Electric-Car Charging Stations Needed in U.S.

L. David Roper, http://www.roperld.com/personal/roperldavid.htm

Question: If all cars in the U.S. were fueled by electricity (BEV) instead of fossil fuels (ICE), how many charging stations would be required?

Charging stations types: http://www.roperld.com/Science/ChargingStationsTypes.pdf
Here we only consider level-2 (240-volts) stations and level-3 (480-volts or higher) stations.


The number of gasoline stations in the U.S. has been declining linearly:



Then: e = 115,000[1 - (1 - a)f]tm/bk = 115,000[1 - (1 - 0.1)0.5 ](15 x 30)/(100 x 3.8) = 115,000 x 0.651 = 75,000

Of course, it will be a long time until all ICE cars are replaced by BEVs. Assume that 25% are replaced in 10 years; then the number of charging stations needed are 0.25 x 75,000 = 18,750 needed in 10 years.

Here are rough data of how many charging stations were available in the U.S. in 2016:

Gasoline stations have between 2 and 10 pumps. Tesla Superchargers have between 4 and 12 stations. So, it is difficult to compare gasoline stations to charging stations. However, the numbers given above indicate that there is now and will be in the future no problem with the number of charging stations.


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