.  Thomas.


SC Historical Magazine 84, p. 5: SC importers of Gen. Merch 1735-65:
110. William Roper 1736, 38-52, 54-64  53 entries  784.35 lbs duties


SC Historical Magazine, 86, p.194:
William Roper Medicine, dry goods
Broad St.; moved 1737, Elliott St.
Merchants 1738-1743: William Roper  Rice, flour, soap, etc.
Merchants 1744-1749: William Roper  Flour, bread, beer, etc.

SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 23, 8: The St. Helena's Parish Register lists:John Roper, s/o Joseph & Jane, b 29 May 1739, bapt 6 Jul 1739 by Jones. 


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 14, 209:  A 3 Jun 1742 report of the Committee of the Council lists the names of sufferers from the Charles Town fire:William Roper, 310 pounds lost, 166 pounds granted 


Abstracts of Wills of the State of SC 1740-1760:page
Richard Wright, Colleton Co.... Exors: ...Mr. William Ropier [Roper] D:
2 Jan 1744. P: 10 Jan 1744. R: 11 Dec 1744. p.205  35
John Townsend, St. Philip's Parish, Berkeley Co....Exors: Robert Roper... D: 2 May 1743. P:
8 Aug 1746. R: 8 Aug 1746. p.334  60
Alexander Murray of Charles Town... Wit: Rob. Roper...  63 D: 20 Mar 1743. P:
9 Jan 1746. R: 9 Jan 1746. p.355
Joseph Blake, Berkeley Co.... Wit: Wm. Roper...  138 D:18 Dec 1750. P:
30 Aug 1751. R: nd. p.448 
Samuel Smith, Charles Town...Exors: ...Mr. Robert Roper; David Hext. D:
21 Nov 1753. P: 31 May 1771 (sic). R: 29 Nov 1754171
James Kean, Charles Town...Exors: wife; Mr. William Roper...  236 D: 13 Dec 1755. P: 28 ___ 1758. R: nd. p.95 
Jeremiah Miles, St. Bartholomew's Parish, Colleton conveyed to me by Mr. Robert Roper of Charles Town...  240 D: 18 Feb 1758. P:
7 Aug 1758. R: nd. p.119
Sarah Clifford, Charles Town,...Exor: William Roper of Charles Town. D:
26 Jul 1758. P: 1 Dec 1758. R: nd. p.152  247
John Hutchinson, Granville Co.. Mentions:...William Roper, residue of estate. Exor: William Roper. D:
6 Jan 1759. P: 9 Mar 1759 p.181


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 27, 109:  In 22 Sep 1768 correspondence of Arthur Middleton:  Messrs. Deas (fn: Probably John Deas and his brother David) have not settled wth Mr. Roper (fn: Probably William Roper merchant in Charleston married Grace Hext in 1745.), but I hope they will put it into my power to remit you some Bills, before you will stand in need of Cash.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 6, 35: Will of David Hext, of Charles Town, gentleman, made 11 May 1751, and proved before the Ordinary, 6 Dec 1754, appointed his "five  Lovg: Daughters namely Martha McCall, Providence Prioleau, Grace Roper, Amelia Dart & Elizabeth Hext, Executors. On 2 Jan 1755 the sale of David Hext's 570 acres on Edisto Island was advertized in The South Carolina Gazette.
p. 37: A deed, dated 25 Sep 1755, John McCall and Martha, his wife; Samuel Prioleau and Providence, his wife; William Roper and Grace,  his wife; Benjamin Dart and Amelia, his wife; Robert Williams, Jr., and Elizabeth, his wife, "which said Martha, Providence, Grace,  Amelia & Elizabeth are the only Five Children and Daughters, and Divisees, and Executors of the last will and Testament of David Hext lat of said Town & province Gent. deced," conveyed lot No. 274 to Jeremiah Theus. 


SC Historical Magazine 86, p.204: Charleston Merchants 1756-1761: ...William Roper  Seeds 


Abstracts of Wills of the State of SC 1760-1784: page
Thomas Potts, Craven Co....plantation where I now live purchased of Joseph Roper... 43 D: 23 May 1757. P:
15 Jun 1764 R: nd. p.318 


The Compendium of American Genealogy, p. 464 lists:
1-Roper, John Caswell, b Marlboro Co., SC,
4 Nov 1873.   Residence: 116 Anderson St., Greenville, SC. 
6-Richard Roper (b in
Va. ca. 1700), settled nr. Greenville, Va.; m Hannah Hunter;
5-John (1764-1843), of Marion (now Dillon)
Co., SC; m Martha Capel (1768-1846);
4-Frederick, m Betsy Bridges;
3-Caswell (1827-94), of Marlboro, SC; m ca. 1847, Margaret Bethea; 
2-John Thomas (2 below).
3-Margaret Bethea (1831-70) m Caswell Roper (3 above).
2-Martha Angeline Heustess (1849-78), m John Thomas Roper (2 above) (1850-89), merchant and planter; he m 2d Margaret Sinclair; issue   (1st marr.): I-John Caswell (1 above);
II-Margaret Angeline (b 1875; m Rev. R. A. Child, D.D.); issue (2d marr.): I-Ada (b 1881;
m Rev. M. K. Meadors, d); II-Duncan (1885-1912); III-Oscar(b 1887) 1-m
14 Jun 1898,
Edith Bull Moseley
. Issue: John Caswell, b Greer, SC, 26 Apr 1899, m Wilhelmena Young,   Jan 1921. Issue: John Caswell, III, Edward Young. ...
 Judge Sheldon Moseley,b
Greer, SC, 14 Mar 1901, m Mary Hoyle, Sep 1926.
Issue: Caroline, Shellie (twins). ... Olin Watson, b
24 Jul 1903 d 2 May 1905
Rufus Child, b
Darlington, SC, 6 May 1905, m Evelyn Walsh Aug 1926. Issue: Rufus Child, John Tracy, Thomas Evatt. ...  Julian Westfield, b Abbeville, SC, 24 Jan 1907,
m Virginia Armstrong,
20 Apr 1930. Issue: Adrian Armstrong (f) ...   Charles Pinckney,
Greenwood, SC, 16 Mar 1910. ... Margaret Frances, b Chester, SC, 10 Aug 1912. ...


The SC Magazine of Ancestral Research: V.17: p.1249: SC Gazette & Country Jour. 17 Dec 1765 Prince William, William Roper Esq.
V.18: p.89: SC Gaz. & Country J.
18 Feb 1766 For NC to sail in a few Mr. Roper's Wharf.
p.24: SC Gaz. & Country J.
28 Jan 1766 For London, the lying at  Mr. Roper's Wharf.
p.26: SC Gaz. & Country J.
28 Jan 1766 To be sold, the schooner...  now lying at Roper's Wharf.


Abstracts of Wills of the State of SC 1760-1784: page
William Dandridge, Charles Town Neck...Wit: William Roper, Jr. 101 D: 22 Sep 1766. P: 27 May 1768 R: nd. p.222


William Roper, Charles Town, merchant. Wife: Grace, house and land  on Bay in said town purchased of Thomas Crosthwaite for life. Sons: Thomas, under 21 years, house and land on Bay in said town purchased of Adam Wood, Provost Marshall, bounding S on Queen St., house and  land purchased of Daniel Doyly, Provost Marshall, next said lot, low water lots on N side Tradd St., other half land with house at Salt- ketchers in Colleton County, pew in St. Philip's Church; William, house and land on Bay in said town where Edmund Head now lives pur- chased of Thomas Smith, low water lot and wharf opposite house where I now live and other low lots S of Tradd St., house where I now live at death of my wife, 1/2 land at Saltketchers in Colleton County, plantation on Ashley River called The Island purchased of John Cockfield. Daus: Ann, under 21 years and unmarried, money received  of estate of Dr. John Lining, deceased; Martha, under 21 years and unmarried, lot purchased of Samuel Prioleau on E side Old Church St.
Mentions: desk and bookcase and all books; my harpsicord; residue of estate to 2 sons. Exors: brothers-in-law Benjamin Dart and Robert Williams, the younger; son William. Wit: Jno. Sommers, Edmund Head, Jos. Ward. D:
25 Oct 1770. CODICIL. Mentions: wife; daus. Ann and Martha; son Thomas; son William. Wit: Edmund Head, Hext Prioleau. D: 12 Feb 1772. P: nd. R: nd. p.116168
Robert Williams, St. Paul's Parrish, Colleton Co....241
Wit: Wm. Roper, Junr....D:
3 Oct 1771. CODICIL. D: 4 Mar 1776 p.307 Richard Downes of Ludlow, County of Aslop, Kingdom of England... 337
Exors: ...William Roper; Robert Williams, Jr.... D:
3 Jul 1776. P: at London 3 Jan 1777.
R: nd. p.238


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 35, 58:  The Thomas Elfe account book, 1768-1775 entry for March 1768 lists  47. To Will Roper for 106 feet poplar Plank a 95 lb 100  50.14.7 Entry for May 1768: William Roper, paid him in full 54.14.7  765  10


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 24, 45: William Hort's Journal: 1770. Jany. 25, Wm. Hort sailed from N. York per Sloop, Charles  Town, Wm. Whitten Master. Feb. 14,  arrived in Charles Town South Carolina, letters of Recommendation & Introduction to Revd. Rob. Smith-Benj. Smith-D. Horrey-Ben Huger-R. Roper-Isc. Motte-Messrs Stolt-N. Williamson-R. Wells-C. Crouch-P. Valton-P. DeLancy &c. 


The SC Magazine of Ancestral Research: V.1: p.1: A deed of sale from Frederick Ropper to Daniel Will 30 Dec 1770 for 200 acres.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 8, 189: Miscellaneous Papers of the General Committee, Secret Committee and Provincial Congress, 1775. (footnote) Robert Williams, Jr., was commissioned to practice law in Charles Town, 26 Mar 1753; married, 1 Jan 1755, Elizabeth, the youngest of the five daughters of David Hext (See issue of this magazine for Jan 1905), who dying in Nov 1769, he married 3 Feb 1771 just after his return from a visit to England, Anne, daughter of William and Grace (Hext) Roper and niece of his first wife.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 11, 95: Records kept by Col. Isaac Hayne: Marriages of 1771: Robt. Williams Junr.: Atty C Town  Ann Roper S C Town 7 Feb
William Roper Esqr Atty C Town  Hannah Dart S C Town 5 May
p. 168: Deaths of 1772: 14 Feb  Wm. Roper Factor 63


Marriage Records of NC & SC: p.242:
Anne Roper m Robert Williams Jr. 7 Feb 1771 Charleston SC
William Roper Jr. m Hannah Dart 5 May 1771 Charleston SC 
Patty Roper m John Somers
14 Jun 1772 Charleston SC
John Roper m Sarah Fincher
16 Nov 1797 Mecklenburg Co. NC


History of South Carolina, V. S. McGrady, p. 481: Lists of Attorneys Court of Common Pleas 1775, and dates of Commission.... William Roper, 2 Apr 1771 ...


Index to Wills of Charleston, SC 1671-1868: 
p.172: William Roper 14 1771,1774 
p.506: William Roper 23 1786,1793 
p.869: Joseph Roper 27 1793,1800


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 21, 59: Extracts from the Journal of Mrs. Ann Manigault:
1772 Feb 16 Mr. Roper died. (footnote) Died, in an advanced age William Roper, Esq....who had served many years as a member of the Commons House of Assemble of this Province.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 17, 49: Death Notices So. Ca. and Am. Gen. Gazette:
William Roper, Esq (Thurs,
20 Feb 1772).


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 21, 65: Extracts from the Journal of Mrs. Ann Manigault: (footnote) John Sommers and Patty, daughter of Wm. Roper, Esq.; deceased, were married in June 1772.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 11, 98: Records kept by Col. Isaac Wayne: Capta. Jno. Somers Planter St. Pauls m Martha Roper S  C Town  22d June 1772


Marriage Records of NC & SC: Patty Roper & John Somers 14 Jun 1772 Charlestown SC


Lineage Charts of SC Gen. Soc., V.6, #129: David Roper Child: Samuel Roper b c1775-1784 d 1820 m Rebecca Limbecker b c1775-1784
Child: James E. Roper M.D. b
2 Mar 1820 Edgefield, SC d 25 Nov 1889 Des Moines, IA m Savannah G. Tilley b 23 Apr 1823 GA d 2 Jan 1889 LA
Child: Alva C. Roper b 28 Sep 1843 Columbus, GA d 8 Jul 1903  Des Moines, IA m 4 Mar 1875 Mary Carter b 23 May 1857 IL d 17 Mar 1916 Des Moines (d/o John E. Carter)

Child: Frank Leroy Roper b 23 Apr 1878 Des Moines d 30 Mar 1935 Janesville, WI m 5 may 1903  Philadelphia, PA Mary Blanche Reynolds b 23 Mar 1880 Fredonia, IA d 1 Jun 1964 Chicago, IL (d/o Chalmers Reynolds b 29 Jan 1828 Randolph Co., IL d 1 Nov 1897 Fredonia, IA m 12 Dec 1867 Jane E. Pierson b 15 Apr 1840 OH d 11 Nov 1920 Fredonia, IA) Child: Frank Curtis Roper
b 2 May 1904
Washington, DC d 19 Sep 1978 Chicago, IL  m 6 Jul 1930 Des Moines
Grace Viola Foust b 5 Jun 1910 Empire, Cherokee Co., KS (d/o David Arthur Foust b 18 Nov 1883 MO d 2 Mar 1925 Des Moines m 2 Oct 1904 MO Mary Mabel Messer b 17 Dec 1887  Galena, KS
8 Sep 1953 Galena). Compiled by Mary L. Roper.


Roster of Soldiers, V.1, The TN Soc. of the DAR 1894-1960: p.1019:  Andrew Liddell b 1756 Ireland d 7 Apr 1833 SC m Jean Johnston c1775 Served as private in the Continental Army 1779-1780.
# 84484. Child: John; Andrew J.; George; Frances; Moses; James; Jane m Joab Mauldin;
Elizabeth m John Miller; Mary m William McGee.  Descendant: Leonora Mauldin Roper (L.M.) #112244


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 7, 133: Order bood of the 1st Regiment, So. Ca. Line: Orders by Col. Pinckney 6 Jan 1778 ...the Regt. will land at Ropers wharf... 14 Jan 1778 Col. Hugers Regt. is to march to morrow morning to Ropers wharf, to embark on board of Vessels for the Purpose of Transporting them to Fort Johnston ...


Pickens Co. will of Joshua Roper b c1778 NC w Mary b 1778 NC; Childr Alfred b 1790-1800; William b 1800-1810; Singleton b 1802; Eleanor b 1808 m James Spearman; Joshua b 1807; Charles; Synthia m  Crain; Mary m Byers; Rutha m Crew; Absalom b 1822 SC; Samuel b 1822 SC: Joshua X Roper  Wit: J. G. Ferguson, James Major,  John W. Mayor  7 Feb 1853  Rec: 3 Mar 1856 (ages by 1850 census) Will books Vol. 1, Book 1, p. 255.


The Jury Lists of SC 1778-1779: p.5: Charles Town Dist.
Grand Jurors for the Parishs of St. Philip & St. Michael: William Roper, Robert  Raper.
Petit Jurors for the Dist of Charles Town Petit Jurors for the Parishs of St. Philip & St. Michael: William Roper, Robert Raper
Special Jurors for the Dist. of Charles Town Special Jurors for the Parishs of St. Philip & St. Michael: William Roper 


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 17, 154: Death Notices So. Ca.  and Am. Gen Gazette: in the 70th year of his age, R. Roper, Esq. Fri. 16 Jul 1779.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 53, 13: Muster roll of Capt. James Bentham's company of militia: ... William Roper ... 1778-80 Total: 180.  7 only alive 4 Jul 1809 (29 years later).


American Revolution Roster at Fort Sullivan 1776-1780: p.272: William Roper YB; AA-6569 SC mil; at the fall of Charleston in 1780


Abstracts of Wills of Charleston Dist., SC: page
John Dart, Charles Town, attorney-at-law,"interred at my Father's Seat Dartfield." Wife: Henrietta, house where I now live in
Tradd St. with my father and mother. Sons: Benjamin and John Sandford, under 21 years of age. Dau: Susannah, under 21 and unmarried. Sister Hannah Roper, wife of William Roper. ... Exors:...brothers-in-law William Roper and James McCall...Wit: Thomas Roper. D: 19 Mar 1781. P: 13 Oct 1783. R: nd. p.207  34
Samuel Ball, Charles Town...Wit: William Roper. 40
D: 14 Apr 1774. P:
5 Jan 1784. R: nd. p. 247 William Roper, Charles Town, attorney-at-law. Wife: Hannah, house to be built on any of my lots she may choose for her residence during  her widowhood. Sons: William, under 21 years, brick house, lot and  wharf, my plantation in St. Andrews Parish; Benjamin Dart, under 21 years, my low water lot next my wharf, my plantation in St. Bartho- lomew's Parish at the Saltcatchers, lot where I lately lived on the Bay.
Daus: Amelia Grace and Hannah Sanford, lot of land in
Meeting  St. now occupied by John Sommers. Brother: Thomas Roper. Sister: Ann Williams. Mother: Grace Roper. Mentions: my library to 2 sons;  children to be educated and instructed in the principles of Christ- ian Religion; possible unborn child; residue of estate to sons.  Exors: wife; mother; 2 sons; brother; Robert Williams, Esq.; Robert Williams, Jr.; James McCall. Wit: Lydia Roper, Goerge Greenland, Daniel Hall. D: __ Aug 1782. P: 28 Aug 1789. R: nd. p.335  185
Benjamin Dart, Charles Town, Esq. Wife: [not named]. Son: John.  188
Daus: Hannah Roper; Ann Amelia McCall. Brother: John Sanford Dart... Bible... D:
16 Nov 1778. CODICIL.
D: [same]. P:
22 Oct 1789. R: nd. p.347
John Sommers. ...
St. Paul's Parish...Exors:...Thomas Roper... 201
D: 31 Mar 1790. CODICIL. D:
6 Apr 1790. P: 15 Apr 1790. R: nd. p.407
Joseph Creighton, Charles Town, "Hair Dresser &c." Mentions: Thomas Roper; residue of my estate to my freed woman Jane. Exors: Thomas Roper, John Cox, __. Wit: Henry Calwell, Daniel Morison. 225
D: 1 Feb 1781. P:
24 Jan 1791. R: nd. p.510  Thomas Postell, St. Paul's Parish,...Wit: Thomas Roper...  266
D: 20 Apr 1792. P: 26 May 1792. R: nd. p.653
Mary St. John, ...Wit: Thomas Roper... 308
D: 24 Mar 1794. P: 8 May 1794. R: nd. p.122 
Philip Hart,
Charleston...Exors:...Thomas Roper...D: 3 Feb 1796. 343
D: 3 Feb 1796. P:
12 Feb 1796. R: nd. p.270 


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 3, 727: History of S. Carolina  in the Revolution: ...notice published in the Royal South-Carolina  Gazette on the 21st of Sep 1781. This notice recites that several memorials and petitions had been presented to the commandant of  Charlestown by sundry persons, setting forth that they were desirous to show every mark of allegiance and attachment in their power to his Majesty's person and government,... persons whose names were published would receive certificates which would entitle them to use the free exercise of their trades or professions and the privileges enjoyed by other loyal inhabitants of Charlestown. The names of 163 citizens were appended to this notice. The names of Benjamin Dart,  John Dart, ... , William Roper, Thomas Roper, ...


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 17, 8: Letters to Gen. Greene and others: List of persons ordered out of Charles Town 28 Apr 1782 ... Wm Roper ... (footnote) William Roper lived at 52 Bay Street in 1782; of the well known family.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 26, 203: Correspondence of Hon. Arthur Middleton: [Burke to Middleton] Head Quarters 6 Jul 1782. ... I shd. look on it as a great misfortune to live in the same  neighbourhood, or City, with Bob Williams; but I would much rather  that a thousand such persecuting Scoundrels shd. live in the State, than Confiscate their Estates, and so a few Land Jobbers, or  Speculators to engross them. (footnote) Robert Williams, Jr., a  prominent Barrister in SC and a bitter Tory. He married first Elizabeth Hext, second Grace Roper, died in England after 1800 leaving descendants. 


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 33, 154: Register of the Inde-  pendent Congrgational (Circular) Church of Charleston, SC: 16 Apr 1784 John a negroe for Joseph Roper. 


Stub Entries to Indents Issued in Payment of Claims against SC Growing out of the Revolution: Book U-W: p.79: No.546 Lib: U p.79
the 13th Jul 1785 To William & Thomas Roper for fourteen  pound Eleven shillings for 947wt Porke Supply.d Militia in 1781 Per account audited Principal Pd14..11..0 annual Interest__Pd0..19..7__ Book O-Q: No.557 Book P. Issued the 18th May 1785__to Messrs. Willm. & Thos. Roper__for One hundred & forty eight Pounds, 18s Sterling__ for Sundries for Contls. State Troops & Militia in 1781 & 1782__as  pr. tow accts. audited. Principal Pd148,,18,,__Annual Interest Pd10,,8,,5__ p.200


SCMAR. Vol. IV, No. 4, p 208: 1785 & 1786 tax returns, St. Philips & St. Michaels, William Roper SCMAR. Vol. V, No. 2, p 71: some lapsed colonial plats,  Jeremiah Roper, 723 acres, Craven Co., Sep 16 ----


Edgefield County Couth Carolina Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12, 1786-1796, Vol I", Abstracted by Ge Gee Corley HENDRIX (Easley SC: Southern Historical Press, Inc., 1985) NO ROPER, RAPER, or ROSSER mentions.

SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 56, 45: Poll lists Charleston municipal elections 1787: ... 71. William Roper, 4 Bay  ... 271. Joseph Roper, 13 Pinckney St. ... Talley Sheet: F. Grimke 174, W. Drayton 12, R. Lushington 81, Danl. Stevens 1, Thos. Roper 1, John Dawson 5, Mr. Muller 1 = 275


1790 US census: 96th Dist., Pendleton Dist.:
John Roper b bef 1774 1M(16->) 3M(0-16) 2F
Thomas Roper b bef 1774 1M(16->) 4M(0-16) 3F


State grants, Charleston deeds:
Thomas Roper, book 26, p 501
4 Jan 1790
Thomas Roper, book 65, p 204
1 Mar 1790
Thomas Roper, book 65, p 453
2 May 1791


Thomas Roper in Pendleton in 1792 in Giles Gant account book.


Hollingsworth Gen. Card File: John Roper of Richmond Co. NC, grantor in deed 1792 to Crenshaw Duke of Lancaster Co. SC. Tract in Lancast. Co. S/s Catawba River...


Anderson Co. Deeds: Book C, p 323: Pendleton Co. Jacob Rame for 5 shillings sterling paid by Thomas Roper of same place - land where Roper now lives, beginning in Joseph Whelners line and Daniel Kelly's corner - to Deals corner - along Tinsleys line - joining Whitners part and Kelleys line. 100 acres being remainder of 404 acres granted to  Jacob Rame 2 Sept 1793. Plat and grant in Secretaries office - 1796. Wit: John Griffin, Abner A. Steele Jacob Rame Proved 30 March 1797 by Abner Alexr Steele. Rec 30 March 1797.


Revolutionary Warrants:  p.134: Legislative Papers & Petitions. Wm. Roper asks for divorce from his wife, Polly, in 1812. They were married 29 Apr 1792. In 1794 she visited her father in SC. About 12 mo. later she returned to her husband in VA. Early in 1806 Roper move to TN and his wife left him in 1810. 


Ansearchin News 35, 1988: p.9: Petitions to the General Assembly of TN: 42-1-1812:  Petition of William Roper for divorce from his wife, Polly Roper. They were married 29 Apr 1792 and in 1794 went to SC to visit her father, "from which place she positively refused to return with him." About a year later she returned to his house in VA "and  pursued such a rotine (sic) of conduct as is not proper to place before your reputable body." William moved to TN in 1806, hoping to restore his marriage, but Polly had two male children "without the  aid or assistance of your petitioner!!!" Polly petitioned the Assembly to grant William's petition as a favor to her. Her petition is signed by B. J.? Bradford, B. M. Meanly and Jacob Sumner 7 Oct 1812 


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 22, 121: Death notice: Sat 11 Oct 1794 in this city, Mrs. Martha Roper, wife of Mr. Joseph Roper. 


Pendleton Co. deed book C, p. 323: Jacob Rame for 5 shillings sterling paid by Thomas Roper - land whereon Roper now lives, beginning in Joseph Whelners line and Daniel Kelly's corner... to Deals corner-along Tinsleys line-joining Whitners part and Kelleys line. 100 A being remainder of 404 A granted to Jacob Rame  2 Sep 1793. 1796. Wit: John Griffin, Abner A. Steele. Proved  30 Mar 1797 by Abner Alexr Steele. Rec. 30 Mar 1797.


Edgefield County, South Carolina, Deed Book 16, 17 and 18", Abstracted by Carol WELLS (Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1997): [Deed Book 16] p.48-50 James QUARLES to Samuel QUARLES. Decd, 6 December 1797, £100 sterling, 200 acres adj lands of Dudley Carter, David Quarles, John CLACKER, GOODIN, David SIGLAR, Freeman HARDY; wit Benjamin ROPER , David ROPER , Mary (x) BURNETT. /s/ James QUARLES. Proven 2 Dec 1798 by David ROPER; Chas Old J P. Rec 10 Oct 1798.”  [at p. 4]
[Deed Book 16] p. 162-163 William ROPER to son Samuel ROPER .  Bill of Sale, 21 December 1798. love & goodwill. mare. household goods; wit William WASH. Little Berry ADAMS. /s/ William ROPER . Proven 3 January 1799 by Little Berry ADAMS: Rd Tutt JP. Rec 3 Jany 1799.”  [at p. 11]

SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 25, 179: Death notices in the City Gazette: 7 Jul 1799 Died Suddenly, on Sat last, Mr. Joseph  Roper, aged upwards of 60 years, an industrious and worthy citizen.


Index to Deeds of SC 1719-1785 and Charleston District 1785-1800:

(See SCCharlestonLandRec.htm for more details about Charleston Roper/Raper land records.)
Benjamin Dart Roper from John Brailsford  Rel & R D Book B-7, p.307
Benjamin Dart Roper from Benjamin Fuller  Rel & R D Book S-7,167-203
Benjamin Dart Roper from John Geyer  L, Mtge & R D Book R-6, p.382 
Benjamin Dart Roper from Francis Kinloch & ux  Rel Book L-7, p.129 
Benjamin Dart Roper from Henry laurens & wife  Rel of Inh  H-7 p.24
Benjamin Dart Roper from Caroline Rutledge  Ren of Dow Book G-7,p128
Benjamin Dart Roper from Chas Fredk Rutledge Rel,RD Bd&Plat G-7,p.9
Benjamin Dart Roper from Edward Rutledge  Rel  Book G-7, p.91
Benjamin Dart Roper from Jane Rutledge  Ren  Book G-7, p.127 
Benjamin Dart Roper from John Rutledge  Rel  Book H-7, p.242 
Benjamin Dart Roper from States Rutledge  Rel  Book N-7, p.83
Benjamin Dart Roper from William Rutledge  Rel  Book G-7, p.50
Benjamin Dart Roper from Casper C. Schutt  L, Mtge&Ren Dow  Z-6,p155
Hannah Roper from Hannah Heyward  Rel  Book Q-7, p.291
Hannah Roper from William Roper  Rel  Book Q-7, p.299          
Joseph Roper from Thomas Jones  L&R&Bd  Book Z-4, p.473
Joseph Roper from Thomas Jones L&R  Book D-5, p.410 
Thomas Roper from T. Elsworth & ux  Mtge  Book I-6, p.258
Thomas Roper from J. Mincon  Mtge  Book I-6, p.260       
William Roper from Daniel Doyley & ux  Mtge plat &RD  Book N-7, p.74
William Roper from Daniel Doyley & ux Rel &RD  Book N-7, p.80
William Roper from Benjamin Dart Roper  Rel & Plat  Book T-6, p.410
William Roper from Thomas Smith & ux  Feofment  Book O-0, p.28
William Roper from James Wathen  Mtge pr L&R  Book S, p.229
Wm. Roper & Wm. Geo. Freeman from John Hutchinson  L for a yr V-V715


Bulletin of the Gen. Soc. of Old Tryon Co.: V.5, p.327: Need info on Bedford, Rooper, Dale, Whorlex, Vanderford, Mrs. Don Young, 905  Jones Circle, Newport TN 37821.