Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

L. David Roper

Shortly after lumbar decompression surgery (L3-S1) on 11 February 2015, I developed Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD):

For a few months I thought it was slow healing of the surgery. I was wearing compression stockings because the right ankle was swolling, which aggravated the PAD. After walking about a city block I had aching pain on the outside of the right calf; latter I had aching pain in the right hip. The pain subsided when I sat down to rest. Also, when standing I had stinging pain in the right calf and into the foot and toes.

When I did physical labor the pain subsided a lot, but sometimes was worse afterward.

I was having some hip pain before the lumbar decompression surgery. An x-ray of the hip area showed atherosclerosis. I asked my GP about it and he stated that it is normal for people my age (80 years on 13 Dec 2015).

For many years I had ocassional severe cramps when waking up. Also, for many years I had stinging in my left thigh when standing for about 20 minutes.


Tests for PAD