Roper Families in South Carolina


L. David Roper
11 June, 2003


The Second Century of Ropers in South Carolina (1800-1899)


(See SCCharlestonLandRec.htm for Charleston Roper/Raper land records.)

1800 US census for Pendleton District, SC:
 M(0-10,10-16,16-26,26-45,45->) F(0-10,10-16,16-26,26-45,45->)# page
Benjamin Roper (b 1755-1774)     1 0 0 1 0  0 0 1 0 0  0     395  23
Charles Roper (b bef 1755)       2 1 0 0 1  4 2 0 1 0  2F    364  23
Gilham Roper (b 1774-1784)       1 0 1 0 0  0 0 1 0 0  0     410  23
John Roper (b 1774-1784)         1 0 1 0 0  1 0 1 0 0  0     248  23
John Roper (b 1755-1784)         2 2 0 1 0  0 0 1 0 0  0     248  23
Joseph Roper (b  1774-1784)      0 0 1 0 0  1 0 1 0 0  0     281  23
Joshua Roper (b 1774-1784)       1 0 1 0 0  1 0 1 0 0  0     404  23
Merriday Roper (b bef 1755)      0 0 0 0 1  0 0 1 0 1  0     408  23
Thomas Roper (b bef 1755)        3 1 0 0 1  0 0 1 0 1  0     201  23
William Roper (b 1774-1784)      0 0 1 0 0  1 0 1 0 0  0     246  23

Census Pendleton District, SC by W. C. Stewart: Enumerated as Raper in 1790, but properly Roper. The family was in NC as early as 1729, but this branch appears to have moved from VA to Rowen, Stokes and Rutherford Cos., NC, and it is believed from Stokes to Pendleton Dist. Thomas lived on Coneross Creek at White's Ford. Lucinda, d/o Cornelius Keith from Surry/Stokes Cos., NC married Meredith Roper (enumerated as Meriday in 1800) who had Rutherford Co. anticedents. Wm & John Roper were perhaps sons of Thomas; the rest of the family lived in what is now Pickens Co.

1800 US census of SC:
Chesterfield: Roper(?), James, #89
Edgefield: Roper, Charles, #151; David, #141, Samuel, #161
Charleston: Roper, Thomas, #79; William, #130
Lancaster: Roper, Jesse, #8
Colleton: Roper, Thos., #371

Edgefield County, South Carolina, Deed Book 19, 20, 21 and 22 ", Abstracted by Carol WELLS (Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1997): [Book 19] p.275-278. Robert O. WILLIAMS to Joseph KELLEY. Deed, 3 July 1800, £25 sterling, forty acres south side Chaveses Creek, Leroy HAMMONDS line, Mrs BURNETTS land, John LOWS line, David ROPER s line. Wit John INGRAM, James B. RICHMOND. /s/ Robert O WILLIAMS. Proven 28 Oct 1800 by John INGRAM; James COBBS J.P. Rec 29 Oct 1800.” [at p. 18]
[Book 19] p.402-405 James QUARLES to James HOWERTON. Deed, 25 November 1800, $100, eighty acres bounded on lands of John Clackleys, Burnet, Wm QUARLES , David QUARLES  Wit Thos TRAYLOR, William ROPER . /s/ James QUARLES. Proven 25 November 1800 by T TRAYLOR; Charles Old J.P. Rec 4 Feb 1801.” INGRAM, James B. RICHMOND. /s/ Robert O WILLIAMS. Proven 28 Oct 1800 by John INGRAM; James COBBS J.P. Rec 29 Oct 1800.” [at p. 27]
[Book 20] P· 73-76 James QUARLES and Col John CARTER to heirs of Dudley CARTER deceased.  Deed, 29 November 1800, $100, fiftey acres on Dooleys Branch' bounded on lands of James HOWERTON, Edward WOOD, Widow CARTER, Widow BOZEMAN, Samuel QUARLES, being part of 500 acres originally granted unto John BUCKHALTER and invested unto Michael BUCKHALTER hIS son and from hIm conveyed unto sd James QUARLES 15 March 1794. Wit Robt LANG, Jos KELLEY, David ROPER . /s/ James Quarles, /s/ John Carter. Proven 24 March 1801 by Jos KELLEY; Charles Old J.P. Rec 25 March 1801. [at pp. 42-3]

SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 12, p.90: Gov. Robert Gibbes and some of his descendants: Benjamin Smith b 22 Sep 1802 d 8 Dec 1858 m Ann W. Roper 23 Feb 1837.
p. 94: Benjamin Smith Gibbes m 23 Feb 1833 Ann W. Roper b 2 Dec 1813 d 29 Apr 1876


Anderson Co. Deeds: Book 1, p 47:
Thomas Roper. 448 acres surveyed for Thomas Roper from a warrant from Edwd T. McClure, CL in the District aforesaid on Cyder (Cider) Creek of Chaga Creek of Toogaloo River by Benjamin    Stenet (?) DS on the 24 March 1803. Recorded 15 July 1803.
Book M, p 433: Release Francis Rose to James Ropair of Pendleton, Francis Rofs of Abevill Dist for $100....a tract of land situated in sd dist on Crow Creek and Mile Creek, waters of Keowee River,
containing 100 acres being part of tract granted to James Abbit -beginning at a pine thence along conditional line betwixt James Ropair and Pawel Regins to.........bounding on Philliman Crain and
James beginning. Made 10 Oct 1807, recorded 18 Oct 1814. Wit: Samuel Stephen, James X Ellard      Francis Rofs Proved by James Ellard 18 Oct 1814. Rec. 15 Oct 1815.
Book M, p 424: Release John Ribinson to Joshua Roper, Pendleton Dist for $55, 25 acres part of tract of 297 acres granted to Robert Anderson, date unknown, on Weavers Creek. 18 April 1808.
Wit: Isasc Meers, Reuben Fain.          John X Robinson
Proved by Reuben Fain 4 Feb 1810. Rec. 23 Oct 1815.
Book M, p 434: Release James Roper to Wm. Humprries 19 Jan 1809 same land as above. Recorded 25 Oct 1815. Called James Ropere in proof
Wit: Wm. McFarland, Josia Holding      James X Roper Proved by Wm. McFarland 8 Oct 1814.
Book O, p 88: Pendleton Dist, SC-Wm. Gipson for $600 from Benj. Roper of same, all land that Wm. Gipson bought of John Hudson, John Robertson and John Young, situated in Pendleton Dist on Weavers Creek, waters of the Oolenoy, containing 300 acres, being the place whereon said
Benj. Roper now living. 29 Dec 1817. Wit: Thomas Crawford, John C. Gipson     Wm. X Gipson
Proved by Thomas Crawford 7 March 1818. Rec. 23 March 1818.
Book 4, p 44: Joshua Roper, Pendleton District. 74 acres surveyed or Joshua Roper 16 Jan 1823 by Thomas Garvan, DS. Situate on Town Creek waters of 12 mile River. Bounded by SE, Esq Davis, NE Wm  Hopkins, rest by Joshua Roper's land. CC Wm. Prince & Alford Roper
Book R, p 55: Oct 4, 1824. John Stanley to David Roper 50 acres James Ferguson line, Binum line, Perry's corner - John Prince, Nathaniel Perry line. Feb 10, 1821.     John Stanley
Wit: John Prince, Wm. Howard            Anne X Stanley  Recorded 4 Oct 1824.


Lineage Charts of SC Gen. Soc., V.6, #78: William Roper d 1803 Child Joel Roper d 1844
Child: Joel C. Roper b 1806 Edgefield Co., SC d 1848 Edgefield Co. m Susan Curry b 1812 Edgefield Co. d 6 Apr 1881 Edgefield Co. (d/o Lewis Curry b 1781 d 1865 & Sarah Phenix b 1783 d 1860-63) Child: Samuel Lewis Roper b 1839 Edgefield Co. d 17 Apr 1917 Edgefield Co. m 19 Apr 1864 Edgefield Co. Anna Martha Hammond b 24 Feb 1844 Edgefield Co. d 14 Jan 1880 Edgefield Co. (d/o Andrew Jackson Hammond b 8 Oct 1814 Edgefield Co. d 19 Dec 1882 Edgefield m 1814 Elizabeth Butler b 19 Jul 1825 Edgefield Co. d 25 Mar 1898 Edgefield Co.) Child: Andrew Hammond Roper b 12 Feb 1879 Edgefield  d 5 Jan 1954
Lancaster, SC m 1 Nov 1908 Lancaster, SC Hattie Lucinda Craig b 14 Jan 1888 Lancaster Co., SC (d/o Simeon Walker Craig b 12 Feb 1857 Lancaster Co. d 19 Oct 1921 Lancaster Co. m 12 Dec 1876 Lancaster Co. Martha Lucinda Faulkner b 18 Sep 1855 Lancaster Co. d 12 Mar 1927 Lancaster) Child: Elizabeth Roper b 9 Aug 1909 m 14 Aug 1936 Richburg, SC Hill. Compiled by Elizabeth Roper Hill Rt. 3, Box 357, Rock Hill, SC 29730.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 19, 73: Charleston and Charleston Neck: By some exchange between Daniel Cannon and John Glen the possessor of "Streators" the acreage was reduced to 566 acres and was in 1800 conveyed by Daniel Cannon to Mrs Hannah Heyward who in 1805 conveyed to Mrs. Hannah Roper who died in 1827 and by her wil empowered her executors to sell her Goose Creek plantation called Oakland. A sale must have been made to William Johnson ...


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 28, 205: Death notice: 26 Jan 1805 Died on Sat, in the 19th year of her age, Miss Elizabeth Harvey Roper, only daughter of Major Thomas Roper. 5 Oct 1805, Died on Sat, of a lingering hectic complaint, which had gradually undermined her constitution, Mrs. Lydia Roper, wife of Major Thomas Roper, in the 45th year of her age...Her remains were interred in the cemetery of St. Philip's Church...


Edgfield County South Carolina Old wills Book A-B 1806-1818, Vol.II: William Roper will, etc.

SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 59, 176:  Catawba land records, 1795-1829 (within Indian land, York and Lancaster Co.) John Roper p311 On state line; adjoins Wilson Allen, Jos. Gordon, A. Huston, Tarhill Branch. 378 acres Sur. 4 Feb 1806 by L. Durest. Isaac Roper p319 Lease 18 Jul 1824 L.D. On Road to Camden; adjoins Wm. Potts, state line. 108 acres Resur. by James Lane on 18 May 1824


Mid-MO Genealogical Society Charts, V.11: p.56:
Richard Roper b c1735 VA m Greenville Co. d 19 Dec 1782 VA ->
John Roper b 15 Jul 1764 Brunswick Co., VA m 20 Jan 1791 d 22 Mar 1843 Marion Co., SC wife: Martha Capell b 10 Apr 1768 Greensville Co., VA d 29 Sep 1846 Marion Co., SC ->
Richard Thomas Roper b 8 Oct 1806 Marion Co., SC m 28 Feb 1836 d 1868 Choctaw Co., AL wife: Helena Delvina Corley b 1 Jun 1819 Edgefield Dist., SC d 1861 Choctaw Co., AL ->
Elisha Roper b 22 Sep 1858 Choctaw Co., AL m 21 Dec 1891 d 10 Oct 1948 Plainview, TX
wife: Louisa Margt. Niedecken b 15 Nov 1874 St. Clair Co., IL d 8 Mar 1962 Plainview, TX ->
Fairy C. Roper b 2 Jan 1917 Eastland Co., TX


Hollingsworth Genealogical Card File: David Roper wit. deed Anderson of Pendleton Dist. SC 1807 by Jesse Crain to Joel Moody Sr. qv.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 30, 248: Marriage notice: 26 Feb 1807 Married on Thur evening, by the Rev. Dr. Jenkins, Benjamin D. Roper, esq., to Miss Barbary C. Jenkins, daughter of Micah Jenkins, esq. all of this city (Charleston).

SC Marriages 1688-1820 by Brent H. Holcomb: Benj. Dart Roper, planter & Barbara Calder Jenkins dau Micah Jenkins 26 Feb 1807 St. Phil Records.


Index to Wills of Charleston, SC 1671-1868: p.896: William Henry Roper 32 1807,1818
p.555: Thomas Roper 38 1826,1834;  p.483: William Roper 38 1826,1834
p.329: Hannah Roper 37 1826,1834;  p.889: Robert Williams Roper 43 1839,1845
p.201: Benjamin Dart Roper, Sr. 46 1851,1856;  p.716: Barbara C. Roper 47 1851,1856
p.530: Macah Jenkins Roper 48 1856,1862
p.?  : Benjamin D. Roper (Subst. of Trust) 49 1856,1862;  p.845: Martha R. Roper 51 1862,1868


Lineage Charts of SC Gen. Soc., V.1, 1976: p.401: Charles Roper b 1808 NC d 8 Jan 1892 Carnesville, GA m1 Delilah Murphree (d/o Levi Murphree d SC & Thursa b 1778) b 1816 SC
d 22 Aug 1857 Pickens Co., SC: Child: Margaret L. Roper b 11 Jun 1836 Pickens Co., SC
d Jan 1890 m Ambrose J. Bradley b 20 Nov 1834 Pickens Co., SC d 27 Feb 1905 New Liberty, SC: Child: Ella Eugenia Bradley b 30 Nov 1859 Williamston, SC d 19 Jan 1910 Abbeville, SC.
Charles Roper m2 Lucinda Watson


Pickens Co. will of Gideon Roper b 1809 NC; Vol. 1, Book 2, p. 339: m Elizabeth b 1814 SC; Children not named. Gideon X Roper Wit: Annie L. Young, Jane Duke, Reese Bowen. 3 Sep 1861
Rec: 21 Oct 1861 (Book 3, p. 50?)
Children in 1850 census Nathaniel 4; Louisa 2; Robert 17 laborer


1810 US census for Pendleton District:
 M(0-10,10-16,16-26,26-45,45->) F(0-10,10-16,16-26,26-45,45->)   No.
Abs Roper (b 1765-1784)          2 0 0 1 0  0 0 1 0 0           149A
Benjamin Roper (b 1765-1784)     4 0 0 1 0  3 0 0 1 0            148
Charles Roper (b bef 1765)       1 1 0 0 1  2 2 1 0 1           149A
Eliz Roper (b 1765-1784)         1 0 0 0 0  1 1 0 1 0            148
Joshua Roper (b 1765-1784)       3 1 0 1 0  1 1 1 ? 0           148A
William Roper (b 1765-1784)      1 0 0 1 0  6 2 0 1 0            145


Lineage Charts of SC Gen. Soc., V.1, 1976: p.46: Joshua Burgess m Bargaret Holman:

Child: Simon E. Burgess b 28 Jan  1811 SC d 14 Nov 1888 SC m Marena Roper b 4 Jun 1811 SC d 21 Jul 1886 SC (d/o Aaron Roper & Susan): Child: William Tillman Burgess b $ Jul 1842 Pickens Co., SC d 10 May 1892 Pickens Co., SC m Carolin Trotter b 1 Nov 1837 Pickens Co., SC d 13 Feb 1883 Pickens Co., SC.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 20, 241: Descendants of John Jenkins:
Richard Jenkins m Phoebe Waight Jenkins d/o John Jenkins. They had 6 children: ... (5) Benjamin Roper Jenkins, 1815- ...


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 65, 46: Hill-Hurt family records Griffin Baptist Church Cemetery, near Pickens: Rev. Charles Roper b 16 Sep 1815 d 26 Jul? m 1883 Elizabeth Roper b 11 Jan 1823 d 13 Jun 1860


Hollingsworth Genealogical Card File: John M. Roper wit. deed Edgefield Co. SC 1816

by Sarah Smith et al. to Thomas I. Shaw.


SC Magazine of Ancestral Res.: V.9, p.25: Pisgah Church yard-SW of Gaston Co. NC near intersection of I85 & US74: In memory of Eliza A. Roper, d 24 Mar 1839 age 1y2m5d (b 21 Jan 1838) infant of Elizabeth Roper d 25 Jul 1842 age 24y23d (b 2 Jul 1818).


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 68, 118: The Abiel Abbot journals: With great kindness Dr. Logan proffered his services to conduct me to see the Negro Peniteniary-time immemorial called the Sugar House. (footnote) The Sugar House was located near the site of the old Roper Hospital. 1818

SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 55, 214: Col. Thomas Roper, who bequeathed funds for the hospital which bears his name, was the author of a resolution approved by his fellow Commissioners in 1822. No adult capable of labor was thereafter to receive outdoor aid. ... Roper had evidently been studying English discussions of the problem of pauperism.

SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 65, 233: The Abiel Abbot journals: 1827. After dinner my old friend, Col. Roper, Dea. Patterson & Mr. Yates, I suspect by invitation, called in to take a glass of wine,... (footnote: These gentlemen were obviously Col. Thomas Roper ...) At 12 o'clk. Col. Roper carried me in his gig to hear the Catholic Bp. England's address before the Anti-Duelling Association,... I very gladly embraces an invitation from the Ropers, ... to get into the country,... We started for the country in style. The younger Mr. R. was in the country. The senior Mr. Roper in his chair driven by ...over the Goose Creek bridge.... Between 4 & 5 o'clock we arrived at Point Comfort, 28 miles from Charleston. ...After dinner ... Mr. R. attend them in his barge, went down the creek to  the opposite bank of the Cooper River ...

SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 68, 51:  The Abiel Abbot journals: 1827. On this street is situated the building belonging to the SC Society, a charity establishment of considerably funds and influence. ... The Hall occupies the whole extent of the 2d floor,.. The Hall is 86 f. by 32, adorned by three handsome glass chandeliers the funds are husbanded by the financial talents of Col. Roper. (footnote: Thomas Roper, who died in 1829, is best known as the benefactor of Roper Hospital. A devout Unitarian, he stipulated in will that $15,000 go to that church ...) ...called at the Library & was introduced to one of the most considerable men of this city, Col. Roper, of immense wealth, yet of great simplicity of manners & appearance. He is said to be a gentleman of acumen & of extensive theological research, an episcal by education, a Unitarian by conviction, & no friend to the assump- tion of Bps., to splendor in the rites of religion, or an exclusive spirit among Ins. At present he is said to be rather in a state of mental conflict between the power of education & the power of reason And it is most probable, if things could be brought to the state which of all others he would prefer, that St. Philips elegant church the monumental covering of his ancestors' dust, would become the counterpart of the Stone chapel in the Metropolis of Massachusetts. ...On leaving the public room, Col. R. followed me & invited me to partake of a haunch of venison from his plantation at 4 o'clock. At the hour Mr. Motte introduced me at his splendid mansion in Bay Street (footnote: The Roper house was at 39 East Bay Street.) His halls war spacious & hung with elegant paintings & his doors & mantels adorned with several elegant equestrian small statues with Cyprian figures. Nothing, however, interested me half as much as a small picture of about 8 inches by 6. It is a family piece, a funeral monument done in England by an ingenious artist with the hairs of his parents, brothers, wife, twelve children, & his own. The picture is pendent from the hands of a flying angel & with this motto-or address- "No more this cot shall with your sight be blest, Nor with your feet its flow'ry woods be prest. No more the winds shall with your tresses play, And from your balmy breaths steal sweet away. Graceful these fair & peaceful plains ye trod, Now quit their view &, come, abide with God." These lines are in so small type, I could not read them myself. Now for the picture itself. The ground work is constituted of shrubbery of his fathers's & mother's hair, dark. An urn on a monument in a recess of the field is shrouded with trees of erect figure & horizontal limbs & thick foilage of his brother's and sister's hair. Ten lambs, some reclin- ing & some grazing, & two female figures walking occupy a field in the mid ground of his children's hair of various colors, mostly of infantile flaxen. A cot represents his lamented wife, constituted of her hair, shaded by weeping willows & embraced by a fence of his own hair. The hairs chopped fine & mixed, I presume, with oil & perhaps colourless paint. I hope my dear daughters will find in these hints materials for a family piece of our own. The Col. has lost 12 children, brothers, sisters, parents, wife & has left himself & one son. (footnote: Seven years before his death in 1845 Robert W. Roper the son, erected the fine mansion which still stands at 9 E. Battery ...At Col. Roper's some hints of the management of a plantation were dropped.


Cyclopedia of Eminent and Representative Men of the Carolina of the 19th Century 1892 F268 C99 V.2: p.598: J. T. Roper (Col.), planter 1819-


1820 US census for Pendleton District: (0-10,10-16,16-18,16-26,26-45,45->)      No.
Aaron Roper 2 2 0 0 1 0  3 0 0 1 0  202A;  Benjamin Roper 2 0 1 3 0 1  2 2 1 0 1  181
Charles Roper 0 0 0 1 0 1  0 0 0 1 1;  Joshua Roper  4 2 0 0 1 1  2 1 1 1 0  212A


A Genealogical Collection of SC Wills & Records: V.I: p.68: Cornelius Keith Pack. 183 Equity Clerk of Courts Office, Pickens SC. Alfred Hester & Eady Hester his wife formerly Eady Keith sheweth that Cornelius Keith her father died owning considerable real estate. That a short time before his death he executed a paper purporting to be his last will and testament which paper he left unmarked at the time of his death, the paper bearing date 19 May1820...Item-I lend unto my beloved and lawful wife Mary all my land and Plantation whereon I now live during her natural life,...Lucinda Keith who mar. Meredith Roper, Sarah Keith who mar. Abe? Roper,...


Marriage Records of NC & SC: p.242:
Peggy Roper m William Neely 28 Nov 1820 Charleston SC
James W. Roper m Betty Roper 10 Aug 1821 Mecklenburg Co. SC
Mary A. E. Roper m William E. Durisoe 7 Mar 1830 Edgefield Dist. SC
Martha Roper m Oliver Tillman 29 Dec 1857 SC


Family record supplied by June R. Walton, Ruffin, NC:
Samuel Roper b 1822 Pickens Co. SC m c1841 Charlotte Temple Howard
Children: Elmira 1842, James 1846, Rosa 1848, Averilla 1851 d 2 Dec 1940 Toccoa GA m Hiles, Marion 1852, Anna Lucy 1857 m John W. Gilstrap, Benjamin 1860 (all b Pickens Co. SC)


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 4, 68: The descendants of Col. William Rhett, of SC: Mary Smith Grimke (d/o John Grimke, MD) b 28 Mar 1822 m 12 Dec 1847 Thomas Roper. Child: Grace Julia b 15 Nov 1849 m 8 Jan 1868 James Munro


Edgefield County South Carolina Deed Books 39 and 40 abstracted by Carol Wells 2006: p.28 Jesse Rainey to J W Caldwell, Jesse Rainey indebted to William Towls both of Edgefield District Eight hundred dollars to be paid on I January 1822, Robert Watkins, Elijah Bird, John Hollingsworth, Joel Roper. Consideration that if Stephen Terry shall by 25 December next refund to sd John Hollingsworth sd sum, contract to be void. 13 March 1822. /s/ Stephen Terry. Wit. /s/ J Terry /s/ W Eichelberger. p.139 Proved by James Terry 15 March 1822; A B Addison UQ. Recorded 30 May 1822.

Stephen Torry Junr[Senr?) toJoel Roper, For Six hundred fifty one Dollurs in hand paid by Joel Ropcr, Terry sold to Roper ninely three acrcs on Stephens Creek being part of land originally granted to William Todd, adjoins
land held by sd Joel Roper and John Hollingsworth, William Williams, 8 NoV 1822

James Butler Junr to John Butler Senr. For Four hundred Dollars James sold to John the land where James's father lived and died on Chavers creek adj Five notched road [acres omitted from the deed book by mistake]. 17 Decr 1822. /s/ James Butler. Wit: /s/ David Roper, /s/ Charles Thomas. p.335 Proved by David Roper 29 January 1823. John R Bartee J P Rec 29 January 1823

Richard Gantt to Elizabeth Roper et al. For one hundred dollars, Richard Gantt sold to Elizabeth Roper,widow, and Goodwin, John, William, Mary A, Elizabeth, children of Danl Roper, deceased, the moiety of a tract of land held by Richard Gantt, originally to William W. Fell but my bond for title to sd Fell set p.94 over to Stephen May and Daniel Roper now both dedc, on waters of Horns Creek joining the moiety of sd tract now belonging to the representatives of Stephen May, deceased, and on lands owned by Thomas Rainsford, Jas Longstreet, containing one hundred thirty acres. 10 March 1821. /s/ Richard Gantt. Wit: /s/ William Nivvs, /s/ Christian Breithaupt.

Sameul Quarles to Seth Butler. For seven hundred dollars paid by Seth Butler, Quarles sold to Butler one hundred fifty acres on Chevers creek bounded by lands of Benjamin Roper, Clacklers line. 9 December 1823. /s/ Samuel Quarles. Wit: John Butler Junr, /s/ George Boswell.

Zacheus Pursell to Tom McKie. For three hundred dollars Pursell sold to McKie one hundred fifty acres on waters of Loyds creek known as Phillips old place adj lands held by Charles Hammond, George --am, Mary Wright, 4 June 1824. /s/ Zacheus Pursell. Wit: /s/ R M Williams, /s/ John Miller, /s/ W G Roper.

Abraham Adams to Levin Gardner..... 16 January 1819 Wit:.../s/ Daniel Roper. Proved by Daniel Roper 26 May 1819. ...Daniel Roper and Bazil Gardner chain carriers. Recorded 1 Nov 1824.

John Butler to Thos L Shaw.....adj land of Mary Gleckler, Benjamin Roper, old ginn pond...6 Nov 1824s

Notes of June Walton Roper: Beverly Roper b 24 Mar 1824 Pickens Co. m Susan Phillips 1846 d 21 Mar 1904 Atlanta, GA. "I have not yet ascertained Beverly's parents, but my Uncle Clyde Roper says that his father was so strict on him and worked him so hard that he left home at 16 or 17 and went across the mountains to the gold fields in Dahlonega, GA, where he worked until he saved enough money to buy a mule. He rode the mule back home and married Susan Phillips and sherode the mule back.


SC Historical Magazine 72, p.229: Journal of a Visit to Greenville from Charleston in the Summer of 1825. Caroline Olivia Laurens.
9 Oct: Immediately after breakfast Mr. Roper & Patsy drove up to Mrs. Lorton's gate. We ran out to meet them and found them looking extremely well after their travels.
20 Oct: Left Pickensville and returned to Pendleton to dinner. Found Patsy quite unwell, but Mrs. John Calhoun (at whose house she stayed during our visit to the Table Rock) took good care of her and insisted upon her return home with her for the purpose of staying a day longer.
21 Oct: Last night Dr. Davis was sent for to Patsy who was taken very sick about 10 o'clock, Mr. L. and I rode up to Co. Calhoun's in the afternoon to see her and found her much better.
22 Oct: Patsy so much better she took leave of the Calhoun's and returned to Mrs. Lortons.


Microfilm 286.06 S724: Church of Christ at Peter's Creek, SC constituted 19 Dec 1825: Male members: Reubin Roper dismissed by letter; William Roper dismissed by letter; Female members: Mariam Roper dismissed by letter; Mariam Roper returned on letter; (Ready River Church nearby). 13 Aug 1831 Cintha Roper received by exper.; 12 May 1832 Reubin Roper rec. by exper.;
Reubin & Cinthy Roper, his wife, applied for letter of dismissal; 21 Jan 1837 Brother Roper requested to act as Clerk ProTem; Sep 1839 called Church of Christ at Peters Creek; Oct 1839 called Baptist Church at Peters Creek; Feb 1840 called Baptist Church of Christ; 11 Jun 1842 William Roper by exper.; 1846 T. L. Roper moderator; 9 Sep 1848 Mariam Roper rec. by exper.; Oct 1857 Marianne Roper applied for letter of dismissal; Mar 1858 Marianne Roper returned letter; 11 Apr 1863 Susan Roper applied for letter of dismissal.


Baptist Church of Christ at Oolenoy, SC 16 Jun 1832 Contradiction of words between Tyre L. Roper and Nancy Youngblood, 3 Nov; A. Roper 1 Aug; Jul 1835 T. L. Roper delegate; 1836 Aaron Roper delegate; Feb 1839 Tyre L. Roper ordained; Oct 1840 Tyre L. Roper agrees to pastor church; 5 Aug 1843 Rachel C. & James F. Roper rec. by exper.; 1844 Mary Roper rec. by exper.; 1 Nov 1844 James F. & Mary Roper dismissed by letter; 30 Nov 1850 Lucicia Roper dism. by letter from Cherrochee Co., GA; 1856 roll: Roper: Elizer, Samuel, T. L., Malinda, Ann, Ann, Susan, T. E., Mary, Vashtie; 3 Jan 1857 Charles Roper asst.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 61, 11: South Carolinians at the Partridge Military Academy, 1826: Charleston: Benjamin Roper


Lineage Charts of SC Gen. Soc., V.6, #41: Frances E. Roper b 6 Jan 1827 d 1 Nov 1862 m 1 Feb 1844 Charles Newton Mayson b 14 Mar 1823 Edgefield, SC d 6 Feb 1906 Kingston, GA (Charles Mayson m2 Addie    Davis) s/o Capt. Archibald Mayson d 1823 Edgefield, SC & Elizabeth Lowe.


Marriages & Deaths 1820-1830 from GA Newspapers by Warren & White: Daniel D. Brunson m Sarah Ann Roper 12 Jun 1828 d/o Joel Roper all of Edgefield Dist, SC by Rev. Dr. Bolger. GC 23 Jun 1828.


Pickens County deeds:
Alfred Roper from Jacob Light estate by George W. Foster (Sheriff), Book B-1, p 125, 1828-1837, 
  150 acres on 12 mile River bought by Bailey Barton for $42 for Alfred Roper
Ruben Roper from Ezekiel Howard, Book C-1, p 479, 1828-1837, 160 acres Eulenoy
David & Mary Roper to Josiah Trotter, Book D-1, p 529, 1828-1842, 160 acres Town Creek
Singleton Roper to Wiley Westbrook, Book C-1, p 151, 1831-1832, 60 acres Rices Creek
Benjamin Roper estate by Sherriff to Moses Hendricks, Book C-1, p 68, 1835, 243.5 acres Aulenoy
Reuben Roper to Lewis Fendley, Book C-1, p 141, 1835-1836, 160 acres Woolenoy
William Roper from John Robinson, Book D-1, p 169, 4 April 1835, Rec. 26 Dec 1839, lot on Table Rock Street for $7, Wit: Luke Arail & A. F. Smith
John Roper to Joel Jones, Book D-1, p 207, 1836-1840, 100 acres Oolenoy & Carpenter Creeks
Meredith Roper to Duke W. Glenn, Book D-1, p 345, 14 Dec 1836, Rec 10 Mar 1841, 162 (100?) acres Weevers Creek for $80, Wit: Alexander Edens & Jesse Adam & Wm. Edens
William Roper from Jonathan Lee, Book D-1, p 70, 13 Feb 1839, Rec 20 Feb 1839,  Goldens (or Golains) Creek, Wit: Alfred Roper & Edmund Wright
William Roper to James Smith, Book D-1, p 170, 20 Dec 1839, Rec 26 Dec 1839, lot 11 on Table Rock St. in Pickensville, Wit: Jos. L. Howard & Wm. Holcomb
J. H. Roper to D. W. Glenn, Book D-1, p 346, 9 Jan 1841, Rec 10 Mar 1841, agreement as to line, Wit: Wm. Masters, H. Wyllys & Ir. Glenn
James F. Roper to Riley Lawson, Book E-1, p 182-3, Rec 17 Aug 1844, 125 acres (175 acres granted to Daniel Kelley by patent, baring date 6 of April 1739) on branches of 12 mile River. Polly Roper, wife, releases. David Roper, Witness; George Hendrix, Witness
T. L. Roper from Wm. Sutherland, et al, Book E-1, p 303, 1845, 220 acres Oolenoy Creek
Tyre L. Roper to Benjamin ?Asgood, et al, Book E-1, p 303, 1845?, 225 acres on Oolenoy Creek
Joshua Roper from Wm. Crain, Book F-1, p 41, 25 Jan 1845, Rec 27 Dec 1847, 100 acres adjoining land of Seargent on Town Creek, Wm. X Crain, Alpha X Crain, Wit: Charles Roper & Wm. Howard
Tyre L. Roper from James L. Orr, Book F-1, p 35, 1847, 264 acres  Oolenoi Creek
Joshuay Roper, Sr. to Joshuay Roper, Jr., Book F-1, p 42, 15 Oct 1847, Rec 2 Nov 1847, on eastern side of 12 mile River on branches of Town Creek, Joshuay X Roper, Wit: Gideon X Roper & James Spearman
T. L. and Malinda Roper et al to Edens et al, Book F-1, p 195, 1847-1849, 200 acres Oolenoy Creek
Singleton Roper, Book F-1, p 495, 1847, estate by Sheriff
John C. Roper to Tyre L. Roper, Book H-1, p 188, 26 Jan 1857, Rec 2 Feb 1857, release of interest in father's (Aaron Roper, dec) real estate, Wit: S. D. Keith & Samuel Roper
Aaron Roper, Jr.
from Joab and Matilda Langford of Murray Co., GA, Book H-1, p 401, 12 Oct 1857, Rec 21 Oct 1857, as heirs of Aaron Roper, dec, selling right to their part of 560 acres on Saluda River, Wit: W. H. Reid & Larkin Hendricks
Samuel Roper of Pickens Dist. from John M. C. Edens, Book H-1, p 423 23 Sep 1857, Rec 28 Nov 1857, 309.5 acres on Green Creek, waters of Oolenoy and Saluda Rivers, Wit: Tyre L. Roper & W. I. Edens
Samuel Roper by Sheriff to Benjamin Hagood, Book H-1, p 651, 12 Mar 1858, Rec 10 Sep 1858, 550 acres on Town Creek of 12 Mile River willed to him by his father, Joshua Roper
Aaron Roper estate by Comm to John B. Sutherland, Book I-1, p 541, 1858-1861, 300 acres on Saluda River
Susan Roper from Milly Ann Chastain, Book D-2, p 293, 1874-1879, 581 acres Big Bottom


1830 US census for Pendleton District:
 (0-5,5-10,10-15,15-20,20-30,30-40,40-50,50-60,60-70,70-80,80->) No.
Alfred Roper    1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0  1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0     275
Jacob Roper     0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0  0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
John Roper      1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0  0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0     313
John H. Roper   0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0  1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
Joshua Roper    0 2 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0  0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0     310
Meredith Roper  0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0  1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0     314
Reubin Roper    1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0  1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0     313
Singleton Roper 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0  0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0     317
Tyre Roper      0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0  1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0     312
William Roper   3 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0  0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 42, 25: Marriage and Death Notices from the Edgefield Hive, Jan-Dec, 1830, Vol. 1, p.25: 12 Mar Marriage on the 7th inst by Robert Kenny Esq. Mr. Wm. F. Durisoe, printer, to  Miss Mary Ann E. Roper, all of this district.

Marriage Records in NC & SC: p.242:
Mary A. E. Roper & William F. Durisoe 7 Mar 1830 Edgdfield District


GA Genealogical Magazine 40, p.212: Edgefield Dist. SC 7 Mar 1830 Miss Mary Ann E. Roper & Wm. F. Durisoe by Robert Kenny, Esq.
p.215: F. H. Roper & Miss C. A. Limbecker 29 Dec 1840 by Rev. Lloyd
p.219: Miss Frances E. Roper, only d/o Joel Roper, Esq. & Charles N. Mayson, M.D. by Rev. D. D. Brunson. 1 Feb 1844.
p.220: Miss Hazeltine F. Roper & Benjamin P. Tillman 29 Aug 1848 by Rev. D. D. Branson.
V.37, p.272: Pickens Co. SC real estate sales, Book A, p.35: James Standridge Senr. owned 310 acres lying on waters of Chauga Creek joining lands of...Heirs of William Roper & wife...1837.
p.275: Book A, p.123: Daniel Edens owned 200 acres lying on waters of Oolenay Creek joining lands of...Tyre L. Roper & wife Malinda 2 Feb 1850.
p.356: Book A, p.214: James Gilliland owned 100 acres on waters of Oolenay... Heirs: Mary Ann Gilliland widow...Melinda Roper,...24 Aug 1858.
V.39, p.85: Pickens Co. SC Book B, p.55: David Gilliland owned 150 acres on waters of Oolenoy Creek adj. to lands of Absalom Roper & wife Malinda...Harrison Roper & wife Susan. ..18 May 1861.
p.86: Book B, p.80: Thomas Thompkins owned 3 tracts of land...No. 3 on waters of Wolf Creek joining lands of Gideon Roper...25 Dec 1865.
p.89: Book B, p.157: Joshua Chapman owned 80 acres lying on Shoal Creek joining lands of...Heirs: heirs of Giles Chapman viz Toliver Roper & wife Mary E. 2 Aug 1869.
p.90: Book B, p.194: William Edens owned...No.2 known as Chastain place containing 75 acres joining lands of Tyre Roper...22 Feb 1871.
p.91: Book B, p.212: Alexander Edens widow was Margaret Edens...Heirs:...Mary Jane Roper...23 Oct 1873.
V.42, p.462: Laurens Co. SC records, family cemetery Overby-Pinson located in the yard of Cecil Roper's cottage on Lake Greenwood near Camp Fellowship on the Laurens Co. side of the Lake-off Highway 221.


Edgefield SC Mariage Records from the late 18th Century thr. 1870:
p.20: Alfred F. Brannon m Mary Ann Roper both of Edgefield 30 Oct 1830 at L. B. Randals by Rev. Bolge
p.33: N. Charles Roper (M.D.) m Frances E. Roper only d/o Joel Roper Esq. 1 Feb 1844 by Rev. D. D. Brunson
p.50: James A. Dozier m Sallie Roper 11 Oct 1859 by Rev. Birmingham
p.51: William F. Durisoe m Mary Ann E. Roper 7 Mar 1830 by Robert Kenny, all of Edgefield
p.51: Daniel Roper Durisoe m Julia A. L. Harrison d/o late John Harrison 1852
p.77: Alfred Holmes m Margaret Roper 24 Dec 1868 at red of F.H.Roper
p.105: Charles N. Mayson (M.D.) m Frances E. Roper only d/o Joel Roper 1 Feb 1844 by Rev. D. D. Brunson
p.130: Rambo m Rebecca DeLaughter 30 Oct 1866 at res. Mr. G.M. Roper
p.136: Benjamin Roper m Esther Robertson d/o Capt. Douglas Robertson 27 Nov 1851 by Rev. D. D. Brunson
p.136: F. H. Roper m Miss C. A. Limbecker 29 Dec 1842 by Rev. William Lloyd
p.136: Hartwell Roper m Margaret Getzen 31 Oct 1839
p.137: J. D. Roper m Miss J. Ellen Bryan d/o R. D. Bryan 31 Mar 1864 by Rev. L. R. Gwatlney
p.137: J. W. Roper of Edgefield m Miss M. M. Whitlock of Kingston GA 4 May 1858 by T. R. Couche
p.137: S. L. Roper of Co.I 2nd SC Cav. m Miss A. M. Hammond d/o Maj. A. J. Hammond all of Edgefield 19 Apr 1864 by Rev. John Underwood at the res. of Mr. B. P. Tillman
p.158: Benjamin P. Tillman m Hazeltine F. Roper 29 Aug 1848 by Rev. D. D. Brunson
p.159: Oliver H. Tillman m Martha Louise Roper 29 Dec 1857 by Rev. S. P. Getzen

p.172: Samuel Williams m Martha Roper 18 Nov 1868 at res. Freeman Roper


Church of Christ at Peter's Creek-Constituted 19 Dec 1825, Pickens Co., SC, microfilm 286.06 S724 pet. Male members: Reubin Roper-dismissed by letter. William Roper-dismissed by letter. Female members: Mariam Roper-dismissed by letter, Mariam Roper-dismissed by letter, Mary Kelly-dead, Mary Jane Phillips, Mariam Roper-returned by letter.
13 Aug 1831: Cintha Roper-received by experience
12 May 1832: Reubin Roper-received by experience
13 Oct 1832: Mary Kelley-received by experience
11 Oct 1834: Reubin Roper & Cinthy Roper, hiw wife, applied for
21 Jan 1837: Brother Roper requested to act as Clerk ProTem.
Feb 1838: Mary Kelly applied for letter of dismissal; died before joining another church.
Sep 1839: Called Church of Christ at Peters Creek
Oct 1839: Called Baptist Church at Peters Creek;  Feb 1840: Called Baptist Church of Christ
7 Nov 1840: Prayer by Bro. T. L. Roper;  11 Jun 1842: William Roper by experience
1846: T. L. Roper, moderator;  7 Aug 1847: Elizabeth Masters applied for letter of dismissal
9 Sep 1848: Mariam Roper received by experience
11 Nov 1848: Joab Langford & wife, Matilda granted letters of dismissal
9 Nov 1850: Mary Kelley joined by letter;  4 Mar 1851: Mary Jane Phillips joined by letter
Oct 1857: Marianne Roper applied for letter of dismissal
Mar     : Marianne Roper returned letter;  11 Apr 1863: Susan Roper applied for letter of dismissal


A Collection of Upper South Carolina Genealogical and Family Records Vol. I:
Roper Family of Pickens County, SC. Who gave the information is not given.
1. Benjamin Roper, Sr. died 8 Aug 1831 in Pickens Co. Wife Susannah Roper, left 12 children only 10 are mentioned. Children: Meredith Roper, John H. Roper, Jacob Roper, Aaron Roper, Keziah Roper, Cazzy Roper wife of John Birus, Rachel Ward, ___ Roper, M. J. M. Keith, Benjamin Roper, Nancy Roper. After his death Moses Hendricks bought the tract of land.
2. Aaron Roper, Sr. died 17 Sep 1855, left 10 children. Wife died and buried about the same time Aaron Roper, Sr. was buried. Children Lemuel Roper, John Roper, Matilda Roper married Joab Lankford, Jane Roper married a ___ Hagood (died some years before her parents), Tilmon Roper died before his parents (Left children, viz, Catharine Roper over 12 yrs., John Roper under 14 yrs., James Roper under 14 yrs., David Roper under 14 yrs., Tilmon Roper under 14 yrs.), Charles Roper died in 1855 left 2 chn (Ira Thomas Roper and Starling Roper), Tyre L. Roper, Aaron Roper, Jr., Marcus Roper married Susan Hendricks dtr. Of Larkin Hendricks, Marena Roper married Simeon E. Burgess, Hamilton Roper married Clarinda Turner, dtr of Benjamin of Greenville Dist.. Lemuel Roper married Jane left four chn. viz, William Noble Roper, Bailey Roper under 14 yrs., Martha Roper, Elmina Roper under 12 yrs. all reside in Georgia in 1855. Hamilton Roper's widow Clarinda state that she was married to him in Greenville Dist. in Jan 1853 and lived with him until June 1854. During which time she had a male child by him which died while but a few weeks old.
3. Rev. Tyre L. Roper, son of Aaron Roper, Sr. died 27 Mar 1876. Wife Darcas Jane ___. Children: Margaret A. Roper a minor, Leander Roper a minor, Thomas Walters Roper a minor, Rachel Roper married a ___ Gillespie, Rebecca C. Roper married David Lewis of Eastland Co.,
TX, Jesse E. Roper, Samuel Roper, Elijah Roper, Ann Madison Roper, married ___ Satterfield, Amos Roper, Mary O. Roper married ___Sutherland, Vashti Roper, married Joel R. Jones.
4. Charles Roper, son of Aaron Roper, Sr. died 13 Oct 1855. Widow ? children: Ira Thomas Roper a minor, Starling Roper a minor.
5. Joshua Roper died 3 Mar 1856. Wife Mary ___. Children: Absalom Roper, "Land on East side of Town Creek", Charles Roper, Samuel Roper, Joshua Roper, Alfred Roper, William Roper, Singleton Roper, Rutha Roper married ___ Crow. Eleanor Roper married James Byers. Synthia Roper married Jesse Crain, Mary Roper married William Byers. Other heirs were: Henry and Adeline Lawson, Tyre Roper, Rebecca Roper, Malinda Roper Newman, Elizabeth Duncan, Redin Byers. On 6 Jan 1868 paid 3 minor heirs of William Byers $13.45.
6. Ira T. Roper died 24 Apr 1895.
7. Absalom Roper died 7 Sep 1901. Wife Nancy Roper. Children: Mrs. Mattie A. Roper married ___ Spann, Anna married ___ McDavid, Nannaie A. Roper married ___ Norris, John Roper, W. H. Roper, William Roper, Ellen Roper married ___ Moor, Gideon Roper died 21 Oct 1861, wife Elizabeth Roper. Other children names not given.
8. Charles Roper son of Absalom Roper died 19 Oct 1883. Wife Margaret ___?. Children: Martha Roper married ___ Tripp, Elizabeth Roper married ___ Kay, Adeline Roper married ___ Davis, Mary Roper married ___ Davis, Margaret Roper married ___ Smith, A. Alonzo Roper married ___?, Sarah E. Roper married ___ Satterfield, Frances L. Roper married ___ Kelly, Laura A. Roper married ___ Kelly, Daily    Roper, Susan Roper married ___ Lawson, dead, Martha Roper married ___ Jarratt.

Roper, Marcus, Box 64, #690. Probate Judge Office. Pickens, SC Susan Hendricks dtr of Larkin Hendricks decd. who died in Pickens Dist. whose will was proven 6 Oct 1862. Wife of Marcus Roper. On 18 May 1861 Absalom Roper wife Malinda and Harrison Roper wife Susan were the dtrs of David Gilliland decd of Pickens Dist.

Roper, Samuel E. Deed Book B, p 60. Probate Judge Office. Pickens, SC. On 23 Nov 1861 Samuel E. Roper and his wife Louisa Roper were all heirs of John Cassell decd of Pickens Dist. and his widow Fanny Cass

Roper, Marcus. Deed Book B, p 70. Probate Judge Office. Pickens, SC. On 5 Jan 1863 Marcus Roper and wife Susan were heirs of Milton M. Hendricks decd. of Pickens Dist. He died leaving neither wife or child. (Note, probably a brother to her.)


Baptist Church of Christ at Oolenoy, 16 Jun 1832
3 Nov: Contradiction of words between Tyre L. Roper and Nancy Youngblood;  1 Aug: A. Roper Jul 1835: T. L. Roper, delegate;  1836: Aaron Roper, delegate Feb 1839 Tyre L. Roper ordained; Oct 1840: Tyre L. Roper agrees to pastor church
5 Aug 1843: Received Rachel C. Roper & James F. Roper by experience
1844: Mary Roper received by experience
1 Nov 1844: James F. Roper & Mary Roper dismissed by letter
30 Nov 1850: Lucicia Roper dismissed by letter from Georgia Cherochee Co.--letter sent by Clerk of Church
1856 Roll: Elizer Roper, Samuel Roper, T. L. Roper, Malinda Roper, Ann Roper, Susan Roper, Mary Roper, Vashtie Roper
3 Jan 1857: Charles Roper, asst.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 4661, 207: The Memoirs of Frederick Adolphus Porcher: (after Oct 1832) ...the Packet Ship France .... Among the passengers were ... Mrs. and Mrs. Robert William Roper (footnote: Thomas William Roper owned Point Comfort on Cooper River, and built the fine house that is now No. 9 East Bay.) of Charleston ... Mr. Roper I had known but slightly at home, his wife not at all. He was a rich planter of St. Johns, and a man of fortune without children. He was a very intelligent man and had improved himself by much reading; somehow, he never received credit for as much intelligence as he really possessed. He was very companionable and very amiable, rather fond of making a parade of his learning, and this caused many to laugh at him and as they laughed others believed that he was really deficient, when in fact his only deficiency was in tact, in knowing when to produce it and when to keep it in the background. He was vain, as most of us are and this vanity sometimes brought him into ridicule. A funny case occurred a few years afterwards. He had delivered, by invitation, an oration on Sullivan's Island on the 28th of June. The day after some ladies called on Mrs. Roper, and complimenting him upon his performance expressed their regret that they had not been able to hear it. He told them that they should not have to bear any regret, got the oration and read it to them. As a member of the Legislature he earnestly advocated and suceeded in carrying the Resolution for a Geological Survey of the State, which was commenced by Mr. Ruffin and completed by Mr. Tuomey. It was after this that he was left out of the list of names presented for the acceptance of the people as a member of the Legislature. It mortified him greatly though he might have been soothed by the concern manifested by his friends on the occasion. He was not what can be called a popular man; for though very companionable and very amiable his manners had a something about them which at first appeared repulsive. He was charged with being parsimonious. All the wealthy men who do not spend money lavishly are charged with this vice. He was certainly a prudent man, and by no means as wealthy as the world supposed, for his father had strictly entailed his estate, and as he had no children, he very naturally desired to have something of his own which he might leave to his wife. But he was certainly fond of petty savings, which gave him the appearance of parsimoniousness. I have seen an entertainment which cost him several hundred dollars, go off rather badly because he was unwilling to spend ten to fifteen additional in order to have everything in keeping. He died of Country fever in 1842 or 44; his wife was Patsy [Martha Rutledge] Laurens; the tenderest attachment existed between them. After his death his father's property went to establish the Roper Hospital. He left his wife all that he could leave her. She died in 1868. The acquaintance and friendship thus formed on board of the France continued to the end of their lives; I felt when he died that I had lost a valued friend.


Historic Houses of SC, 1975: p.52: Point Comfort Adjoing the plantation of Mepshaw (said in Dr. Irving's day to belong to the Ball estate, and only interesting on account of the land titles and Indian name) is found Point comfort, said by Dr. Irving to belong to R. W. Roper, now in possession of a Charleston family, connections of the Roper family, which is to be remembered particularly by the hospital bearing their name and which was founded by money left through the estate of this particular branch of the family. The house at Point Comfort was built by Mr. Roper, and resembles the Roper house on John's Island. Both are going to ruin. On the plantation can be seen the remains of this beautiful house built of brick and conforming to the strictest architectural code. It is said by Mrs. R. P. Tucker (Cornelia Ramsauer) to be the most satisfying situation for and design of a home of elegance and beauty but now gone to ruin, although Mrs. Tucker states that even yet a student of architecture would find a perfect example of early American architecture at its best in the front and side elevation of this large brick house. The house is situated upon a knoll, and is surrounded by oak trees draped in moss which give a sombre aspect to this once busy plantation home, once well planted, well planned and well developed, now the lonely abode of vagrant winds. Underneath the house is a series of large arches acting as supports, the enclosed part of which affords space for the household offices and constitutes a basement. Over the central front arch is built the "grand stairway," after the fashion of French Colonial houses, viz., with a central landing at the piazza level descending on either side This stairway is of marble with iron balustrades. The house itself, irrespective of the basement, has two stories and an attic. The lower floor has two very large double windows, in the French fashion, which are found on either side of the house, and lead from the piazza directly into two large front rooms, which may be at will thrown together. Inside there are (so far as the casual inspection possible from the outside reveals) splendid examples of paneling and woodwork. The house at Point Comfort will soon be a thing of the past unless steps are taken to restore to its pristine beauty this fine old place worthy of a better fate.

p.213: The only other really old place on John's Island is the old Roper place down near Legareville, known as Brick House. Although deserted, it is still standing, and is closely connected with the history of the Hext and Roper families, while graves of Stanyarnes and Freers are found in the little overgrown burying ground not far distant from the house. The place now belongs to the wife of Bishop Knight, who came into possession of it through her first husband, the gallant Captain William Yates.


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 50, 165: Epitaphs from family cemeteries on John's Island: Rush's Cemetery. This cemetery is on lands now called Chaplin's or Chaplin Plantation. By a deed to Benjamin Dart Roper, the enclosure was reserved to the Rush family forever, but despite this, many bricks have been removed from the wall surrounding the monument. "Beneath This Marble lie the Remains of Doctor Joseph Rush and his relict Mrs. Catharine Rush, the former a native of Pennsylvania was born 20th August 1761 and died on this Plantation the 20th Decr. 1817. He was for many years an eminent Practitioner of Medicine in this Parish. The latter was born at Nassau in New Providence the __ March 1760 and died at her House in Charleston the 17th Decr. 1825. They were alike pious and Charitable Without Ostentation, and their benevolence and friendships alike disinterested. Sacred to that friendship and to perpetuate the memory of their exalted Worth and Virtues This monument is erected by B. D. Roper Senr. 1833.


A Collection of Upper South Carolina Genealogical and Family Records Vol. II:  Clerk of Court Office, Pickens County, SC, Greenville Dis. Aaron Roper, Pack 107. I Aaron Roper of Pickens in consideration of $312.50 to me secured to be paid by Tilmon Roper also of this Dist. have granted, sold, bargained and released 1/4 part of all that tract of land lying on the South side of the South fork of Saluda River, whereon James Hagood formerly lived, by him conveyed to B. J. Earle, from Earle to Aaron Roper on the 3 Mar 1836. Bound by land of H. Williams, Allen Keith...Dated this 31 Jan 1847 (written out as   one thousand eight hundred & forty five). Wit: Joab Lankford, C. Keith. Signed: Aaron Roper. Proved on oath of Crafton Keith before Matthew Keith, M.P.D. on the 5 Jun 1847.

Aaron Roper, Pack 107. Tyre L. Roper, Marcus Roper, Aaron Roper, Simeon E. Burgess and wife Marena Burgess, nee Marena Roper, states that Aaron Roper, Sr. died in 1855. At time of his death owned two tracts of land, #1 on the Saluda River in Pickens Dist. containing 300 acres adj. land of Samuel Earle, #2 also on Saluda River... His wife died and was buried about the same time. They had twn chn. Lemuel Roper, John Roper, Matilda the wife of Joab Lankford, the heirs at law of Jane Hagood who died some years before her parents, leaving as her heirs Benjamin Hagood and others names not known, heirs of Tilman Roper who departed this life leaving chn. Catherine Roper a minor over the age of twelve, Marena & Matilda both minors under the age of twelve yrs., John, James, David and Tilmon Roper minors under 14 yrs., the heirs at law of Charles Roper who died in 1855, vix.: Ira T. Roper, Starling Roper each under 14 yrs., Tylra L. Roper, Aaron Roper. Also sheweth that Hamilton Roper died in Jan 1856. Some years previous to his death had intermarried, but for years past he and his wife had lived separate and apart and that he left no legal heirs by his wife. Lemuel Roper died leaving a widow Jan A. Roper and four chn. viz.:  William Noble Roper, Bailey Roper each under 14 yrs., Martha Roper and Elmina or Elmira Roper each under 12 yrs. of age, all reside in Ga. Susan Roper the widow of Tilman Roper. Clarinda Roper the widow of Hamilton Roper.

Hamilton Roper, Pack 107. I Hamilton Roper being weak in body but sound in mind. First I will my just debts be paid. I will to my brother Aaron Roper $100 and my watch. I will my rifle gun to my brother in law, Simeon Burgess. I will the balance of my effects to be equally divided among the widow, Susan Roper, my brother Marcus Roper wife and my brother John Roper. I appoint my brother Aaron Roper executor. Dated this 12 Feb 1856. Wit: William West, John Hudgens, Jeremiah Keeler. Signed Hamilton X Roper. Proved in open court in Greenville Dist. on oath of Jeremiah Keeler, before Robert McKay, Ord. G.D. on the 25 Feb 1856.


A Collection of Upper South Carolina Genealogical and Family Records Vol. III:  Pickens, SC
Rev. Tyre L. Roper. Will of, Box 110 #1050, Probate Judge Office. I Tyre L. Roper being sound in mind and memory, knowing that we all have to die, etc. I will that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid. My entire estate be left to Darcas Jane Roper and support of my three chn. viz; Margaret A. Roper, Leander Roper, and Thomas Walters for their support, clothing and schooling for the period of sixteen years. After this time all my estate both real and personal be sold and divided equally amongst all my chn. With my wife Darcas Roper taking a child share, one share to Rachel Gillespie, one share to Rebecca C. Lewis, one share to Jesse E. Roper, one share to Samuel Roper, one share to Elijah Roper, one share to Ann Madison Saterfield, one share to Amos Roper, one share to Mary O. Sutherland, one share to Vashti A. Jones, one share to Margaret A. Roper now a minor, one share to Leander Roper (minor) and one share to Thomas Walters Roper a minor. I appoint Stephen D. Keith and Matthew Hendricks my executors. Dated 24 Mar 1876. Wit: Ira T. Roper Samuel Edens, N. J. Williams. Signed: Tyre L. Roper. He died 27 Mar 1876. Filed 30 Mar 1876. On 27 May 1892 David and Rebecca Lewis of Eastland Co., TX appointed John T. Lewis of Pickens Co., SC their atty. to receive their share of Tyre L. Roper estate.

Benjamin Roper, estate of, Box 3, #26. Probate Judge Office. Est. admr. 8 Aug 1831 by Wm. Sutherland, Wm. L. Keith who are bound unto James H. Hendy, Ord. in the sum of $400. Left a widow and 12 children. Heirs mentioned on 21 Nov 1831: John H., Jacob, Aaron, Sarah Roper, Rachel Ward, J. M. Keith, Keziah Roper, widow Nancy, Benjamin Roper decd, Susana Roper who married Moses Hendrick. On 18 Oct 1836 Wm. Sutherland wanted Mr. Dendy Ord. to pay Benj. Roper the part due John Byrus the husband of Cazzy Roper.

Aaron Roper, Sr., estate of, Box 36, #406. Probate Judge Office. Est. admr. 17 Sep 1855 by Tyre L. Roper, Alexander Bryce, E. M. Keith who are bound unto W. J. Parson, Ord. in the sum of $3000. Expend: John C. Roper, a son recd. property. Aaron Roper a son recd. property also during the lifetime of his father. Amount of property $136.50 rendered T. L. Roper for Hamilton Roper decd. Amount of Tilman Roper schedule made by Joab Langford according to what he was told by Ropers wife $141,75. On 5 Oct 1857 Marena Burgess states that $35.40 was the schedule rendered to L. Roper. Joab Langford schedule of property from said est. was $37.05, Charles Roper schedule rendered by his widow Abigal N. Roper was $49.50. Schedule rendered by Joab Langford for Jane Hagood was $35. Left 11 heirs in 1859 viz; Simeon E. Burgess, Lemnel or Samuel Roper heirs, Marcus Roper, Aaron Roper Admr of Hamilton Roper, Joab Langford, Wm. Jones guardian for Charles Roper heirs, B. Hagood part of Jane Hagood share and to Z. Hagood the bal. in full of her share. Abigal Roper, paid J. C. Ropers share to T. L. Roper, paid J. E. Hagood gdn. For Tilman Ropers children.

Tilman Roper, estate of, Box 36, # 407. Probate Judge Office. Est. admr. 17 Sep 1855 by Tyre L. Roper, A. Bryce, E. A. Keith who are bound unto W. J. Parson, Ord. in the sum of $1000. Left a widow and seven chn., no names given. J. E. Hagood was the guardian of the seven chn.

Charles Roper, estate of, Box 41, #424. Probate Judge Office. Est. admr. 13 Oct 1855 by William Jones, W. L. Keith who are bound unto W. J. Parson, Ord. in the sum of $1000. Left a widow and two chn. Viz; two minors Ira Thomas Roper and Sterling Roper of whom Wm. Jones was the gdn.

Joshua Roper, estate of, Box 41, #465. Probate Judge Office. I Joshua Roper being in a low state of health yet having a sound and disposing mind and memory, etc. First, after all my just debts and funeral expenses are paid, I will to my wife Mary Roper all my household and kitchen furniture together with all my farming tools, stock, cattle, hogs that she may need during her natural life or widowhood. I give to my son Absalom Roper I give all the land on the East side of the well known Town Creek, he is to give to my wife his mother a good maintainance from the proceed of the same, and after her death he is to pay my executors one hundred dollars to be divided between the other heirs who have no part in the land. I will all land on the West side of said Creek to my two sons Charles and Samuel to be divided as follows: beginning at Absalom's footlog thence to a corner on Rockey Branch which I made to my son Joshua some time ago the line up the hill continuing to the back line. Samuel havin the lower part which he now lives. Charles the upper part. Each to pay my executor one hundred dollars to be divided between others that have no land. All remaining property and money to be equal divided between viz; Alfred, William, Singleton and Joshua Roper and Rutha Crow, Eleanor Spearman, Syntha Crain and Mary Byers. I have given my son Singleton Roper one horse worth twenty dollars, to be counted in their share. I appoint my son in law. James Spearman executor. Dated 7 Feb 1853. Wit: J. G. Ferguson (Judge), James Major, John W. Major. Signed: Joshua X Roper. Proven 3 Mar 1856. Expend: On 29 Aug 1857 paid Jesse Crain his share $61.22 17 Mar 1857 paid Henry Lawson and wife $5.90, 1 Jan 1860 paid Adaline Lawson $4.10, paid Tyre Roper his share $12.50, paid 7 Oct 1862 Rebecca Roper in full $13.23, paid Malinda Roper Newman share in full $13.23, paid Elizabeth Duncan share $13.45. On 6 Jan 1868 paid three minor heirs of Wm. Byers each $13.45, on 1 Jan 1862 paid Redin Byers $12.93.

Rachel Roper, estate of, Box 5, #1. In Equity, Clerk of Court Office Est. admr. 15 Oct 1855 by Tyre L. Roper, James H. Ambler who are bound unto W. J. Parson, Ord. in the sum of $800.

Ropers Minors, Box 4, #101. Probate Judge Office. On 4 Jul 1859 Wm. Jones gdn. of Ira Thomas Roper and Starling Roper minors under 12 years. Abigail Roper their mother. Wm. Jones their uncle.

Absalom Roper, estate of, Box 138, #8. Probate Judge Office. Est. admr. 3 Oct 1901 by John Roper, J. M. Stewart. W. T. McFall, F. C. Parson who are bound unto J. B. Newberry, L. D. Spann recd. a share. 3 Nov 1902 Mrs. Anna Davis recd. an interest. 21 Nov 1902. Nannie A. Norris recd. a share. 23 Oct 1902 Nancy Roper the widow, John Roper, W. H. Roper heirs Wm. Roper, Ellen Moor, John Roper, Nancy Norris, Mattie Spann, Anna McDavid recd. shares.

Ira T. Roper, estate of, Box 123, #12. Probate Judge Office. Est. admr. 24 Apr 1895 by Mrs. M. J. Roper, Alen K. Edens, E. C. Edens are bound unto J. B. Newberry, Ord. in the sum of $1000.

Gideon Roper, will of, Box 59, #640. Probate Judge Office. I Gideon Roper being of sound mind and weak in body calling to mind the  uncertainty of live, etc. First I will my just debts and funeral expenses be paid. I will to my beloved wife Elizabeth Roper my whole estate both real and personal to manage as she sees proper during her natural life time, and at her death to be equal divided between my lawful heirs. I will that as any of my come of age or marry anything my wife can spare have it appraised and keep a record of same so all may be equal. Dated 3 Sep 1861. Wit: Amie L. Young, Jane Duke, Reese Bowen. Signed: Gideon X Roper. Filed 21 Oct 1861.

Charles Roper, estate of, Box 90, #952. Probate Judge Office. Est. admr. 19 Oct 1883 by Margaret L. Roper, Thos. R. Price, H. J. Lewis, J. B. Stewart who are bound unto J. H. Newton, Ord. in the sum of $1000. Died 19 Aug 1883. Heirs: Margaret Roper, the widow, chn: Martha Tripp, Elizabeth Kay, Adeline Davis, Mary Davis, Margaret Smith, A. Alonso Roper, Sarah E. Saterfield, Francis L. Kelley, Laura A. Kelly, Daily Roper, Susan Lawson decd., John T. Roper decd., Martha Jarratt decd.

Aaron Roper, in equity, Pack 79. Clerk of Court Office. Tyre L. Roper, Marcus Roper, Aaron Roper, Marena Roper who married Simeon E. Burgess states the Aaron Roper, Sr. died in 1855. Owned 300 acres lying on Saluda River adj. land of Samuel Earle and others. His wife died about the same time he did, and was buried about the same time. Left ten chn. viz: Lemuel Roper, John Roper, Matilda wife of Joab Lankford, heirs of Jane Hagood who died some years before her parents, Benjamin Hagood the name and number of the others unknown if any, the heirs of Tilman Roper who died before his parents leaving the following chn. viz: Catherine Roper a minor over the age of 12 years, John, James, David and Tilman Roper each minors under 14 years. The heirs of Charles Roper decd. who died in 1855, and the above Tyre L. Roper, Marcus Roper, Marena Burgess. Hamilton Roper decd. Clarinda Roper was the widow of Hamilton Roper decd. Lemuel Roper decd. leaving a widow and 4 chn., William Noble Roper, Bailey Roper under 14 years, Martha Roper and Elmina Roper under 12 years all reside in Georgia. Filed 27 Mar 1856. Hamilton Roper died leaving no chn. Clarinda Roper admits it to be true that she did leave and live separate and apart from her husband for a period of 18 months, prior to his death. She states that they were married in Greenville Dist. in Jan 1853 and lived together until June 1854 and she had a male child by him, which lived but a few weeks. Her husband was cruel and unkind and inflicted blows upon her person, etc. and at length drove her from his house. She went to the house of her father Benjamin Turner in Greenville Dist. She claims a widow share of what he has.

Aaron Roper, estate of, File 24, #14. Probate Judge Office, Greenville, SC. On 9 Jan 1873 Perry D. Roper states that his father Aaron Roper died in Jan 1866. That he owned land on waters of Saluda River, adj. land of J. K. Bates, William Hunt and others containing 337 acres. Heirs: Charles E. Roper, Isabella Roper, Alonza L. Roper, William N. Roper, Aaron T. Roper, Nancy R. Roper.


Family data sheet from Euline Hewitt Harris, Rt. 1, Box 224, Whitwell, TN 37397 (Marion Co.): James Meridith Roper b 7 Aug 1833 Greenville Dist, SC parents b SC m 31 Jan 1861 Elizabeth Carter  Bur: East Armurchee Cem, Lafayette, Walker Co., GA. Parents: William Roper and Susan Masters?. Elisabeth b 17 Jan 1843 d 29 Jan 1920 Lafayette, GA (at Ma'Ma's of peneumonia) parents b SC. Bur same as husband. Children: John b Nov 1882 Walker Co., GA m Hattie Norton James William b 23 Jul 1892 d 4 Jul 1948 Walker Co., GA Bur Concord Cem, Lafayette, Walker Co., GA m Ella Harkins. Mary Joyce b 11 Dec 1878 Lafayette, GA d 31 Jan 1957 Lafayette, GA Bur Concord Cem. m Eligan C. Hewitt 21 Feb 1895 Lafayette, GA. Susan b 1868 m James Hammontree 26 Feb 1884. Amanda Minor b 1872 m Roach.


Application for Civil War pension in GA: Questions for Applicant: Walker Co. James M. Roper. Resident of GA since 1846 - 59 years. Born 7 Aug 1833 Greenville Dist., SC. Served in Co. F, 8th GA Bat. in Apr 1862 for 3 years to close of war; discharged in spring of 1865 at Appomattox Court House, VA. Earns nothing per annum. Occupation since 1865 is farming. Grounds of blindness and poverty. Can see some. My eyes were infirmed by exposure during the war and have been fading since. Own about $250 in real and personal estate. I have lived on what I have had. Lived in Walker Co.. In 1901 $505; 1902 $545; 1904 $255. I lived from any means. Each year I earned $100 or more from farming; I received no pay. Family: my wife Elizabeth, 4 children: Jas. W. Roper, Susan Roper, Mary and J. A. Roper; respectively aged 40, 38, 26, 22. No pension or application. J. M. X Roper 27 Sep 1905  J. A.? Henderson, Ordinary.


Lineage Charts of SC Gen. Soc., V.2: p.107 Berry Turner b 1808 SC d aft1880 SC m Sarah b 1809 SC/GA d aft 1880 SC: Child: Clarinda Turner b 13 Apr 1835 Greenville Co., SC d 13 Apr 1919 Anderson Co. SC m1 Roper m2 Henry A. Lark b 1819 Hanover, Ger. d 29 Jun 1878 Pickens Co., SC (Henry Lark m1 Harriot Ligon).


SC Historical Magazine 79, 1978, p.154: This compendium of letters, speeches, interviews and autobiographies of slaves and ex-slaves covers documents from 1736 to 1878. Items of specific SC association include: letter of Moses Roper (1836),...


Hollingsworth Genealogical Card File: P. W. Roper wit. will and codicil Edgefield Co. SC 1836 of William Hamilton, qv, of Hamburg SC


SC Historical and Genealogical Mag. 69, 139: The Schirmer Diary: Marriages: 17 Nov 1836 Philip A. Neyle  Mary J. Roper  Dr. Gadesden 22 Feb 1837 Benj. T. Gibbes  Ann W. Roper  Mr. Spears


1840 US census for Pickens Co. SC: Roper (name, page) Aaron 368. Alfred 369. Charles 369. Charles 381. David 370. David 391. Elizabeth 373. Gideon 390. James F. 390. John 373. Joshua 391. Joshua 391. Miriam 373. Rachel 369. Samuel 369. Tilman 368. Tyra L. 367. William 393.


Greenville Mountaineer: Marriages and Deaths Notes from the Up Country of SC by B. H. Holcomb: 19 Jan 1844. Married on 11th inst., by Rev. S. Powell, Mr. Moses Henderson to Miss Rachel, daughter of Rev. L. L. Roper, both of Pickens District.


SC Historical Magazine 76, 1975, p.187, The Schirmer Diary: 27 Feb 1845 Ths. Roper of Johns Is. m Elizb. C. Lewis by Dr. Post. 13 Jun 1845 R. W. Roper died.


SC Historical Magazine 86, 1985, p.148: Roper Hospital. Records.1845-1942. Approx. 1 ft., 3 vols. and 1 rell mfm.


Memoirs of GA: p.582: Amos Roper, farmer, Yellow Creek, Dawson Co. GA, s/o Tyre & Melinda (Ednes) Roper, was born in Pickens Dist., SC 23 Dec 1845. His parents were natives of SC, and his father was a prosperous farmer and Baptist minister of considerable prominence. They were the parents of 9 children: Rachel, Jesse, Rebecca, Samuel, Eliza, Annie; Amos, the subject of this sketch; Mary, & Vashti. Mr. Roper was reared on the farm and educated at the common schools of the district. He enlisted in 1862 in Co. H (Capt. Philpot), 2nd SC regiment, and with his regiment participated in many important battles-among them, the Wilderness and Darbytown. At the last-named battle he was wounded, 7 Oct 1864, and was taken to Jackson. After receiving his discharge he returned to SC, and to farming. In 1875 he came to GA and bought the farm in Dawson Co. on which he now lives, which contains 2140 acres. He came out of the war with only $16, and this large farm with its capacious and substantial improvements are the fruits of his hard work and extraordinary good management. In 1891 he was elected tax collector and served one term He is energetic and enterprising, and always on the alert-always read-to lend a helping hand to measures calculated to benefit the county. Mr. Roper was married 31 Dec 1868 to Mary E., d/o Cornelius & Harriet (Lynch) Keith, of old SC families. Six children have blessed this union: John A., m Nancy Burdine; Annie, w/o William M. Gentry; Harriet, w/o Andrew Turner; Sarah, Cornelia & Foster. He is a very strong and enthusiastic populist, and himself and wife are working and very prominent members of the Baptist church.


Brief Baptist Biographies 1707-1982, V.II: p.419: Elder Robert Jordan's pastoral record Middle Fork of Saluda Baptist Church.... p.422: On 13 Jun 1846 the above group ...constituted into a Baptist Church called the "East Fork of French Broad River" Church. The following ministers made up the council of constitution: Elder Thomas Roper,...


History of Anson Co. 1750-1976 by M. L. Medley: p. 112: Died 29 Sep 1846 Mrs. Martha Roper, consort of late John Roper of Harleesville, SC, born in VA 10 Apr 1768. Sister of Rev. Capel.


Marriage & Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate:
p.112: Died on 29 Sep 1846 Mrs. Martha Roper, consort of the late John Roper of Harleesville SC b in VA on 10 Apr 1768, sister of lateRev. Britton Capel.
p.298: Died Mrs. Martha Stackhouse w/o Isaac Stackhouse in Marion Dist. near Harleesville SC on 16 Feb 1852, b Richmond Co. NC 1 Feb 1798, moved when small by her parents John & Martha Roper to this Dist.


SC Library Manuscripts, p.335: Alexander Dromgoole Sims (1803-1848)1847 letter from Washington to John Roper re reports that the Mexican Congress had agreed to undertake peace negotiations.


SC DAR Bible Records, 1981: Bible of John L. McCall: Laurin B. Roper b 4 May 1857 d 7 Feb 1919 m 2 Feb 1880 Pocahontas McCall b 26 Nov 1847 d 11 Mar 1915 "Aunt Hunt" (d/o John Laurin McCall b 23 May 1812 d 25 May 1894 m 27 apr 1842 Nancy Sinclair d Apr 1913).


SC Historical Magazine 81, 1980, p.92: The Schirmer Diary:
12 Dec 1848 Ths Roper m Mary S. Grimke by Barnwell at Grace Ch


SC Historical Magazine 82, 1981, p.195: The Schirmer Diary:
29 May 1849 B. D. Roper m Elizabeth Patton by Keith at St. Michael's


1850 US census for SC:
Charleston Co.:
B. D. Roper St. Phillip 134;  Jenkins Roper St. Johns 387;  Patsey Roper St. Phillip 209 Richard Roper St. Phillip 231;  Richard Roper St. Phillip 123;  Rose Roper St. Phillip 126 Thomas Roper St. Johns 392;  William Roper St. Johns 392;
Edgefield Co.:
Freeman Roper 81;  Goodwin Roper 140;  Julian Roper 156;  Mary Roper 4 Susan A. Roper 85;  Hartwell Ropers 122
Marboro Co.:
Caswell Roper NC Twp L 124;  Mary Roper NC Twp L 103
Pickens Co.:
Aaron Roper Eastern  527;  Aaron Roper, Jr. Eastern 527;  Absalom Roper Eastern 483 Adaline Roper Western 397;  Charles Roper Eastern 474;  Charles Roper Eastern 498 Charles Roper Eastern 527;  Crafton Roper Eastern 476;  David Roper Eastern 483 Gideon Roper Eastern 472;  Joshua Roper Eastern 482;  Joshua Roper Eastern 483 Marcus Roper Eastern 527;  Mary Roper Eastern 496;  Samuel Roper Eastern 483 Tilmon Roper Eastern 527;  Tyre Roper Eastern 526
Spartanburg Co.
H. Roper 243;  John Roper 243;  Martin Roper 243;  William Roper 243


Index to the 1850 Mortality Schedule of SC by B. H. Holcomb:
Eliza Roper, Charleston 19; Franklin Roper, slave of Edgefield Co.16
Jane Roper, Pickens Co. 3; Susan A. Roper, slave of Edgefield Co. 16

SC Magazine of Ancestral Res.: p.211: real estate of Samuel Edens of Pickens Dist. on Oolenoy Creek...2 Feb 1850 Tyre L. Roper, Malinda Roper.


SC Historical Magazine 88, p.227: Recent manuscript accessions: 28-603 Bryan family. Paper. (1851) 1885-1948. Approx 100 pp. John's Island, SC family...With later transcriptions of 1851 letters of Benjamin Dart Roper to his son Richard Roper re Roper and Dart family histories, mentioning the 1752 Charleston hurrican. ...


Marriage Records of NC & SC: Martha Roper & Oliver Tillman 29 Dec 1857 SC


1860 US census for SC:
Charleston Co.:
Diana Roper 224;  Maria Roper 236;  Martha R. Roper;  220 Mary Roper 422
Colleton Co.
S. E. Roper 355;  Thomas Roper 356;  Wm. Roper 355
Edgefield Co.:
Capt. B. Roper 64;  F. H. Roper 106;  G. M. Roper 79;  Mary Roper 4;  Hartwell Roper 87 John Roper 138;  Mrs. S. A. Roper 100
Greenville Co.
Aaron Roper 511;  Miram Roper 336
Marboro Co.:
Caswel Roper 187
Pickens Co.:
Absalom Roper 137;  Charles Roper 137;  Charles Roper 181;  Crafton Roper 120 Crafton E. Roper 120;  David Roper 173;  David Roper 184;  George Roper 184 Gideon Roper 142;  Joel E. Roper 483;  John Roper 163;  Malind Roper 123 Markus Roper 146;  Samuel Roper 120;  Samuel Roper 142;  Susan Roper 148 Tyre L. Roper 121


A Genealogical Collection of SC Wills & Records: V.I:
p.162: Charles Roper oath of death of Edward Norris of Pickens Co. 6 Jul 1861
p.24: Estate of Joshua Chapman Box 44 No. 492 Probate Judge's Office Pickens Co. SC Estate admnr. 10 Aug 1857 by Samuel Chapman...Owned 192 acres of land more or less lying on Shoal Creek...widow was Elizabeth...On 2 Aug 1869...Toliver Roper & wife Mary E....were required to appear before the Ordinary on the 6 Sep 1869 to show cause why the real estate of Joshua Chapman situated on Shoal Creek waters of 12 Mile River should not be sold...On 27 Jun 1869 states that Toliver Roper & wife Mary E. were heirs of Giles Chapman decd.
p.74: Will of Green Mansell Pickens SC 29 Jun 1888 Wit: Ira T. Roper


Kingston GA Cemetery adn Genealogical Records:
Grave #41: Capt. Joel C(ole) Roper Co.F 18th Reg. GA Inf. CSA; Pension application Apr 1895, Kingston P.O. stated that he was born Edgefield SC 14 Aug 1828. Enlisted in spring 1861 Co.F 18th Reg. GA Inf., served until fall 1864. Elected to GA Legislature, came home after resigning. (He had lived in GA since 6 Dec 1846.)
Grave #42 possibly: Mrs. Sarah M (Wooley) Roper. See marriage Bk.D p.42, Joel C. Roper to Sarah M. Wooley (See Bartow Co. History, p.61, "daughter Mary married J. T. Hardin (see  Hardin family data): p.81 daughter (sister?)-Frances G(?) Roper married Dr. Chas. Newton Mayson, 1844. She died 1863: See Mayson data (Marriage Bk.E p.218 S(arah or Sally) F. married F. H. (Frank Hardeman) Harris.  Will BkA p.377-9: Mrs. Sarah M. Roper dated 14 May 1872. probated 4 Sep 1873 She only mentioned her husband Joel C. Roper, Exor.

History of Bartow Co. GA: 1933 p.104-5: Woolley family: Sarah who married Joel C. Roper... J. C. Roper, a son lives in Columbus...

Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of GA 1881-65
: V.1, p.695:
Simeon L. Roper Pvt 10 May 1861 transf. to Co. H 3 Feb 1862 to Co. A 2d Battn GA Sharpshooters in 1862. Died in Chattanooga TN hospital 4 Feb 1863. p.711: Pvt Co.F.
p.737: Pvt Co.F 5th Reg GA Inf.
p.702: H. H. (or W. H.) Roper Pvt 30 Jan 1863. Sent to hospital 18 Dec 1864. No later record.
V.2: p.1046: J. H. Roper pension record: enlisted as Pvt 31 Aug 1861 Captured at Weldon Railroad VA 22 Jan 1864. Released at Rock Island IL 1865. Died in Bartow Co. GA 1896.
p.657: Joel Cole Roper Sr. Captured Apr 1861. Wounded at 2d Manassas VA 20 Aug 1862. Resigned having been elected Representative in GA Legislature from Bartow Co. 26 Nov 1863.
(b Edgefield Dist. SC 14 Aug 1838 d Jan 1906)


SC Historical Magazine 85, 1984, p.22: Daniel C. Roper b Marlboro Co 1867, graduated from Trinity College, now Duke Univ., in 1888. Elected to SC House of Rep. in 1892. Law degree in Washington, DC. Special agent in Census Bureau; clerk to House of Rep. Ways and Means Comm.; vice-chairman of US Tariff Comm.; Commissioner of Internal Revenue under Pres. Woodrow Wilson; First Assistant Postmaster General by Wilson; played a vital role in helping elect Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932; Secretary of Commerce under Pres. Roosevelt.

Encyclopedia Americana 1961 Ed.: Roper, Daniel Calhoun-American lawyer; b. Marlboro Co., SC 1 Apr 1867; d. Wash., DC 11 Apr 1943. He was first assistnat postmaster general in 1913-1916; commissioner of internal revenue, 1917-1920; secretary of commerce 1933-1938; and United States minister to Canada in 1939. He was a graduate of Trinity College (Duke Univ.). In 1941 Duke published his autobio- graphy, Fifty Years of Public Life, written in collaboration with Frank H. Lovette.

Current Biography 1943: p.631: Daniel C(alhoun) Roper 1 Apr 1867-11 Apr 1943. Lawyer; first Secretary of Commerce in President Roosevelt's Cabinet (1933-38); former United States Minister to Canada (1939); as internal revenue head first man to enforce the prohibition law. Obituary NY Times p.23 Ap 12 '43 por

Duke University and the Ackland Art Museum: p.461: Prominent Trinity-Duke alumni in the capital began to ask embarrassing questions. Among those alumni were Daniel C. Roper, a university trustee who had served as secretary of commerce under President Franklin D. Roosevelt,...

NC Historical Review: V.37: p.522: 1928...Daniel Roper, widely known among Democratic professionals, proved to be one of the most effective workers for the anti-Smith (Alfred E. Smith) cause.


Letter to compiler from Georgia Roper Jeter, Rt. 7, Box 228, Easley, SC 29640: James Roper Child: George Washington Roper d Oct 1873 m Essie Williams Children: William Houston Roper; Lucile Roper d m Singleton; Bernice Roper d m Bogwell; Alice Roper m Phillips; Frances Roper m Payne; Gladys Roper m Davis; Georgia Roper m Jeter. (Jeter & Sons Garage, James Jeter, owner, 204 Westfield St., Greenville, SC 29601; 233-1021


The History of SC by D. D. Wallace F269 W25 V.5, p.87: John Caswell Roper, clergyman 1873
p.194: Earnest Franklin Roper, grocer, businessman 1875 (1895?)


SC Historical Magazine 90, p.25: Bethel Presbyterian Church, John's Island. Founded c1875. Presbytery: Atlantic c1875-1988, Charleston-Atlantic 1988-present. County: Charleston c1875-present. Variant location reference: Charleston, Roper.


Who's Who in SC F268 W65: p.411: John Wesley Roper, Naval officer 1878


A Guide to the Manuscript Collection of the SC Library lists:
Wil Lou Gray, b 1883, correspondence with Daniel C. Roper. John Austin Latimer, 1891-1973, correspondence with Daniel C. Roper. Emory Olin Watson, 1865-1935, correspondence with Daniel C. Roper. Daniel Calhoun Roper, 1867-1943, 1916-1936, includes 1920 letter re the enforcement of prohibition and 1936 letter re the program to liquidate the NRA.
May Roper Coker (Mrs. David R.), 1890-1976. 2520 items, 1908-1975. Family correspondence, including letters of Daniel C. Roper during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration.


Alumni History of Univ. of NC: p.534: Oscar Roper farmer, Clio SC, student 1908-9, BS Clemson Agri. Coll. SC 1908; b Clio SC 7 Jul 1887 s/o John Thomas Roper & Margaret (Clarissa), Presbyterian.


NC Historical Review: V.22: p.179: 1892...a bill providing for strict prohibition (in SC)...was introduced into the house of Rep. E. C. Roper...p.182: The Roper bill had passed the house and was before the senate for amendment to the Roper-Nettles prohibition bill comes as a complete surprise...p.190: The leading newspapers within the state & outside the state, with few exceptions, were hostile towards the law. "The State", which fought the Roper prohibition bill as an act unsupported by public sentiment condemned the new law,...


Dar Lineage Book V.113, p.79, #109080: Mrs. Leonora Mauldin Roper b Beufort, SC m Lewis M. Roper desc Andrew Liddell


Names in South Carolina: Early Charleston Street Names: But Charleston's alleys intrigue me most. With regret I saw Saint Michael's changed to Saint Michael's Place. There were at one time a Roper's, a Reaper's, and a Raper's Alley, in addition to Roper Lane near the South Carolina Hall when rope-making was an industry of the young seaport.