Roper Families in Tennessee


L. David Roper
6 March, 2002


     The First Three Centuries of Ropers in Tennessee (1700-1999)


A Genealogical and Historical Atlas of the U.S. of America,
by E. K. Kirkham: p. 31, Roperton, Lincoln Co., TN


Tennessee Cousins: Smith Co., TN, the home of Rev. Heroes:
p.649: When North Carolina opened up lands for it's revolutionary soldiers, practically all of what is now Smith, Sumner and adjoining counties (of TN), save the pre-emptioned tracts, were included. A great flock fo Rev. patriots from NC and East TN poured in, and among them were the following, some of whom may not have lived in Smith County but some in Trousdale Co. and adjoining areas that for a while was a part of Smith, and perhaps before that their original set-element had been actually in Sumner Co., from which Smith had been taken.
p.651: William Roper is buried on the old Roper Place not far from Hartsville in Truesdale Co..

Ansearchin News 36, 1989: p.139: Who was Wm. Roper in "TN Cousins" by Worth Ray, buried on old Roper place not far from Hartsville, Trousdale Co.? Mrs. T. A. Stallworth, 102 Sunset Dr., Box 766, Chester, SC 29706.


Ansearchin News 36, 1989: p.111: Petitions to General Assembly of TN Petition of citizens of Maury Co. for an act to authorize an academy David Rosser/Roper


TN Genealogical Records: Davidson Co. Pioneers: In Nashville & Its Vicinity:
p.24: 990. (torn) Roper


NC Land Grants in TN 1778-1791: p.98: p.92: William Wykoff & Lardner Clark, 274 acres 1787 on the waters of North Cross Creek; assigned by James Roper, Pvt.
Patsy Robertson 640 acres 1788 Davidson - on the waters of Caney fork; assigned by heir of Stephen Roper, Sgt.


Index to Sumner Co. Deeds: Book A (records prior to 1797): p.26: Wm. Roper Deed Book 1
1793-97 (2nd book of deeds) (at Court House, Gallatin, TN) Ambrose Jones to Wm. Roper p.116


Revolutionary Warrants: p.70 #3914: Heirs of Caleb Roper/Raper, pvt 640 acres; issued 2 Dec 1795; Caleb Raper enlisted in NC Cont. service for 3 years of duration & died in the war. Certificate by H. Murphree, late army 2 Dec 1795. John Roper, heir of Caleb Rober, by R. P. Daniel transferred the same to Wm. Bagard & Geo. West 21 Sep 1803 with D'd Enloe and Henry Stark as witnesses. On 8 Jul 1806 Wm. Bagard assigned the warrant to Geo. West, witnessed by Robert Searcy

p.134: Legislative Papers & Petitions. Wm. Roper asks for divorce from his wife, Polly, in 1812. They were married 29 Apr 1792. In 1794 she visited her father in SC. About 12 mo. later she returned
to her husband in VA. Early in 1806 Roper move to TN and his wife left him in 1810.


Ansearchin News 35, 1988: p.9: Petitions to the General Assembly of TN: 42-1-1812:  Petition of William Roper for divorce from his wife, Polly Roper. They were married 29 Apr 1792 and in 1794 went to SC to visit her father, "from which place she positively refused to return with him." About a year later she returned to his house in VA "and pursued such a rotine (sic) of conduct as is not proper to place before your reputable body." William moved to TN in 1806, hoping to restore his marriage, but Polly had two male children "without the aid or assistance of your petitioner!!!" Polly petitioned the Assembly to grant William's petition as a favor to her. Her petition is signed by B. J.? Bradford, B. M. Meanly and Jacob Sumner 7 Oct 1812


TN Divorces 1797-1858, Bamman & Spers: William Roper 1812, no Co. stated. Was marr. 29 Apr 1792 to Polly. She frequently left him. In 1794 he went with her to SC to visit her father. She then refused to return with Wm. About 12 months later she returned to Wm's house in VA and pursued Bad Conduct. Early in 1808 William came to TN. She denied him in bed since Apr 1810, but had produced two male children without the aid or assistance of Wm. Roper. This file includes a statement by Polly Roper who states that she agrees with the wanting of a divorce 42-1-181.


Miscellaneous State Papers: Certificates of Survey-Military warrants issued by Sec. of State from 3 Jun 1800  to 19 Dec 1800. These records are in the TN Land Office in Nashville: p.5: John Roper


Sumner Co., TN Will Books 1 & 2: p. 10: William Brown 12 Oct 1804 Son James, daughter Sally Brown, son-in-law Thomas Roper, son-in-law John Perkerson, sons Robert, Alexander, Richard, John (<21), wife Nancy, son William. Ex: James Hart, Authur Exam and son James Brown.
Wit: John Tenn, Elisha Cheek, Simon Coal.


Roster & Soldiers, The TN Soc. of the DAR 1894-1960: p.830: Samuel Henderson b 1759 Abington, VT d 1804 Jefferson Co., TN m 1792 VA Amanda Travis b 1764 d 1819; children:
John b 1793 m Amanda Traine;  Jane m Joseph Roper;  Flora m Billy Woods
Descendant: Ella Henderson Russel (G.T.) #90437


Ansearchin News 28, 1981: p.143: Jefferson Co. Marriage Records:
Joseph Roper & Mary Henderson 15 Jun 1807


A History of Stewart Co., TN: p.211: 2 Oct 1809 Asa Watkins of Stewart Co. to Charles Roper of Stewart. 74 acres on north side of Cumberland River on Cross Creek. Mentions land of Edward Lucas. Wit: Barnebas Skinner, Ephraim Atkins.


County Records: First Deed Book-Maury Co. 1807-18. p.62: 4 Dec 1809 Perry Coper (Cooper or Roper) of Maury Co., TN conveys 200 acres on Flat Creek to Wm. Roper of Davidson Co., TN


Early TN Tax Lists: 1810 Williamson Co. George Roper


Maury Co. Death Records: A. J. McKnight b NC of Irish parentage, 1810 came to Maury Co., constable of Dist. 7, m 1837 Keziah Roper of Giles Co.. 8 children: D.A., S.H., R.A., &
Mrs. Joseph Gilmore of TX only ones still living. 2 sons killed in Civil War. d 1883 at 73 paper dated 21 Mar 1889.


History of TN, 1887, p.859: Jefferson County. (Dandridge)...1810... A few years later Shadrach Inman, Hamilton & Deaderick, and Branner & Roper began business. The inhabitants of Dandridge in 1830, as remembered by a resident at that time, were ... John Roper, tavern keeper,...


Record of Commissions of Officers in the Tennessee Militia 1796-1811 by Mrs. J. T. Moore: p. 95, John Roper, Capt. 6th Reg. 5 Jun 1810. p. 125, John Roper, Lieut. 16th Reg. 25 Feb 1811.


Ansearchin News, V. 16, J-M69: p. 13:
William Hargis m Sally Roper 21 Jul 1810 Wm. McAdams Sumner Co.


Sumner Co., TN Marriages 1797-1838:
Wm. Hayes to Sally Roper (bond only) 21 Jul 1810 Bdm: Wm. McAdams


Tennessee Records 1, Tombstone Inscriptions & Manuscripts by J. T. Acklin. Locations of Revolutionary graves: p. 467: 48-Wm. Roper in graveyard on old Roper place on Goose Creek on Roper Road out from Hartsville, now owned by Robert Cornwell. Wm. Roper is on a list of
fifty Revolutionary soldiers living in Smith Co., TN in 1812.


Ansearchin News, V. 21 & 26 1974 & 79: 1812 Tax List:
Davidson Co. William Roper;  Giles Co. Joseph Roper


Early TN Tax Lists: 1812: Humphreys Co. Andrew Roper;  Giles Co. Joseph Roper


Ansearchin News, V. I-VI, 3rd Ed., p. 149: Wish info on pts. &gr. pts. of Frances Yewell Roper
b 16 Sep 1813 TN m Mary Pool b 6 Apr 1822 GA. Mrs. Ira B. McCullen, Sr., Amory, MS.
Ansearchin News, V. 15, J-M68, #1, p.147: Mary Pool b GA prob. Hall Co. m 1837 in Wright Co., MO Frances Yewell Roper b 1813 TN s/o John & Nancy Roper. Who were parents of John Roper b 1788 NC? Mrs. Ira B. McCullen, Sr., Amory, MS 38821.
Ansearchin News, J-M65, #1, p. 99: Want ancestors of Francis Yewell Roper b TN 16 Sep 1813 and of wife Mary Pool b 6 Apr 1822 GA. John Roper may be father of Francis. Francis family in
Pulaski Co., MO in 1840, in Berryville, AR  in 1850 & 1860 and in Hartville, Wright Co. MO in 1870. Mrs. Ira B. McCullen, Amory, MS.
Ansearchin News, V. IX, J62, #1, p. 116: Was John Roper, preacher & miller in 1840 in Pulaski Co., MO the father of Francis Yewell Roper b 1813 TN m Mary Pool b 1833 GA. Frances had brothers John & Bill; & sisters Sarah & Margaret.
Ansearchin News, V. VII, J60, #1, p.53: Need help on Roper family. My grandfather was Francis Yewell Roper b 16 Sep 1813 TN. In Wright Co., MO (formerly Pulaski Co.) in 1840, in Berryville, AR in 1850-60 & back in Wright Co. in 1870. I think his father was John Roper in Wright Co., MO in 1840. I have found reference to Caleb Roper, Pvt. (#3914) 640 acres of land and died in same. John Roper was heir of Caleb Roper. Is there a connection between this family & James & John Roper given land grants in Wilson & Smith Cos., TN.


The Mackeys and Allied Families, 1957 Suppl.: p.11:
In 1813-14 Ebenezer Leith served in John Roper's Co. of TN Vols.


Ansearchin News, V. 23, 1976: p. 187: Nashville, TN obituary:
1 Mar 1814 on Sat. last William Roper, for some years a citizen of this town.


Early TN Tax Lists: 1816 Maury Co. George Roper


A History of Stewart Co., TN: May 1816 court minutes: Ordered that a road be laid off beginning at Squire Chambers' door to the four mile Tree. John Wyatt to be overseer...Josiah Askew to be overseer of road from Tennessee River to William Rushing's...Charles Roper and his hands to work on road no farther than Tan Paths to the state line...Charles Hagler to be overseer from Bradford's Ferry Road to Long Creek. pp.71-2


Tennessee Records 2, Bible Records and Marriage Bonds by J. T. Acklin. 26 Jun 1816 William Roper to Elizabeth Brown (Marriage records of Knox Co.)


Williamson Co. Deed Book F, pp.53-54: Stephen Pigg 50 Acres of Land on Lick Creek conveyed by Geo. Roper registered 15 June 1817. This Indenture made the 19th day of April Between
George Roper of the Co. of Williamson and State of TN of the one part, and Stephen Pigg of the same County and State of the Other part Witnesseth; that for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars to me in hand hath bargained, sold and conveyed unto Stephen Pigg all my right, title, claim and interest in and to a certain Tract or parcel of Land lying and being in Williamson Co. on the head waters of Lick Creek, lying on both sides of the Natchez road where Stephen Pigg now lives. Beginning at a poplar, dogwood and Spanish Oak near the head of a hollow in an Eastern branch of Lick Creek the dogwood and poplar marked G.R. thence South Ninety poles across the Natchez road to a White Oak on the point of a ridge,thence West Eighty nine poles to a Hickory on the West side of said road thence North Ninety poles to Spanish Oak and dogwood thence East Eighty nine poles to the beginning containing fifty acres to ???? ?? Stephen Pigg. To have, to hold, satisfy ??? ???? with all and every appurtenance thereunto belonging and further I the said George Roper, my heirs and assigns will force and warrant the above Tract of fifty acres unto the said Stephen Pigg his heirs and assigns forever, In Witness whereof I the said George Roper have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and date above written. George X (his mark) Roper. Test: William Sparmna, Seth Sparkman. On which deed was written The State of TN, Williamson Co. Court April Term 1819. The execution of the written deed of Conveyance,proven in part by the Oath of William Sparkman a Subscribing witness thereto, and at the present Time completed by the Oath of Seth Sparkman the other subscribing Witness thereto to be the Act and deed of George Roper for the use and pur- pose therein contained, and the same was ordered to be registered. Tho. Hardimand, Clerk of said Court


Bible Records & Marriage Bonds of TN: p.381
William Roper to Elizabeth Brown 26 Jun 1817 Knox Co.


Ansearchin News 27, 1980: p.141: Blount Co. loose Marriage Bonds & Licenses 1795-1820:
James Roper & Peggy McNally 23 Dec 1819 by Wm. Fagg, Methodist Min.


Maury Co., TN Cancery Court Records 1810-1890, V. I: p. 178: Joseph Hackney, Dec. 1824. Hackney guardian of David Loving, Malinda Loving, Henry Loving...Deed of Conveyance:
William Roper to William Loving 10 Sep 1817, 48 acres, on east fork of Big Tombigby Creek-
mistake in boundaries.


Knox Co., TN Marriage Records 1792-1900: p.889:
Wm Roper & Elizabeth Evans 26 Jun 1817 by John Haynie MMG, bm James Boyd


Maury Co., TN Genealogist:
First Seminole War 31 Jan 1818-30 Jun 1818: Tennessee Roper.
Enrollment Book B of Chancery Court Index (1818-1829 & 1837-1840):
   Joseph Hackney vs Thos. & Tennessee Roper.
1823 tax list: William Roper, 100 acres.


The 1820 US census of TN:     page
Hickman Co.: Thomas Roper  3 2 0 0 1 0  0 1 0 1 0  TN  13
Lincoln Co.: Joseph Roper  3 2 0 0 0 1  1 0 0 0 1  TN  20
Maury Co.: David Y. Roper  2 0 0 0 1 0  2 0 0 1 0  TN
Tennessee Roper  0 0 0 1 0 0  1 0 1 0 0  TN;  William Roper  0 0 0 0 0 1  0 0 0 0 1  TN
Smith Co.: John T. Roper  1 0 0 1 0 0  1 0 0 1 0  TN  81
Stewart Co.: Charles Roper  2 0 0 0 1 0  1 0 1 1 0  TN 111
Williamson Co.: William Roper  0 0 0 0 0 1  0 0 0 1 0  TN


Early TN Tax Lists: 1822 Jefferson Co. John Roper, Joseph Roper


Ansearchin News, V. 16, J-M69: p. 14: Marriage record of Sumner Co. James Mickelberry m Polly Roper 26 Jan 1822 Solomon Shoulders
p. 81: Carroll Co. William Roper m Margaret Spencer 5 Mar 1825


Old Speedwell Families, 1983:
Nathaniel Pinkney Maddux b 1846 TN d 1925 MO m Hannah Roper
s/o Alfred Burtin Maddux b 26 May 1824 McMinn Co. TN d 23 Feb 1895 Raytown MO & Tamsey Caroline Brown b 9 Apr 1827 Raleigh NC d 26 May 1893 Raytown MO m Athens TN


Sumner Co., TN Marriages 1797-1838:
Wm. Roper to Marrguit Spenson (bond only) 5 Mar 1825 Bdm: Daniel Keethley(?), Richard ???


Pension Reports: George Roper, private in NC Cont. line resided in Jefferson Co., IL.
Pensioned 11 Mar 1825. Transferred from W. TN.


Wills and Estate Records of McMinn Co., TN 1820-70 by R. B. Boyer:
p. 107: Robert W. McMillin  6 Sep 1825 WB A 221 6 Sep 1830 Settled; Commissioners:
N. Carson, David Roper and R. W. McClary.
p. 94: John Lattimore 7 Jun 1833 will. Inv. 3 Dec 1833 WB B 125.
Sworn to by Wm. Maples and Jos. Roper.


Jefferson County TN Biographies: Jacob came to Greensboro NC in 1818 and was one of the founders of that city....From 1846 to 1855 he lived in Raysville IN, and then removed to Nashville TN, where he died in 1862. The mother was born near Greensboro NC in 1799, the daughter of Dr. George Swain, a native of Nantucket Island, and who was in early life on whaling vessels, in various portions of the ocean, and later, an able and well-informed physician, with a remarkable memory and extensive acquirements in history, science, mathematics, geography, theology and the literary and political pub- lications of the day. He died in his 81st year. The mother died in Raysville IN in 1848, and lies buried in the Friend's burial ground there. Our subject, the third of eight children, was reared in Greensboro NC, and received a classical education at New Gordon Quaker Boarding School, and at Colweld Institute, Greensboro NC. When but seventeen he taught a classical school at Holt's Factory, Orange Co. NC, then, for about six months, was engaged as an assistant clerk, in the county clerk's office of Guilford Co. NC. In May 1844 he was called to the chair of mathematice in Holston College, New Market TN, but was assigned, on his arrival, the chair of languages, and in that capacity instructed many distinguished Tennesseans, ...began the study of law...admitted him in Aug 1846. He was soon after appointed director of the Bank of TN, and then became the attorney of the bank of that district....He was chosen to represent Jefferson Co., the ensuing Legislature, and served with distinction, being one among the youngest members of that body....In 1853 he was re-elected, and unanimously chosen speaker pro tem. of the house, which position he filled for almost a month, during the speaker's sickness....When the Confederate Congress met at Richmond, he was chosen recording clerk of the Senate, and then returned and remained at home throughout the war....In the gubernatorial contest of 1876 he was earnestly solicited by his neighbors to become the Democratic candidate for that part of the State, but declined, preferring pri- vate life. 24 Oct 1844 he married Mary J. Branner, a dau. of George Branner, and born in Dandridge 10 Aug 1826. She is a granddau. of Col. John Roper (dec.). Her father represented Jefferson Co. in the Legisture. Five of the twelve children of our subject are living. He and his wife are Methodists. (Compiler missed getting the previous page.)


Maury Co. Court Minutes: Will of William Loving, Sr. 3 Feb 1826. Wit: William X Roper Settlement with William Rutledge, adm. of John Edleman, decd, 22 Feb 1826 ... T. Roper


The Goodspeed History of TN: Dyer Co. p.1028-29: Capt. J. L. Brown (s/o Rev. Brown & gson of Joseph Brown, a native of VA who came at an early day to Maury Co.) b Perry Co in 1829 m Dec 1853 Nancy E. Roper, a native of Wayne Co., b 1838


The 1830 US census of Tennessee:  Page
Carroll Co.:  West Tennessee: John Roper  0 0 0 0 1 - 0 0 0 0 1  164
Hardeman Co.: Green Roper  0 1 2 1 0 0 0 1 - 1 1 1 0 0 1  339
Jefferson Co.:  East Tennessee: Drury Roper  0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 - 0 0 0 0 0 0 1  338
John Roper  0 0 0 0 0 0 1 - 0 0 0 0 0 0 1  318
Lincoln Co.:  Middle Tennessee: Martha Roper  0 0 1 1 2 - 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1
Maury Co.: David Y. Roper  0 1 1 1 0 0 1 - 2 0 1 1 0 0 1  339
Tennessee Roper  2 0 0 0 1 - 1 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 1  339
McMinn Co.:
James Roper  0 1 0 0 0 1 - 0 2 0 0 0 1 1  152;  Joseph Roper  1 0 0 1 0 0 1 - 1 1 1 0 0 1  196
Overton Co.: David Roper  1 1 1 0 0 1 - 1 1 0 0 0 1  181
Rhea Co.: David Roper  0 0 1 1 2 0 0 1 - 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1  373
Stewart Co.: Charles Roper  2 0 3 0 0 0 2 - 1 2 0 1 0 2  255
Sumner Co.: John Y. Roper  0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 - 0 0 1 0 0 0 1  174
Williamson Co.:  George W. Roper  0 2 0 1 0 0 1 - 0 0 1 1 0 1  197


1981 letter from Mrs. Barbara Pelcher, 7102 Newbury, San Bernardino, CA 92404 to Mrs. Lavonnie G. Brimhall: Jincy Geneil Roper, d/o David and Mary Roper married my ancestor, Asa McKenzie 1799 Lincoln Co.,KY (later called Pulaski Co.). John Roper m Sally McKenzie 1823 (Asa McKenzie surety) in Pulaski Co., KY.
Asa McKenzie, s/o Asa and Jincy (Roper) McKenzie, was in AL for a short time; my grandfather, Roland McKenzie, was born there 1829,but they showed in the Hardeman Co., TN 1830 census. Nearby was Green Roper. In 1840 they both in AR.


Ansearchin News, V. 12, J-M65: p. 65: Roper. Want to exchange inf. on George W. Roper family of Williamson Co. TN 1830 census. Were they from KY? Mrs. Otis S. Duran, 801 S. Third, McAlester, OK


Williamson Co., TN Marriage Records 1800-1850:
p. 51: Moses Clark m Mary Roper 18 Jun 1830 by Robert Davis bm Jonathan McCurdy & W. T. Clark
p.251: Caleb W. Sullivan m Elizabeth Roper 19 Apr 1837
p.229: George W. (X) Roper m Nancy Scott 5 Jul 1844 John McDaniel
p. 64: Henry Critchlow m Sally G. Roper 24 Jun 1845 by W. B. Carpenter, bm Sutherland


Maury Co. Will Book: Book E, p.301: Inventory of William Eastham, recorded 16 May 1831, note on Tennessee Roper, due bill on Arthur Powell (desparate)...negroes...note on P. Parchman, dated 1823 (desparate)...signed Tennessee Roper, admr.


p.473: William Eastham, deceased; settlement, recorded 10 May 1832
Tennessee Roper, admr...


2400 TN Pensioners-Revolution-War of 1812:
Drury Roper; 1832 lists age 70; served in VA military; drew pension
in Jefferson Co.


Roster of Soldiers & Patriots of the Amer. Rev. Buried in TN:
Drury Roper, VA Mil., Jefferson Co. 1834 P.L.W.


A Revolutionary War pension application #S4133 exists for Drury Roper b 1764 in Chesterfield County, s/o Joseph Roper. Drury served as a substitute for his father four times, being involved in the Siege of Yorktown, the surrender of Cornwallis and guarding prisoners in Winchester. He was allowed a pension 13 Sep 1832 while residing in Jefferson County, TN.


Obituaries from Early Tennessee Papers 1794-1851: p.321:            Hon. Wm. B. Roper, Judge of the Maysville Judicial Circuit died in Flemingburg, Ky (National Banner & Nashville Daily Advertiser-27 Aug 1833)


Roster of Soldiers, The TN Soc. of the DAR 1894-1960: p.1673:
Turner Wooten b 1757 Buckingham Co., VA d 22 Nov 1833 Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN m 26 Oct 1794 Nancy Roper b 25 Jan 1775 d 28 Jun
Turner Wooten, Soldier, Virginia. While a resident of Buckingham Co. VA, enlisted in 1781 in Capt. Tabb's Co., Col. Charles Dabney's Virginia Regiment and was at the siege of Yorktown and witnesses the surrender of Lord Cornwallis. Serving 12 months in all. He was allowed Pension on his application executed 13 Sep 1832 while a resident of Jefferson Co., TN. Widow, Nancy Roper Wooten Pension claim No. R1160. Resided in Buckingham Co., VA during the War.
Nancy b 6 Aug 1794 m Joseph Townsend
Jack b 1 Sep 1797 d in infancy
Sally b 27 Dec 1803 m Thomas Danies
Polly b 6 Oct 1804 m Jonathan John Wood
Rhoda b 1805 m Alfred Costiller
Josiah b 18 Mar 1807 m Elizabeth Shelby
John b 26 Nov 1808 m Anna Walker
William b 6 Oct 1810 d 1 Oct 1823
George b 27 Oct 1812 m Aliza Bryan
Elizabeth b 2 Apr 1815 m1 James Gillett m2 Rev. Henry Price
James b 2 Apr 1817 m Jefferson Co., TN
Robert b 10 Apr 1819 m Clarinda Hope
Descendants: Nancy W. Walker (W.M.) #391191 Jessie W. Randolph (W.W.) #391190


Nineteenth Century TN Church Records: p.462:
Edny Roper 1834 Lawrence Co. Second Creek Primitive Baptist Church on membership list.


Ansearchin News 16, J-M69: p. 81: Fayette Co. 1836 Tax List:
Joshua Roper 110 acres 1 white pole 1 slave


Ansearchin News 36, 1989: p.122: McMinn Co. 1836 Tax List:
George W. Roper 1P; John M. Roper 160 acres 1P
p.185-6: Dist. 12: Joseph Roper 50 acres 0P; Dist. 14: Joseph Roper   216 acres 1P


Ansearchin News 33, 1986, p.11: Bradley Co., TN Tax Lists 1837-9:
William Roper 1P Dist. 2
p.119: William Russell/Roper [sic] 1P Dist. 7, William Roper 1P Dist. 7


Ansearchin News 32, 1985, p.11: Joseph Harkleroad b 1 Jan 1838
Crittenden Co., AR d 1895 Memphis, TN m1 Mary P. Roper d 1859
m2 1877 Mrs. N. Harkleroad (Nankie Williams) d 7 Feb 1878 Memphis
(no issue)


The 1840 US census of Tennessee:                               Page
Bradley Co.: John M. Roper          221101-002001                 54
Carroll Co.:
Atlas Roper        000131-00010001                                69
James Roper          100001-00001                                   69
Giles Co.:
David Y. Roper 1001001-00101001                               152
Hardeman Co.:
Green Roper                                                      276
John L. Roper      00001-1001                                    284
Jefferson Co.:
John Roper         00000001-00000001                             345
Lawrence Co.:
James Roper          100001-231001                             116
Lincoln Co.:
Bracken Roper        000012-00001                               89
Martha Roper         00001-000000001                       88
McMinn Co.:
George Roper         21001-10001                                90
Jas. Roper     00000001-0001001                          100
Stewart Co.:
Carroll Roper        20001-00001                               315
Charles Roper        11110001-0022001                          315
Sumner Co.:
John Y. Roper        0001001-1000001                      353
William Roper     00000001-0000001                      353
Tennessee Roper    1021001-201301                            70
Weakley Co. (or Warren):
Jno. Roper         220001-100001                             305
Williamson Co. (or Wilson):
Sally G. Roper     1111-1111001                                  134
George W. Roper    0002001-000000001                             138


Ansearchin News, V. 16, J-M69: p. 68: Carroll Co. marriage:
Sharod Cox m Nancy Roper 12 Oct 1840 no return


Ansearchin News, V. 23, 1976: p. 123: Dr. Thomas H. Todd m
Burchet R. Roper (both of TN) 30 Aug 1842 by Rev. A. M. Spalding.


History of Davidson Co., TN 1780-1880: Names of Patrons:
Mrs. F.A. Roper, teacher, b TN, s.1842; p.o. add. Oneyville TN      A.J. Roper, phys. &US. receiver, b TN, s.1857; p.o. add. OneyvilleTN


The 1850 US census of Tennessee: (all b TN unless specified)    Page
Carroll Co.:
Elizabeth Roper 67 NC Fearington Burnett 60 NC Angolett 43 Albert 22
  William G. 18 James M. 15 Expiann 12 Aramantha 7 Nancy 3      1473
James Roper 45 NC Nancy 42 NC James 16                          1477
Jediah Roper 30 NC Elizabeth J. 18                              1478
Joseph Roper 33 NC Eliza A. 20 NC                               1474
Giles Co.:
James C. Roper 27 farmer $1500 Sarah 23 Dionecia 2 Louisa V.    11mo
  Dionecia 66 Andrew M. 12                                        40
Wiley B. Roper 30 farmer $3000 Manerva 26 Dewit 4 Margaret L. 3
  David R. 1 Jane Sims 25                                         52
Fayette Co.:
Joshua Roper 36 NC Nancy 20 William 4 Dickson Sherrell 28       1172
Mary Roper 39 SC Ann 16 AL Wm. 15 John 15 Sarah 12 Redick 10
  Margaret 8 Ruth 7                                             1411
Williams Roper 31 NC                                            1374
Henry Co.:
Griffin L.    28 VA Margeret 17 Henry A. 1                        21
Jefferson Co.:
John Roper 66 VA Margaret 64 VA Wm. A. Branner 26 Alex A. Sharp
  Wm. Inman, D. W. Biddle 24                                     505
Lawrence Co.:
Jas. Roper 50 NC Edney 39 SC Mildred J. 20 Martha 19 Elizabeth 17
  Eveline 15 Eliza E. 13 Jas. B. 13 Kizziah 12 Nancy T. 9 Tabitha C.
  9 Joseph A. 7 Thos. E. 6 Cyntha 4 Jacob K. 1                   842
Lincoln Co.:
Bracken Roper 44 NC Rosa 21 AL Mary 6 James 4 Martha 2          1476
Joshua Roper 42 Durana 30 George 9 Martha 6 Milly 6 James 4 Joseph
  3 Eliza 1                                                     1479
Monroe Co.:
James Roper 64 NC Margarett 50 VA Mary 28 James 8 Margarett 1   1366
Morgan Co.:
Jesse Roper 56 VA Elizabeth 58 VA William 22 John 19 Jane 17
  Francis 14                                                     313
Shelby Co.:
Jas. Roper                                                       139
Smith Co.:
Wm. Roper 76 NC Elizabeth 56 unknown                            1205
Stewart Co.:
Charles Roper 63 NC Rachel 58 NC James 21 Mary 28 Richard 19
  Meranda 17 Robert 15 Martha Haymer 27 Elizabeth 8 William 6
  Elie Wyatt 20 NC                                               608
Marcus Roper 25 Elisabeth 24 Sarah 4                             607
Thomas Roper 22 Demarius 31 KY Charles 13 Jessee 11 Allen 9 George 6
  Susan 4 Richard 1     609
Thomas Roper 30 Jane 27 Rachal 7 Sarah 5 James 3 Charles 3mo     616
Sumner Co.:
John Y. Roper 56 NC Sarah 62 NC John Y. 28 John E. Wood 14 Mary E.
  15                                                              93 Wayne Co.:
Wm. Roper 19 Martha 50 SC M. J. 22 Nancy 11                       54
Williamson Co.:
Henry Critchloe 66 farmer NC Sarah G. 50 VA
  Coinelia F. Roper 19 F TN
George W. Roper, Sr. 58 farmer VA George W., Jr. farmer 26 Mary 22
  Moody J. 21 Lutitia Wilkerson 29 GA                            831
H. Brag 26 tailor NC D. Brag 3 A. Roper 16 tailor J. Brag 3

  J. Brag 10/12


TN Mortality Schedule 1850, 60 & 80: p.278:
Chas. L. Roper 11 TN laborer Oct 1880 consumption Stewart Co.
Elizabeth Roper 50 VA Jan 1850 affection of the brain Henry Co.
George Roper 35 TN laborer Dec 1880 consumption Trousdale Co.
George Roper 1 TN Mar 1850 whooping cough Stewart Co.
John S. Roper 8/12 TN KY TN at home Aug 1880 bilious fever Obion Co.
Joshua Roper 70 TN wagon maker Feb 1880 acute bronchitis Lincoln Co.
Leona Roper 10/12 TN May 1880 tubular pneumonia Lincoln Co.
M. C. Roper 6/12 TN SC TN Mar 1880 pneumonia Lawrence Co.
Serena Roper 63 TN Feb 1880 pneumonia Lincoln Co.
William Roper 2 TN Dec 1880 tubular pneumonia Lincoln Co.


Marriages of Stewart Co. by Whitley:
Elie Roper & Eli Wyatt  25 Oct 1851


Ansearchin News, V. 20, 1973: p. 106: Lawrence Co. marriage:
John Bassham m Elizabeth Roper 6 Nov 1851 H. F. Appleton, J.P.


Ansearchin News, V. 21, 1974:  Lawrence Co., TN marriages:
p.135: Thos. J. Robertson m Martha Roper 10 Jan 1851 H. F. Appleton
p.174: David C. White m Milly Jane Roper 10 Nov 1851 H. F. Appleton
p.136: William B. Roper m Sarah Ann Foust 8 Feb 1855
p. 42: Robt. W. Holloway m Evilina Roper 19 Sep 1855
p.175: Robert A. Williams m Telitha C. Roper 15 Aug 1857 Joshua Day
p.132: G. W. Pelmore m K. R. Roper 1 Sep 1858 Joshua Day, J.P.


Ansearchin News, V. 21, 1974: p. 19-20: 1 Jul 1858 Henry Co. will probate: My daughter Lucy Green Foster, daughter Mary Granade, son Hamlin S. Manly, "in trust for the use and benefit of my son Green R. Manly...and if he dies leaving no child..."(Green Roper Manly had married on 2 Jan 1856, a widow, Lucretia Butler Alexander, who had one daughter by her previous marriage. This explains the restriction on Green R. Manly's inheritance)-Will of Richard Manly.
In a recent letter, Mrs. Bech has added information on the Randle Roper family: "Sara Alice (Randle) Manly was the daughter of Peyton & Lucy Roper Randle of Montgomery Co., NC...James Roper Randle, the first mayor of Paris, TN was b of Sarah Alice Randle Manly, and he married Sarah Hogan, a granddaughter of Richard Manly, Sr.


The 1860 US census of Tennessee:                                Page
Bedford Co.:
Solomon Roper 40 Sarah 30 Elizabeth 16 Margaret 12 Rachel 10
  John W. 8 George W. 6 Sarah F. 3 Barclay M. 3mo                 29
Gibson Co.:
G. L. Roper 36 (M) Mary E. 23 Heny A. 12 Robert 6 Annie 4 Fannie 1.5
J. Y. Roper 37 (M) Martha 30 Tennessee 12 Ladora 7 J. A. Griffin 24
  (M)                                                            412
Jefferson Co.:
Margaret Roper 78                                                187
Knox Co.:
M. W. Roper 39 (M) Malind 35 Reuben 13 Rebecca 10 Amanda 1        20
Lawrence Co.:
James Roper 60 Edney 49 James B. 23 Nancy T. 19 Joseph A. 17 Thos.
  E. 15 Cynthia C. 13 Jacob K. 11 Sarah M. 8                      57
Lincoln Co.:
Bracken Roper 50 Emaline 32 Mary 15 James 13 Martha 11 Elisa 10
  Emaline 8 William 6 Sarah 4 Winney 1 John Williams 18 Epp Terlery?
  16 Caroline Williams 49                                         16
Joseph Roper 47 Pelitha 28 James 14 Olla 12 (F) Mary 11 Emely 9
  Eliza 7 Mary 6 Edney 3 Sarah 11mo                               14
Joshua Roper 52 Jane 42 Thomas 19 Martha 18 Milley 16 Bracken 14
  Joseph 12 Eliza 10 Nancy 8 John 7 William 5                      6
Madison Co.:
Wm. M. Roper 30 Adaline 23                                        70
Maury Co.:
M. L. Roper 35 (M) Elizabeth M. 33 Sarah J. 13 Rachael F. 9 William
  R. 6 Mary C. 4 Martha A. 2                                      83
Morgan Co.:
Frits Roper 34 Mary 39 Eada 9 Mary 8 Henry 6 Harmon 4 Caroline 3  55
Obian Co.:
S. H. Roper 48 (M) Jane 25 Bodian 18 (F) Clemency H. 16 Edward E. 14
  Zachariah T. 12 Saml. H. 10 Wm. A. 8 Mary 2 Charles R. 1mo Dora
  Irvin 18 Sarah M. 22 E. K. Gage 29 (M)                         108
Thos. Roper 18                                                    25
Roane Co.:
Margaret Roper 12 James A. 18 Margaret 55                        105
Scott Co.:
John Roper, Jr. 29 Gilly 16 Raida J. 4mo                          60
John Roper, Sr. 78 Elizabeth 65 Frances 24                        60
William Roper 30 Loucinda 26 John 5 Milard 4 Vianna 3 Louisa 3mo
  Matterson Triplett 24                                           53
Shelby Co.:
Sarah F. Roper 18 Elizabeth 16 Jane 13 Maria 10 Clara 7 Margaret 4
  Jno. 2 Sallie W. 17                                             87
Smith Co.:
Wm. Roper 80 Elizabeth 68                                        180
Stewart Co.:
Charles Roper 73 Rachel 68 Mary 33 Green 29 Maranda 27 William Wyatt   16 William 8 Martha 5 John 3                                    32
Robert Roper 25 Sarah 22                                          32
Thomas Roper 40 Jane 30 Allen 12 Jerome 10 Sarah 8 Mary 7 Nancy 5
  Bettie 3 Martha 2                                               32
Sumner Co.:
John Y. Roper, Sr. 66 John Y., Jr. 39 Angeline 22 John 1 William 7mo
  John P. Ward 24
Williamson Co.:
Camelia Roper 28                                                  97
J. D. Roper 40 (M)                                               118


(Probably) The Arkansas Family Historian (<1977): Mrs. Phyllis Westbrook Arnold, #2 Hayes Court, North Little Rock, AR 72118. Desire correspondence with persons working on the following Roper family which appears in the 1860 census of Yell Co., AR:
William Roper 35 boatman AL Margarete 17 TN Mary 10 AR Jenks B. 7 AR
Male Twins: Artemissa and Narcissa 5 AR James Tford 3 AR Joseph Cowger, Jr. 1 AR
Neighbors are another Roper family all born in TN:
George Roper 35 boatman Martha Ann 25 Nancy E. 11 William D. 8 Alfred 7
Are these two families related? I am working on William and Jenks B. Roper.
Phyllis Arnold later informed the compiler that it should read "female twins" instead of "male twins."


KS Territory Settlers of 1860: Born in TN: L. M. Roper Atchison KS
1st Ward 31 M


Ansearchin News 36, 1989: p.192: "Tennesseans in Florida" from History of Orange Co., FL, 1927: p.113: Capt. B. M. Sims was born in GA 30 Sep 1836. He is probably the oldest living pioneer and citizen of Orange Co., FL, nearing his ninety-first birthday. Capt. Sims came to FL on horseback from TN in 1861...Capt. Sims was engaged in the Civil War in a GA regiment...He married Fanny Roper, d/o William Roper of Winter Garden, FL; their children are Eugene O., Walter, Dr. Otis S., and Lena (Mrs. George Brannon).


Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of GA: p.695: Simeon L. Roper Pvt 10 May 1861 Transf. to Co.H 3 Feb 1862; to Co.A 2d Battn. GA Sharp- shooters in 1862. Died in Chatanooga TN hospital 4 Feb 1863.


Maury Co. Cousins Bible & Family Records, by Mr. Lightfoot: p.59:
This Certifies that W.W. Johnson of Shellville? TN and Margaret Louise Roper of Greenville SC were by me united in Holy Matrimony according to the Ordinance of God and the laws of the State of TN Normandy on 15th May 1861. Signed Nath Sphere. Parents of M. L. Johnson: Major J. M. Johnson & Malinda Greene Johnson. Children of  W. M. Johnson & Margaret Louise Roper Johnson: Alice E. Johnson b 12 May 1864, Ada Florence Johnson b 11 Feb 1868, Hattie May Johnson b 29 Nov 1871, James Arthur Johnson b 29 Jul 1875, Sarah Malinda Johnson b 19 Jan 1879, Earl Conquest Johnson b 19 Apr 1882, Grover Cleveland Johnson b 22 Mar 1885.  Marriages: Ada Florence Johnson m 9 Oct 1892, Hattie May Johnson m 9 Oct 1892, Sarah Malinda Johnson m 24 Oct 1894, James Arthur Johnson m Jun 1896, Earl Conquest Johnson m 12 Jan 1907.  Birthdate of Margaret Louise Roper 6 Aug 1846.
Deaths: Grover Cleveland Johnson d 18 Jun 1911, Hattie May Johnson d 25 Jun 1911, Alice E. Johnson d 22 Sep 1868, Ada Florence Johnson d 24 Nov 1938, Sarah Malinda Johnson Criswell d ?, W. M. Johnson d 4 Mar 1922, Margaret Louise Roper Johnson d 12 Jan 1929, W. M. Johnson bur. Wilson Cem., east of Eaton TN. He was married toMargaret Louise Roper 30 Apr 1861.


Southern Historical Society Papers, "Medical Officers of Army of Tennessee: p.253: J. P. Roper, contract $80, $100, made 15 Feb 1863, by J. P. Logan, 8 Nov 1862, Atlanta, GA, 31 Jan 1863, Gate City Hospital, Atlanta, GA.


Ansearchin News, V. 23, 1976: p. 118: Dyer Co. marriage:
John Roper m Sallie Staggs 10 Oct 1863, 5 Nov 1863 H. King, Thos. Nash, J.P. Henry Staggs m Martha Davidson 24 Dec 1864, 2 Jan 1865 John Roper J. H. G. Wilson,  L.D.


History of Maury Co. TN, Maury Co. Hist. Soc. 1969: p.45: 2 Sep 1864 W. R. Cornelius (Nashville undertaker) $15 to disintering A. Roper


Tennesseans in the Civil War, Civil War Cent. Comm., 1965: Roper
Federal Rosters: Herold, Sgt.; John P., Pvt. both Co.C 10th Cav.
Confederate Rosters: Jacob R., Pvt. 2 Lt. Co.K 43rd Inf.
James B., Sgt. Co.B 54th Inf.; Joel D., Pvt. Co.F 4th Cav.
Joseph A., Pvt. Co.E 32nd Inf.; J.Y., Pvt. Co.E 6th Inf.
L., Artif. Scott's L, Arty. Co.; Thomas E., Pvt. Co.C 32nd Inf.
T.J., Pvt. Co.F 7th Cav.; W.E., Pvt. Co.F 7th Cav.


Ansearchin News, V. 23, 1976: p. 137: 1865 US census of Memphis, Shelby Co.: M. J. H. Roper     p. 318


Index to Interments in the Nashville City Cemetery 1846-1962: p.63
Mary J. Roper 8 black 26 Nov 1865
Josepigne Roper 23 black 18 May 1867


History of Freestone Co. TX: p.634: Cantrell Bethel Willard was the oldest of ten children born to James Aaron and Nancy E. Willard. He was born on 8 Sep 1864 in Auburntown, Cannon Co. TN. When he was two years old the family left TN and the desolation and destruction wrought by the Civil War. They came to TX in search of a new and better means of living and settles in the Ward Prairie Community where he spent most of his life. On 28 Jun 1882, at the age of 18, he married Lillian Martha Roper, b 22 Sep 1865, Popular Bluff AR, daughter of D. A. Roper, Sr. and Lillian Martha Mathenia. They had nine children, only four of whom lived to adulthood. James Daniel b 8 Jun 1883, d 29 Sep 1907 md Donnie Murphy. Their children:
Cantrellbethel, Jesse, Velma and James Daniel; Tolbert Young b 1 apr 1894 d 25 Aug 1937 md Alma Hammack Jul 1912. They had no children. Charles B. Willard b 11 Jul 1896 d 11 Nov 1957 md Anna Kate Snealey in 1917. Their children: Kathryn, Charles Gibson, Ruth Evelyn, Billy Wayne, Jennifer and Kenneth. Dollie b 10 Apr 1910 in Crystal Springs MS md Buel Rozell Burns 13 Aug 1925. He was born 26 Feb 1907 in Corsicana TX, the son of John Buel Burns and Martha Alice Hook. They had one child, Martha Jean b 14 Aug 1926 in Teague TX md Donald Elwood Brunner b 21 Sep 1921 in Altoona PA. They md 1 Dec 1943.
Their children: Donna Jean b 1 Mar 1946 md Irvin Byron Willard b 10 Dec 1943. Irvin is the grandson of Nelson Alexander Willard, a half brother to James Aaron Willard. Their children: Donna Denise b 19 Feb 1967, Lori Deanne b 2 Nov 1968, Douglas Byron b 5 May 1973.
Second child of Martha Jean, Karen Denise b 2 Jan 1951 md Dorman L. Leach. One child: Shawni Kay b 29 May 1971.  Cantrell Bethel had a cotton gin, gristmill and a country store at Ward Prairie. He was considered by his associates and friends in the community to be a "high-toned," honest, upright gentleman in every respect, good for his contracts and worthy of the confidence and respect of all good citizens.  This couple lost six children in six years Lena Rivers b 19 Aug 1885 d 12 Aug 1889; Jennie Mae b 28 Oct 1887 d 4 Aug 1889; Cantrell Thomas b 31 Dec 1891 d 8 Feb 1894; Lona b 29 Jul 1898 d 11 Apr 1906; Lillian M. b 23 Sep 1903 d 20 Sep 1905; James Daniel was killed at the age of 24. They are all buried in the Day Cemetery After suffering such a great loss, Cantrell decided a change would be good for them both. Hearing of the prosperity of the truck farmers in Mississippi from Lillian's brother, D. A. Roper, Jr., he soldhis home and business and moved to Crystal Springs MS in 1907. Here their last child was born Dollie B.  In 1918 Cantrell became constable for Copiah Co. MS. He was well liked by all and respected in the community. He died of a heart attack on 7 May 1921 in the line of duty. He is buried in Popular Springs Cemetery in Crystal Springs. Longing for family and friends Lillian returned to Freestone Co. TX in 1922 with her twelve-year-old daughter Dollie B., where she lived the remainder of her life. She died 23 Oct 1941 in Corpus Christi, while visiting her daughter and was buried in the Day Cemetery at Ward Prairie in Freestone Co. TX.


Knox Co., TN Marriage Records 1792-1900: p.889:
Charles Roper & Hepsie M. Pusley 18 Jul 1866 by Alfred E. Anderson, bm Andrew Lacy


History of Davidson Co., TN 1780-1880: p.248:
The following gentlemen have filled the position of county superintendent of schools under the present law: Andrew J. Roper 1869-70...
p.369: District #5 There are here five school-houses, in which were kept four white schools with an enrollment of 254 pupils for the year 1878-79, and one colored school in which 60 pupils were enrolled for the same year. E. G. Rowe, A. J. Roper, and Benjamin Turbeiville are school directors for 1880.


The 1870 US census of Tennessee: (all b TN unless specified)    Page
Bedford Co.:
Charlie Roper 60 B                                               177
Sarah Roper 42                                                   425
Carroll Roper 30                                                 209
J. D. Roper 46                                                   348
Dickson Co.:
A. Roper 34                                                      250
Adderson Roper 8                                                 250
Dyer Co.:
John Roper 26                                                     17
Gibson Co.:
F. Roper 48 B                                                    507
G. L. Roper 46                                                   203
J. Y. Roper 47                                                   507
Hamilton Co.:
John Roper 67                                                    627
Henderson Co.:
David Roper 27 B                                                  71
James Roper 12                                                    80
Thomas G. Roper 24                                                78
Humphreys Co.:
Macus L. Roper 45                                                 69
Hardeman Co.:
Peter Roper 64 B                                                 201
Jefferson Co.:
James Roper 37                                                   442
Richard Roper 58 B                                               319
Lake Co.:
Dutch Roper 35                                                   473
James E. Roper 32                                                483
Joseph A. Roper 30                                               473
Lawrence Co.:
James Roper 69                                                    19
Lincoln Co.:
C. T. Roper 30                                                   411
Emaline Roper 40                                                 411
J. J. Roper 62                                                   411
James Roper 23                                                   414
Macon Co.: Nellie Roper 29                                        69
Madison Co.:
W. Roper 38                                                      157
Monroe Co.:
Maredy Roper 44                                                  106
Will Roper 25                                                     61
Obion Co.:
J. Roper 21                                                       82
Sarah J. Roper 35                                                 55
Rhea Co.:
Sarah Roper 35                                                   230
Scott Co.:
John Roper 38                                                    239
Rebecca Roper 64                                                 244
William Roper 44                                                 283
Shelby Co.:
Edward Roper 36                                                  323
Jane Roper 17                                                    333
John Roper 26                                                    181
Patrick Roper 20                                                 181
Saml. Roper 32 B                                                 223
Tom Roper 40                                                      92
Smith Co.:
Marcous Roper 60 B                                                96
Stewart Co.:
Green Roper 39                                                   241
Sumner Co.:
John Y. Roper, Sr. 74                                            562
Tipton Co.:
John Roper 28                                                      8
John M. Roper 30                                                   8
Williamson Co.:
H. A. Roper 40                                                   294


A History of Stewart Co., TN: Fiddlers were much in demand in these years as these men furnished the music and entertainment for various entertainments throughout the county...Robert Roper was not only a noted fiddler of the day but a singing master as well. These early fiddlers decorated their instruments with snake rattles, the late S. C. Lewis recalled in later years. He also remembered that in Feb 1877 a Valentine Ball was held at the home of John Gibson, located about one mile from Legate, and this affair was an event of the season.


Ansearchin News 36, 1989: p.130:
Tennesseans in Florida from History of Orange Co., FL (1927): p.29: Bert Hause Roper b Winter Garden, FL 1879 s/o Emmett & Elizabeth Roper, m Charlotte Smizer at Columbia, TN


The 1880 US census of Tennessee: (all b TN unless specified)    Page Anderson Co.:                 (born,father born,mother born)
Ann Roper 45                                                     167
William J. Preece 31 Eng. coal miner Elizabeth 28 (GA GA MD) Allas 7F Bertha 5 Mary E. 2 Ann Roper 45 (mother-in-law)(MD PA PA)        167


The Ancestry of William Clopton of York Co., VA: p.204:
Mary Sam Shelton (<-Mary C. Bernard<-Evelina W. Clopton<-Anthony<-Benjamin<-Walter<-William) b 29 Nov 1881 Covington, TN m 3 Aug 1904 Covington, TN Elbert Lee Roper, a prominent businessman ofCovington, TN. Children born at Covington, TN:
Dorothy (twin) 18 Aug 1905
Helen (twin) 18 Aug 1905 m Philip Anderson Duane 19 May 1934 NY, NY   s/o James Edward Duane. Resides Covington, TN.
  Child: Philip Anderson Duane, Jr. b 16 May 1935
William Shelton 16 Sep 1906 m Minie Allison Galloway 4 Dec 1928 Covington, TN d/o Greenlee Galloway & Ethel Worley. Educated at Univ. of VA. Resides Covington, TN.
  Child: Sara Simonton Roper b 8 May 1930
Elbert Lee, Jr.
20 Feb 1908 m Mary Frances Hunt 5 Jun 1931 d/o Joseph Hunt. Resides Covinton, TN. Children:
  Josephine Shelton Roper b 11 Jun 1933
  Mary Lee Roper b 21 Nov 1936
Richard Bernard 30 Jan 1917 m Jean Fyfe 27 Feb 1938 d/o William Fyfe & Maidie Murphy of Covington, TN. Resides Birmingham, AL.


Knox Co., TN Marriage Records 1792-1900: p.889:
Sarah J. Roper & Allen Ramsey 19 Oct 1882


Nineteenth Century TN Church Records: p.462:
H. S. Roper (F) 1887 Lawrence Co. Second Creek Primitive Baptist on membership list.


Confederate Patents Index 1894-1924: p.624
Ossie Roper 1900: Clk: A. G. McDearmon; Dist: Mary Frances Hughes, Carrie McKee Roper 1905: Clk: Robert McKee; Dist: Sarah Law, Mrs. C. E. Roper 1916: Clk: W. T. Powers; Dist: Musidora C. McCorry


Nineteenth Century TN Church Records: p.462:
Mrs. E. J. Roper 1907 Chattanooga, Hamilton Co. Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church
V.II, p.195: Mrs. E. J. Roper d 24 Nov 1907 Hamilton Co. First Meth. Epis. (Chattanooga)


Anderson Co. TN Cemetery Records, 1989: Oak Ridge Mem. Park on Bethel Valley Rd. between Solway Bridge & Oak Ridge Rd.:
Finus L. Roper, 20 Jan 1916, 2 Jan 1987                             


History of TN, V.III, 1960, p.403: Eugene A. Roper, Jr. Program manager of Television Station WHBQ of Memphis, a television performer and in charge of newscasts, weather reports and public affairs telecasts, Mr. Roper has been active in the news and public relations field for more than twenty years and is a member of the National Radio and Television News Directors Association.  He was born in Memphis on 16 Mar 1920, the son of Eugene A. Roper, Sr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Laguzzi. Formerly Tri-State editor of the Commercial Appeal, and associated with that publication for about twenty years, his father is now editor of the West Point, MS Times Leader. A student at Memphis State College (Univ.) from 1938 to 1941, Mr. Roper obtained his B.A. degree in 1949. During WWII he served in the Army Air Corps from 3 Jan 1942 to 7 Feb 1946. With the Office of Strategic Services from Oct 1944 to Nov 1945 he was overseas with the OSS in India, Burma, Ceylon and Siam, and received his honorable discharge with the rank of 1st Lt.  Associated with the Memphis Commercial Appeal from 1937 to 1941, Mr. Roper became assistant to the director of public relations of the Univ. of MS from Dec 1949 to Mar 1952, and was then director of public relations of Memphis State
College from Mar 1952 to Feb 1953. Director of news, sports and promotion of radio and television station WHBQ of Memphis TN from Feb 1953 to Apr 1957, he has been program manager since Apr 1953, and he is in charge of newscasting, weather reporting and public affairs telecasts.  He has been active in community and civic organizations and is a former member of the Oxford MS Jr. Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of the Claiborne Historical Soc. of the Univ. of MS. A member of the Memphis Athletic Club, he also holds membership in Omicron Delta Kappa honorary leadership society and in the Southern Historical Assoc. He attends religious services as a member of Speedway Terrace Baptist Church in Memphis. He was president of Greater Memphis State, Inc. in 1957.  Mr. Roper was married in Lowell MA on 9 Dec 1945 to Estelle Brassil, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Francis Brassil. Mrs. Roper attends religious worship as a member of Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Parish in Memphis. Mr. & Mrs. Roper are the parents of six children: Neil Anthony; Timothy Lee; Ann Elizabeth; Brian Robert; Margaret Shelagh; and Kevin Francis.


More Speedwell Families, 1988: Karen Virginia Nicely b 27 Feb 1954 m Roper d/o Robert Boston Nicely b 5 Aug 1927 & WilmaJeanSatterfield


Ansearchin News 31, 1984, p.96: Wanted info on Roddy-Harris-Hewitt-Roper-Easterly families, Euline Hewitt Harris, Rt.1, Box 118, Whitewell, TN 37397


Books published: James E. Roper, "Isaac Rawlings, Frontier Merchant" Sep 1961; "Marcus Winchester and the Earliest Years of TN" Dec 1962; "Memphis Historical Markers: Some Corrections and New Locations 1968