Kingdom of Tonga


The Kingdom of Tonga is on the right side of this Google map:

The darker the blue the deeper the ocean.
For a scale to the map, the distance from Nuku'alofa, Tonga to:

There are 171 Islands, 48 of them inhabited by 102,000 people.

Maps of Kingdom of Tonga

Clickable Tonga map

Map of Tongatapu



Hufangalupe, Tongatapu
Importing gasoline in drums to a Tonga island

Princess Ashika boat tragedy

The latest news is that 93 people went down with the boat. That fraction of the 102,000 population of Tonga would correspond to 280,000 people being lost of the U.S. population of 307,000,000. What a horrible tragedy!

My daughter, Truda Gaye Roper (left), on the Princess Ashika a week before it went down:

She works for the Peace Corps.

L. David Roper,;