Global Carbon-Dioxide Emissions

L. David Roper

Carbon-Dioxide Emissions by Country

U.S. media often complain that China emits more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than does the United States, which is correct:

However, the more relevant statistic is the carbon emissions per capita:

China is low on the list and the U.S. is second.

An even more relevant statistic is the product of emissions per capita multiplied by the rate of growth of population; this indicates how countries will rank in future carbon-dioxide emissions.

Here is a graph of the population growth rates for major carbon-emissions countries:

This graph shows the product of the per-capita carbon emissions and the % population growth:

The top three countries are Saudi Arabia, Australia, United States and Canada. The China value is about one-fifth the U.S. value.

Another important countries comparison is the cumulative carbon-dioxide emissions by country:

However, the more relevant statistic is the cumulative carbon emissions per capita: